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Chapter 7: The Two Who Have No Shame

“Xiao Qianhan is a useless trash who can’t cultivate.

Doesn’t she have any self-shame Does she think that she is worthy enough to marry the Seventh Prince”

“Clan Head Xiao, no matter what, you have to agree to the breaking of engagement today!” 

“Indeed, Clan Head Xiao.

The Seventh Prince has never said that he wanted to break off the engagement before.

However, there are rumors out there now that someone saw Xiao Qianhan going up to the mountains with another man and stayed there for an entire day and night! We don’t have to guess what happened there, right It would have been fine in the past, but now, not only is she unable to cultivate, she even went and committed adultery!” 

“The only person who is worthy of the Seventh Prince in Purple Moon Kingdom would have to be Xiao Yuluo.

They are truly a match made in heaven.” 

The few people who appeared in the Xiao Clan’s residence were people from other clans.

They came in the name to visit Clan Head Xiao, but the truth was something else, even the blind could tell that they were there to assist Murong Ce in breaking off the engagement.

Most important of all, they came to mock the Xiao Clan!

After all, it was rare to see useless trash from the eight major clans! But the Xiao Clan had two! How was it possible to prevent others from laughing at them behind their backs 

Murong Ce hadn’t said a word.

He wore a frown on his handsome face and everyone could see that he wasn’t in a good mood. 

Xiao Hongyan’s expression was dark and depressing.

Veins could be seen popping out on his hands which were clasped on the arms of the chair.

He was furious. 

Xiao Yuluo was sitting at the side.

Amongst the discussion, she looked like a white lotus unstained by the mud it had emerged from.

She sat in elegance and raised her jaw slightly, exuding a sense of pride and beauty.

It was as if she had nothing to do with what was going on. 

The atmosphere had reached its freezing point when Xiao Qianhan and her family reached the hall.

Xiao Hongyan’s expression was bursting in murderous anger. 

When Murong Ce saw Xiao Qianhan veiled and sitting on a chair carried in by the servants, an expression of doubt and disgust emerged from his eyes which were initially indifferent. 

What exactly is Xiao Qianhan up to Does she really not want to cancel the engagement so badly Does she think she is worthy!

Xiao Baihao and Xu Yuman looked at everyone in the hall coldly.

They looked at Xiao Hongyan who was sitting in the middle of the hall in bitter disappointment.

Back in the days when Xiao Baihao was the pride of the Xiao Clan, he treated them with dignity and kindness.

But now, they were treated worse than a servant in the clan.

Back then, Xiao Baihao was harmed by the evildoers because he wanted to protect the glory and dignity of the Xiao Clan.

But what happened in the end All he got from them was endless mockery and oppression! 

Now, they even wanted to trample them to the mud and break off the engagement in front of everyone! This was as good as sentencing Xiao Qianhan to a death sentence! 

Xiao Qianhan’s cold and expressionless gaze skipped past Murong Ce and Xiao Yuluo and she looked at Xiao Hongyan, who was her grandfather in name. 

This grandfather only cared about profits.

If one couldn’t bring in any benefit for the Xiao Clan, that person would end up having the same ending as her and her family.  

Seeing the three of them, his angry expression became even more icy.

His viciously cold gaze fell on the three of them. 

The first to open his mouth wasn’t Xiao Hongyan, it was Murong Ce.

“All these years, have I ever mentioned that I wanted to break off the engagement because of you Xiao Qianhan, you have made me become the joke of the Purple Moon Kingdom.” 

Xiao Yuluo’s cold and prideful eyes showed a hidden sense of disdain.

She seemed to look at Xiao Qianhan out of pity. 

Everyone turned their heads to look at Xiao Qianhan.

All of them thought she would fall on her knees and beg Murong Ce for his forgiveness.


The veil hid Xiao Qianhan’s face and expression out of sight.

Only her cold and expressionless voice could be heard asking, “Those slanderous rumors can be used as evidence against me If I remember correctly, it was the Empress who personally arranged and set the marriage proposal.

It wasn’t us who went to beg to be wedded shamelessly.” 


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