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Lu Yanzhou didn’t want to contact An Chenyuan, so he got in the car and drove away.

However, when he went to Xie Chengze’s company two days later, he saw An Chenyuan again.

He recently tried to rectify Xie Chengze’s company.

Before the rectification, he must recruit some people to train as his own personnel.

An Chenyuan was one of the people who submitted his resume to apply for the job.

He graduated from the same university as the original owner.

The original owner majored in History, but he majored in finance.

His major was the counterpart, so he was here for an interview.

The previous meeting, Lu Yanzhou could still take it as a coincidence, but the meeting this time is different.

An Chenyuan is obviously deliberately trying to get close to him.

Lu Yanzhou finally chose the former between ‘keep An Chenyuan by his side to observe’ or ‘drive An Chenyuan away’.

An Chenyuan and Xie Yuan are ticking time bombs to him now.

Instead of isolating them and not knowing what the other party is going to do at all, it is better to keep them by his side and observe them.

Of course, he would not let An Chenyuan have a chance to get close to Xie Chengze.

He glanced at the company veteran who was interviewing with him and was obviously very satisfied with An Chenyuan.

Lu Yanzhou accepted An Chenyuan and wrote a note for this veteran by the way.

This person works diligently in the company.

When he investigated, he did not find any problems with this person.

However, he wanted to keep An Chenyuan, so there might be problems.

After the interview, Lu Yanzhou received a message from An Chenyuan: “Senior, when are you free, can I invite you to dinner”

Although Lu Yanzhou decided to keep An Chenyuan by his side, he didn’t have the time to answer, so he glanced at it but didn’t reply.

New Year is just a few days after Christmas.

Lu Yanzhou asked Xie Chengze in advance what New Year gift he wanted.

Xie Chengze said without hesitation that he wanted him to accompany him for a day.

He must be there to accompany him, and he also wants to buy some gifts for Xie Chengze.

It was just that Lu Yanzhou was struggling on what gift to buy.

He had never bought gifts for people before.

When his comrades-in-arms or colleagues moved to get married or something, he would either give them a red packet or ask them what they were missing.

However, when Xie Chengze came here…Xie Chengze was short of things, but he helped prepare them a few days ago.

In addition, he can’t afford expensive things – he used Xie Chengze’s account to buy clothes for Xie Chengze before.

While worried, Lu Yanzhou suddenly saw a child playing with a toy excavator.

He remembered that Xie Chengze had no toys at all when he was a child.

The original owner took a toy car and was seen by Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze quite cherishes it.

After finding the toy store, Lu Yanzhou spent 500 yuan to buy some toys.

These toys are either educational or something that could assembled.

When he was working recently, Xie Chengze was studying, but after a long time he would get tired of it.

Xie Chengze didn’t like watching movies or anything…It’s good to play with toys and make things, right

Too bad those LEGOs are too expensive…he will give it to him next time!

Although he knew that Xie Chengze was already an adult, Lu Yanzhou couldn’t help thinking of him as a child.

On the New Year, Xie Chengze was dazed at the pile of toys.

He has never been exposed to these things since he was a child!

Lu Yanzhou, who put on a protective suit and entered the disinfection pipe, clumsily took out a piece of the puzzle: “Would you like to play the puzzle Or to assemble this car Connect the battery to move! We can also play backgammon…”

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou and smiled: “As long as you accompany me, brother Yanzhou, I can play anything!”

With a secret sigh, Lu Yanzhou felt a little overwhelmed.

The Xie Chengze in this world is very different from the Xie Chengze he knows.

The Xie Chengze he knows refuses to touch people.

He remembers when he hooked his arm around Xie Chengze’s shoulder once when he was excited, Xie Chengze avoided him directly.

Xie Chengze here is different, he just can’t wait to hang on him.

This is…different growth environments create different personalities

In the past few days, Lu Yanzhou has taught Xie Chengze a lot.

He also told him not to say sticky words, but Xie Chengze didn’t listen at all.

As for him…he couldn’t do anything about Xie Chengze.

He is reluctant to hit, reluctant to scold, and even reluctant to reject him, what else could he do

Also, being loved so enthusiastically by Xie Chengze, Lu Yanzhou couldn’t help as his heart beat faster.

