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Chapter 4: The Embarrassing Useless Trash

From the bronze mirror, one could clearly see the bloody flesh which had been split open numerous times.

Blood was spewing from every wound.

From forehead to chin, not an inch of skin was spared from the torture.

Even some parts of the lips had been mercilessly cut off.

Her whole face looked like a ghost from hell, it was extremely horrifying and hideous! 

No wonder Xu Yuman didn’t want to give her the mirror!

The fair and slender arms which Xiao Qianhan once adored so much had their nerves all severed, and her fingers were crushed.

No word could be used to describe how tragically crippled her body had become!

Xiao Yuluo wanted to slice Xiao Qianhan into a thousand pieces and then throw her among the mountains to be devoured by beasts, eradicating all evidence of the murder.

If it weren’t for the sudden appearance of a person, they wouldn’t have stopped in fear of divulging their criminal track.

Xiao Qianhan would have been tortured till none of her bones were left!

What wrongdoing had Xiao Qianhan done What made them so ruthless Was it all to protect their own reputation, that’s why they did such a cruel act to her

It was extremely abhorrent!

“There is no need to be worried or afraid.

Once your father manages to get the Appearance Flourish Elixir, you will be able to restore your looks.

It’s just that… It’s just that…” Xu Yuman’s eyes were filled with tears.

She couldn’t bear looking at Xiao Qianhan’s lifeless limbs.

She was afraid that Qianhan would never be able to stand up again. 

Why was God so cruel to their family! Why was God so cruel to her only daughter! 

Xu Yuman turned away and wiped her tears before turning back to look at her daughter kindly and gently, “Don’t worry, Mother and Father will definitely try all means to cure you and let you stand up again.

As for the Seventh Prince and your sister, we will try to avoid them as much as we can.

Mother knows you are unwilling to let it go, but we have no other choice.

I have no other wish, apart from that you can live well from now onwards.”

Xiao Qianhan looked at the distraught woman who was trying her best to smile and put up a strong front.

She swore to herself secretly that from today onwards, she would definitely protect her family against all odds and sought revenge for the late Xiao Qianhan! So what if this body was born useless There would come one day where she would turn this useless trash into a genius! She would make everyone who insulted her pay for what they had done! So what if he was the Seventh Prince So what if she was Xiao Yuluo who brought glory to the clan 

It won’t be long before she would make them regret what they had done today! 

“I know, Mother.” Holding back her cold gaze, Xiao Qianhan nodded her head lightly.

After about two hours, two servants carried a person into the house.

Xu Yuman walked over and saw Xiao Baihao covered in blood.

Her legs gave way and kneeled in front of Xiao Baihao.

Her face turned ghastly white.

Trembling in fear, she panicked and asked in a quivering voice, “What happened How did you injure yourself, my husband” 

The two servants’ attitudes were nothing but arrogance.

They had no respect for Xu Yuman and in reply to her question, they sneered, “Second Master overestimated himself and tried to snatch the elixir from the Wind Thunder Court.

He can consider himself lucky for not being beaten to death! Luckily His Royal Highness, the Seventh Prince, came forward and helped.

If not, the Second Master would have completely embarrassed himself and put the Xiao Clan to shame!”

One of the servants threw a porcelain bottle onto Xu Yuman’s body.

“This expensive bottle was bought by His Royal Highness, the Seventh Prince.

You better keep it well!” 

After saying that, the two servants turned their heads and left.

However, Xiao Qianhan and Xu Yuman could still hear their conversation from their room. 

“How can a useless trash be worthy enough to eat the Appearance Flourishing Elixir That’s embarrassing!”

“Everyone in their family is a waste of space, why would they be afraid of being embarrassed”

Xiao Qianhan shot a glance towards the door and etched their faces on her memory. 

“Is Qianhan awake I am alright.

Quickly, let Qianhan take the Appearance Flourishing Elixir.

She needs to consume the elixir as quickly as possible so that it would be more effective.

You mustn’t let Qianhan know that I am injured.” 

Qiao Baihao had waited for the two servants to leave before opening his eyes and his first sentence was worrying about Qiao Xianhan instead of his own injuries and the insults he was subjected to. 

“Father, I already know.”


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