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Reids POV

I ground the heels of my hands into my eyes immediately regretting staying up the night before. I sipped on my black coffee vaguely listening to what Keenan was saying to me. Foolishly, I had admitted to him my attraction to Sunn and now he wouldn shut up about it.

"You have to pretend not to like her," he advised, "trust me girls love that kinda thing. The least interested you seem, the more shell throw herself at you." What? I snorted through my nose to show my disapproval. The kid was clearly smoking something. "Thats dumb," I said finishing my coffee.

"Don knock it til youve tried it champ." Keenan raised his hands as if in mock defense.

I suppose I could try his method, I mused. I was running out of ideas anyway. Every advance I sent her way was rejected or she simply turned a blind eye to it. I couldn blame her for wanting to keep things professional between us. But I just couldn seem to leave her alone. There was something about her that made me not want to give up. The wolf inside of me was beginning to grow impatient, however human me was more logical and sapient; slow and steady always won the race.

There was a knock at my office door, and I looked up just in time to see Lyndnn stroll in. She was an attractive red head with grey eyes and a petite frame. I guessed her height would be around 5"0. I sometimes joked about her child-like frame, and she hated it.

She strolled in wearing a white tastefully tailored dress. The dress hugged her curves and left almost nothing to the imagination. Had she always been this attractive? I couldn tell.

"Pick your jaw up, Reid," she said laughing at me. I rolled my eyes. "What do you want?" I fired back at her. "Only your signature, boss." She threw a bunch of papers unto my desk and exited my office while I sat there seething.

Keenan just about fell over himself with laughter.

"You know, if I didn know any better, I would say she wore that dress to have you gape after her."

My eyes shot up in a quizzical look. Impossible. Lyndnn knew I didn find her desirable. I mean, we have been friends for over ten years and not once had I overstepped the imaginary friendship line. That alone should have given her enough hints. Besides, having her as a friend was way too important to be sullied with sex.

"No," I told Keenan, "Thats not true. She knows we

e only friends." After I said those words, Keenan started laughing again. "You are so blind, man! You really thought she agreed to help you work all those late-night shifts purely out of the goodness of her heart. Pssht." He snorted. "Come again."

Lost in thought, I went about signing the documents Lyndnn had left on my desk moments ago. Na. Keenan was bluffing. Had to be.

"Lets make a bet. I want you to try what I told you to do about Sunn and see if she won be groveling at your feet. And watch and see how Lyndnn acts around you. She is literally always flirty and you, my boy, have been missing all the signs."

What did I have to lose?

I readily agreed with Keenan. Anything to get him out of my office.

It was almost time.

I hurried over to my huge french windows. I was right on schedule, too. I watched mesmerized as she stepped out of the cab in a white top and yellow trousers. Even from afar, I could see how yummy she looked. I longed to lick up every inch of her body and have her begging for more. Patience, I scolded my sex deprived wolf.

She moved as if she were in a movie and all of the cameras were on her. She was like a breath of fresh air. Even in a room full of people she was bound to stand out and take my breath away. Curse her for being so damn alluring.

I watched as she said hello to everyone she passed, leaving a bit of her charm behind. Her huge afro disappeared into the building complex, but I could still smell her aura lingering in the air. Hmm. Tantalizing.

I had arranged for her office to be decorated with flowers. It had been a spur of the moment thought and I hoped she would be pleased with the surprise. I calculated that it would take her about ten minutes to come up the elevator, open her office and see the white roses on her desk.

Fifteen minutes later, I heard a knocking at my door. I knew it was her. I smelt her before she even turned the corridor.

"Come in," I yelled out. I was still at the window watching the sun light up the Earth will her gorgeous golden embers.

"Mr. Javernick, are the flowers from you?" she started out timidly. I didn want her to be afraid of me. That was never in my intentions.

I whirled around on my brown House of Testoni shoes to face her. At the height I was, I was easily towering over her. I decided to test her question with a question of my own. "Do you like them?" I asked, masking my enthusiasm.

"Oh, Mr. Javernick they are wonderful. No-one has ever given me flowers before. Yet alone white roses." Visibly you could see me grinning from ear to ear. But she just had to burst my bubble. "This has to stop, please. Im not trying to be just another girl that you sleep with."

My eyebrows shot up at that.

Funny how she thought this was just about sex.

Sex was never hard for me to get. I was Reid Javernick, women begged, no scrap that, groveled to have sex with me.

Before I could even reassure her, there was another knock at my door, and she used the opportunity to excuse herself. I was prepared to glare daggers at whoever had interrupted us, and poor Tasha just had to be on the receiving end.

"Sir, please remember your interview with The Daily Tribune," she croaked out.

My expression relaxed a tad bit and Tasha quietly closed my door and disappeared.

I sunk into my plush chair, lost in thought.

What would it take for this girl to take me seriously?

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