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What he said must be a lie! I won easily believe what this annoying guy said just now. After all, where is the proof that he was the man I slept with last night?

"Don talk carelessly, Mr. Matheo. My reputation is at stake here. And again, what brings you here? How did you know that I—you were stalking me? Right?" I accused, which he only answered with grunts and smirks that made me eager to rip off the mask he was wearing.


e funny, Miss Carra. Are you sure you don remember my voice? Do I need to tell you how—hmph!"

I rushed towards him and covered his mouth.

"Don say anything that could harm my reputation, Mr. Matheo! You should be grateful I didn call security to kick you out!" I hissed, annoyingly.

My breath hitches. However, my efforts to silence the well-built man were not in vain. He nodded, then motioned for me to let go of my hand still on his mouth.

"Phew... You

e so fierce; it turns out. Take it easy; Im here first to get something back. However, with your disrespectful attitude towards your future husband, I think I have to reconsider my purpose."

The man took something out of his blazer pocket, then showed it in front of me.

My orchid necklace!

"Give that thing back to me!" I tried to snatch the necklace from Davids hand, but with his taller proportions than me, he quickly pushed it out of my reach.

Damn it!

I don know what this mans purpose was for coming here—to the Maldives, to be precise. Is it just a coincidence, or does he have the sense to follow me?

However, for what? Is he not interested in marrying me? Im not attractive to him; thats what he said then, right? Had he forgotten his own words?

"Give it back to me, Mr. Matheo, or Ill—"

"What would it be, Miss Carra? Are you going to punish me? No way, right? Your ace is on me; you won be able to move," he said with a sly grin, as cunning as a savage wolf lurking on prey.

And now, Im the prey.

"Then what do you want? What is your purpose in coming to this island?" I pointed at him, which I don know how many times I asked him, but got no meaningful response.

He had a smile on his face, which I admit was handsome. A pair of thick eyebrows framed the two oak-colored eyeballs with a gaze as sharp as a dagger pointed at me, which for some reason, felt as though it was stripping me naked at this moment.

This man is a real bastard!

"Its easy. I would have said before that my arrival on this island was for a business trip, but my confidant said my future wife was on vacation to the same place as my travel destination. So I took the time to stop by yesterday, but there was no one." He explained at length that I no longer listen to him.

"And I met you who almost stripped naked in public. I saved you. So, you should thank me," he added.

"Yeah, and then you tempted me to make love to you, and you stole two things from me, my virginity and that necklace!"

"Ssh ssh ssh ... don be loud, Miss Carra. Oh, or should I maybe start calling your name? How about Nina? Isn that pretty? After all, Im not done yet; so listen first."

Yes, I know my name is beautiful because my parents give it to me with their whole hearts. However, it suddenly sounded disgusting when this man said it. Even his voice sounded lecherous to my ears.

Oh, Zane, have you forgotten that you even said you wanted to ** him again? A few hours ago, to be exact. Please don say that you have forgotten it!

Of course, I remember, and thats the cheesiest thing Ive ever said after knowing that this annoying man had taken my virginity!

"I want to enjoy a business trip. Unfortunately, my father also knows you are on vacation to this island. So he has prepared a villa where you and I should be there. One room, one bed, and ... one—"

"STOP! I don want to hear a perverted sentence from your mouth. And don ever dream Ill want to live in that villa of yours, Mr. Matheo!"

The man didn say anything against me but just waved the necklace I had on him. A wordless threat and it was disgusting.

"Its up to you," he said later.

He then turned around without excuse. He has no manners! How could I possibly survive a marriage with a man like him?

"Wait!" call me, in the end.

Its up to anyone to think Ive given up and lost. I did lose, but that was only this time—because everything I did was for my reputation. I won let anyone destroy it.

The man twisted his body against me, still with his sexy, cocky smirk!

"You changed your mind? Ill wait until you

e ready."

"Terms and conditions applied." I agree, not without reason. Nothing is free in this world.

"Any more conditions? Your life seems to be full of conditions, Nina. Say it!"

"Don forget, you taught me this, Mr. Matheo!" my cynicism at the man who just retorted with a shrug. "My assistant and bodyguard have to come with me, and still … I want separate rooms."

"First request, okay. The second, sorry, I won . You

e going to be in the same room as me; thats the rule. Take it or leave it—with consequences, of course."

Damn man!

"Okay! Wait here; Ill be ready."

I went inside, telling Mariana and Ray about the bad news brought by the men. And obviously, Mariana wondered why I readily agreed to the mans request.

Obviously, I can say that.

And when we arrived at the villa, which he said had been prepared by his father, Gerald Matheo, another surprise awaited us.

"Hi, honey ... you

e already home. And you are with ... this girl. Seriously!? You want us to live with her? Don tell me she will share the primary suite with you!"

David approached a girl who was definitely named Lavenia who was sulking—unfortunately, I didn care about her or anyone—he then embraced and kissed the crook of the girls neck.


"Im sorry, baby. It was dad who asked me to do this. However, take it easy. You can visit our room every night and sleep together with me. She can sleep on the couch or the floor; its up to her."


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