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The man started pressing his body on me until I felt implicated against the wall. There was nothing I could do, even breathe oxygen, because in the next second, the most disgusting thing he did to me.

He pressed his lips against mine, cumming, and even smothering them roughly. If I could, maybe hed make me die by not giving me a chance to breathe.

He takes control of whatever activity Im supposed to be able to do to survive. I tried to push his body, but the unequal proportions between him and me made me lose again.

However, shortly after my efforts, he removed his cold lips from me.

My hand immediately floated quickly, hitting his firm jaw. What he did to me was the number of times he touched me without excuse. I allowed the first one, but it does not mean—that this time, I will permit him.


"Never touch me at will, Mr. Matheo! I will never be willing and remember that contract—"

"Don forget, we haven signed it yet, so whatever article is there is just a quasi-article. Just a plan that isn necessarily going to be implemented, Nina."

I shook my head in disbelief.

"You are indeed a scumbag, David Matheo! At least say it; what is your purpose for doing this to me? Theres no way you

e just on a whim. You must have done it on purpose, right?"

"That question again," he said, looking bored.

And miraculously, he released his confines and just set me free.

Of course, he stole a kiss from me, and I didn like that! What an uncivilized human being! How many women has he slept with, and his filthy hands and body dare to touch me?! I do not accept!

Even though I had slept with him before, what he did was immoral!

Why didn he do that with his girlfriend? Why should I?

After being free from him, I stayed away. It distanced the man who was still sculpting on the spot. I don know what he did there. And soon, he twisted his body and stepped out of the room, leaving me alone.

However, I did not stay in the room but instead rushed to Marianas room, which I immediately locked after.

"Whats wrong, Zane? Did something happen? Your face is so pale!" Mariana said, looking worried and looking at my condition. "Please say it, Zanina!"

"Mariana ...." I tried to calm my heartbeat before saying it all.

Yes, thats right, everything!

Even my virginity has been taken for granted by David Matheo; I would tell Mariana.

My mouth was already open, about to talk about what I had planned inside my head a few seconds ago. It hasn been long, but my logic automatically forbids my tongue to say.

Maybe it was true; what would it be like if Mariana knew that I had spent the night with David and even went so far as to shed my virginity to him?

Mariana also did that thing, but all her life with me, it seemed to be her vow to my late father and mother to take care of me.

Keeping in a broad sense.

She used to say, "well, I did do it with my boyfriend, but Zane, you can be like me. There are both of your parents who have promised themselves that you must be handed over to your husband intact."

Like the wishes of father and mother. However, aren they now gone? Do I still have to stick to that harsh rule?

"Zane ... what happened?" asked Mariana, looking anxious. It can be seen from the two interlaced eyebrows.

I just shook my head. To put it bluntly, this is an extraordinarily sickening dilemma. I hated my life for losing my father and mother and having to marry a jerk because of the inheritance of both my parents, and now, Im like worthless because of Davids attitude towards me.

If only he had been nice to me, maybe Id be happy to marry him.

"Can I cancel this wedding? This will ... Mariana, this is ridiculous, you know? When girls are free to travel with anyone, feeling how life is, Im confined to the rules and men I don love."

I sighed softly. Mom and Dad won know, right?

Not only was I who felt tired of all this, but it also seemed to be felt by Mariana. She has become my friend since childhood; it would be impossible if she didn know me.

"I would love to free you from that jerk guy, Zane, but Im helpless. You know ...." Mariana approached and looked like she was about to say something profound. "I overheard it by accident; Mr. David Matheo refused when his model lover asked him to make love. Its so strange. Whereas he seems lustful when there is you."

Please don ask me how I feel at the moment. I don understand.

Did I start getting Stockholm syndrome? Who likes people who have done evil like David?

Is it true that he did evil? Didn he even do good in teaching me what its like to be someone? He was the first person to enlighten me that what I avoided because of the ridiculous rules of my parents was the thing that gave me happiness.

No, no! He still committed a crime for taking what I had been guarding for a long time, and he did that without excuse.

Does he think that because he is my future husband, he can touch me?

"I don think theres anything unusual, Mariana. He is indeed that crazy. No one will be able to predict David Matheos character. Thats why I would love to cancel this wedding."

Mariana shook her head.

"You don go crazy, Zane! This marriage has been written in your fathers will; it will be hazardous if you get to break it. Let alone refusing to marry, which is written in the letter, you are breaking other rules; you can have your father and mother rise from her grave and nag me all the time," she joked.

And I just rolled my eyes in response to her words.

"Seriously, Mariana. I want to run away."

And saying the word

un away instantly, I got the idea. How about I flee from all this? If I disappear, then The will will not take effect.

Then lets start the game!

Let me think first about where Im going to go. And after that, it remains to enjoy freedom without the intervention of anyone, including Mariana. And indeed, Ill be free of David Matheo.

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