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 Chapter 15: The Arrogant Xiao Yuluo

Xiao Qianhan’s expression suddenly turned cold as she looked at Xiao Yunluo in front of the door who was speaking with arrogant contempt. 

Xu Yuman’s hands trembled, nearly dropping the bowl she was holding.

She can still swagger before others and put on an air of extreme arrogance after killing someone There are probably only a few people in the world who act like her, and Xiao Yuluo is definitely the most shameless among them! If not for my soul being transmigrated, Xu Yuman and her husband would have to bear the pain of losing their daughter!  

“I can recover my appearance without Appearance Flourishing Elixir, Xiao Yuluo.

If you have anything to say, just say it right away.

Otherwise, don’t keep standing at the door and make me feel sick.” Xiao Qianhan said in a cold voice as she averted her gaze.  

Hearing what she said, Xiao Yuluo was infuriated. A wastrel, a wastrel I almost killed, had the audacity to speak like that to me Does she think that I wouldn’t dare to attempt and kill her again 

She held her chin high, looking at Xiao Qianhan arrogantly and coldly, then sneered as she said, “Are you sure you don’t want to take Appearance Flourishing Elixir I currently have two of them.

The Seventh Prince paid a high price to buy them for me.”  

“You’re thinking of giving garbage to my Mistress”

Qianzi’s young and childish voice echoed in Xiao Qianhan’s mind suddenly and it sounded extremely disdainful.

A bright smile like the sun could be seen as Xiao Qianhan raised her lips.

However, no one could tell that she was smiling because her lips were wounded.

“Garbage, keep it and enjoy it yourself.

If you’re thinking of showing off in my face using that garbage, you’re just wasting your time and mine.”

“You!” Xiao Yuluo moved sideways and approached Xian Qianhan swiftly as she grasped the Glazed-Beads Whip in her hand.

Xiao Qianhan’s slightly mocking gaze swept slowly from the Glazed-Beads Whip and eventually fell onto Xiao Yuluo’s furious face.

“Xiao Yuluo, you dare to hit me in Xiao Clan’s house” 

Killing her in front of the Xiao Clan meant that Xiao Yuluo would destroy her reputation completely.

Moreover, she would face a thousand accusing fingers if she did so.

Xiao Yuluo who treasured reputation and vanity the most wouldn’t dare to kill her.

What made her even more afraid was that she would anger Xiao Hongyan if she killed Xiao Qianhan in Xiao Clan’s house.

(TL note: Face a thousand accusing fingers means being criticized/blamed/condemned by the public) 

“Yuluo! What are you trying to do If you want to kill Qianhan, you have to kill me first!” Xu Yuman suddenly grabbed the Glazed-Beads Whip and stared at Xiao Yuluo fearlessly.

Xiao Yuluo withdrew the weapon with a straight face.

Indeed, she wouldn’t kill Xiao Qianhan in front of the Xiao Clan! However, she came to see Xiao Qianhan for another purpose.

“Yes, I won’t kill you, at least not in front of the Xiao Clan.

The national test will be held in ten days.

People from all parts of the world will come to the capital.

I advise you to hide in your room with that disgusting face of yours and don’t go out so as to not make a fool of yourself.” 

As it turned out, the national test would be held in ten days.

Thirty people would be chosen out of the participants to compete with people from the other six kingdoms.

The Seven Kingdoms Collective Test was held once every three years.

Only those who have entered the top thirty would be eligible to enter the Demonic Realm Forest.

As long as they entered there, they would get countless benefits! But wanting to be the top thirty in the Seven Kingdoms Collective Test alone was practically as difficult as going to heaven.

Among the seven kingdoms, the three most powerful kingdoms were Northern Dusk Kingdom, Southern Icy Kingdom, and Western Heaven Kingdom.

The Northern Dusk Kingdom was the most powerful one with countless experts in it.

Purple Moon Kingdom was only a small kingdom, having less resources than the three big kingdoms.

Naturally, entering the top thirty would be out of the question.

However, Purple Moon Kingdom had also produced several talented people over the years such as Murong Ce and Xiao Yuluo.

After dropping her statement, Xiao Yuluo turned around and left with an extremely arrogant attitude, enough to show that she had great confidence with the national test! 

Looking at Xiao Yuluo’s back as she was leaving with arrogance, Xiao Qianhan’s eyes turned deep and serene, then she slightly pursed her lips.

She became more determined to recover her body and cultivate as soon as possible. 


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