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HC – Chapter 18: Fighting for Scraps (Part 2)

“How many Appearance Flourishing Elixirs do you have Sell them to this prince.” Murong Ce spoke with an air of superiority.

The Appearance Flourishing Elixir had a price but it was difficult to buy one with purity.

The better the purity, the better the effect.

Two days later would be Queen Mother’s 40th birthday, just in time for Murong Ce to give her the Appearance Flourishing Elixir.

If possible, he would buy a few more to give Xiao Yuluo to win over the beauty’s heart.

A hint of unhappiness flashed through Wind Thunder Court’s manager’s eyes.

The Seventh Prince was apparently so arrogant that he disregarded everyone else.

He was merely Purple Moon Kingdom’s prince, yet he dared to snatch Wind Thunder Court’s items Let alone a prince of the royal clan, even the Cloud Extreme Sect didn’t dare to oppose Wind Thunder Court.

But before he had the chance to say anything, Xiao Qianhan spoke first, “Oh You want to buy them”


Tell me, how much gold for them” Murong Ce nodded, his attitude was still insufferably arrogant as before. 

Xiao Qianhan chuckled while there was a cold flash in her eyes as she said, “Unfortunately, I don’t want to sell them to you.”

Murong Ce thought that he had misheard something.

He stared at Xiao Qianhan in shock, “You wretched boy, where do you come from Don’t tell me you didn’t know who this prince is”

“You’re the Seventh Prince, no So what if I don’t want to sell them to you I want to sell them to Wind Thunder Court.

Even if Wind Thunder Court doesn’t want my elixirs, I definitely won’t sell them to you and crush them for the dog to eat instead.” Xiao Qianhan sneered as she slightly raised her eyebrows.

“Excellent, Mistress! Cool! Cool! So cool!” Qianzi’s voice could be heard in Xiao Qianhan’s mind.

“You!” Murong Ce was enraged.

No one dared to treat him with such arrogance in the Purple Moon Kingdom.

A wretched boy who came out of nowhere dared to treat him like this! 

Courting death!

Murong Ce had already unsheathed the Speed Wind Sword from his waist. 

Wind Thunder Court’s manager secretly praised Xiao Qianhan for her upright behavior.

When he saw with his own eyes that Murong Ce actually dared to make a move in Wind Thunder Court, he used a cold voice to give a warning, “Seventh Prince, this is the Wind Thunder Court.

No one is allowed to make a move in the Wind Thunder Court.

Yesterday, the Seventh Prince already created a disturbance in front of the Wind Thunder Court’s gate.

I might not have interfered back then, but if the Seventh Prince wants to hurt someone inside the Wind Thunder Court, you are openly offending us! Since this younger brother chose to trust the Wind Thunder Court and chose to sell his elixirs to the Wind Thunder Court, I won’t allow others to snatch it in the Wind Thunder Court.”

Her words were awfully impolite, but Murong Ce found them difficult to refute.

He didn’t dare to, anyway.

He could only put away the Speed Wind Sword stiffly. 

Even in the Northern Dusk Kingdom, no one would probably dare to brazenly offend Wind Thunder Court.

Even if Murong Ce was still being arrogant, he had regretted his attitude for he had actually forgotten where he was right now.

After seeing the Appearance Flourishing Elixirs just now, he was so excited that he forgot everything else!

This damned wretched boy!

The manager had completely regarded Xiao Qianhan with special respect, his attitude was a lot gentler than before.

“Sir, how many Appearance Flourishing Elixirs do you have Wind Thunder Court wants them all.

The price will definitely be to your satisfaction.” 

“I have twelve of them.

I also have some other elixirs.” Xiao Qianhan opened the two other porcelain bottles one after the other.

The manager became excited when the elixirs’ scent dispersed from the bottles.

They were all high-grade elixirs, which was a rare sight! Moreover, there were actually some rare Golden Threads Elixir in the bottles too! As long as the cultivators wanted to promote in their cultivation realm, they would need the Golden Threads Elixir! One could imagine just how rare it was.

The price was several times more than the Appearance Flourishing Elixirs! 

“Golden Threads Elixir They’re truly Golden Threads Elixir! Sir, please name your price! You may also choose any kind of treasure from Wind Thunder Court.

They’ll certainly satisfy you.” The manager of Wind Thunder Court stated eagerly.

Murong Ce who had lost his face had been standing stiff on the side, waiting for Xiao Qianhan to sell the Appearance Flourishing Elixir and then buy them.

Little did he think that she would actually also have Golden Threads Elixirs! Three months later would be the Seven Kingdoms Collective Test, he desperately needed the Golden Threads Elixir!


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