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Hidden Darkness Lies Beneath Chapter seven

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["How dare you! You dared to sleep with my son knowing he has a marriage contract with the princess of the eastern sea!" Shouted the Queen of the celestial tribe.

"Ah, so what if I did? Didn know you know, your son is a broken sleeve, why else wouldn we be together, that marriage contract is just a verbal agreement that can be broken at any time, so? Why yelling at me for?" Ling Wang explained.

"You!" the Queen of the celestial tribe shouted.

"Speak up, I don have all day. Unlike you, I have actual things to do, not being a puppet for a man who doesn even like you in the first place and slept with you while drunk." Ling Wang snarked, "Don think too highly of yourself, Old Hag."]

Ling Wangs eyes opened, "Hasn thought about that in a long time."

(Per usual, I expect this memory to be ever so wretched, but then again, there are worse ones stored here.)

Ling Wang appeared in front of the Lu family house, and chuckled, "Er Jie, its been a while."

Lu Man, head of the Lu family, whos also a mother and grandmother chuckled, "San Di, you haven changed in such a long time."

Ling Wang sat down, "Er Jie, you look the same, actually Ive wondered if anyone noticed how shiny you

e really."

"Flattery wouldn get you anywhere." Lu Man remarked, "Its been a good five thousand years."

"Er Jie, theres something I need a favor for." Ling Wang spoke, "Your granddaughter Lu Bing Yao, I need her to help me with something…in the longer term, I would understand Er Jie if shes too young and you don want her to—"

"Grandmother." Lu Bing Yao inquired, "Who is this?"

"San Shu." Lu Man chuckled, "Though in technical terms he would be your Xiao San Shu."

Lu Bing Yaos eyes raised, "A-Ah! Grandma, when did we have another family?"

Ling Wangs eyes darted, "Er Jie, again? Did this to your daughter and now your granddaughter—Aish, if one didn know your temperament they would have never believed you were…"

Lu Mans eyes glared, "What did you want to say?"

"Nothing Er Jie, Nothing important." Ling Wang remarked.

(I don desire to die early if thats one fact proven true as well.)

"So, what did you need to do?" Lu Man inquired.

"First, Gain the three advisories, second: Ensure Yin Liu becomes the next emperor and third, I want to rid of the heavenly realm empress." Ling Wang explained, "Free the Hua family from wrong blaming, Zhu Mingle needs to know her true family and another thing would be….to fix the crack in my core."

"Oh, then what about Qing Chai and your grandson?" Lu Man inquired.

"That…Er Jie is so much more complicated than it has to be." Ling Wang muttered, "Honestly, it would be harder to understand such a thing, to begin with."

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