Has he been single for too long

Lu Yanzhou, who had been single for too long, took a deep breath and played with Xie Chengze with those toys.

However, he ruthlessly rejected the suggestion that Xie Chengze would kiss him if he lost.

Even if they can’t really kiss at all, it’s too ambiguous.

However, although Xie Chengze’s suggestions were refused, he still insisted on hugging his helmet to kiss him.

He couldn’t do anything, he didn’t even dare to push Xie Chengze in fear of hurting Xie Chengze if he accidentally exerted force.

Xie Chengze’s body is too weak.

Lu Yanzhou, wearing a protective suit, sat helplessly on the ground and let Xie Chengze play with his helmet.

Xie Chengze suddenly said, “Brother Yanzhou, when my life comes to an end, take off the helmet and let me kiss you.”

Lu Yanzhou’s heart was tightened: “Your body will be fine, don’t think about those messy things.”

Xie Chengze laughed twice, not taking it seriously.

He really cherishes his life now and doesn’t want to die at all, but he has made up his mind that when his life comes to an end, at the last moment, he really wants to hug Lu Yanzhou and kiss Lu Yanzhou.

Seeing Xie Chengze like this, Lu Yanzhou guessed that he didn’t believe his words, so he thought about it before saying, “AZe, trust me, you will be fine.”

Lu Yanzhou didn’t mind telling Xie Chengze everything, but he couldn’t say too much.

The Heavenly Dao of the small world has no independent consciousness and can only auto operate, however, when he and Vermilion Bird investigated before, they discovered that Xuanwu had set some restrictions on it.

He had to be careful in the small world.

If he said too much and violated a taboo, not only would Xie Chengze suffer, but he would also die because his strength is sealed.

He was able to enter the small world through this ‘Lu Yanzhou’ flaw that was left by Xie Chengze, even then he still needed to maintain his character – if people found something different, there would be problems.

Fortunately, although Lu Yanzhou in this world was not a good person in the original historical trajectory, he has not done any bad things at this stage so even if he has changed to good things, it is not too far off.

People change.

What’s more, everyone around him now thinks that he treats Xie Chengze well for Xie Chengze’s money…Like this, one will doubt him.

Lu Yanzhou has said more than once that he will get better and recover.

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou puzzled: “Am I really going to be okay”

Xie Chengze’s eyes were clear, full of love and trust in him… Lu Yanzhou hugged him: “You will really be fine.

As long as we do more good deeds, you will be fine.”

Xie Chengze: “…” Is Lu Yanzhou really treating him as a child To coax him with such words.

However, there are indeed many people who believe this statement and that became their support.

How many people do good deeds and accumulate virtue just for their next life

Xie Chengze sneered at these since he was a child.

He never believed in it.

However, Lu Yanzhou said so, he could only pretend to believe: “That’s great, I’ll get better.”

“I want you to get better too…AZe, do you want to set up a charity fund” Lu Yanzhou asked.

He has received a lot of merit recently.

However, according to his calculations, even if all the money he donated is spent, there’s not enough merit to make Xie Chengze better yet.

“Okay.” Xie Chengze agreed.

“This is what I’m thinking about…” Lu Yanzhou began to talk to Xie Chengze about the charity fund.

He just looked for information on this in the past few days.

Xie Chengze said, “Brother Yanzhou, I don’t understand.” If it was before, he would have thought that Lu Yanzhou had set up this charity fund to get money from him.

But now, he is willing to trust Lu Yanzhou.

Speaking of which, Lu Yanzhou lives here, wears ordinary clothes, isn’t picky about what to eat, and sleeps in a folding bed every day…He doesn’t even know why Lu Yanzhou took 30 million from his company in the first place.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t spend any money at all.

Did he just transfer the money into his account to watch and play with it

“Then I’ll go to set it up…It will cost a lot of money to set up a charity fund, but don’t worry, I will help you earn it back in the future.” Lu Yanzhou said.

His first life, he was born in the same year as this body, and he lived into his thirties in that life.

That is to say…he probably knows what industries will develop in the next ten years.

Following the general trend, then researching and studying financial reports, he can’t guarantee how much he can earn, but he will not earn less.

However, money is something outside the body.

If he makes money in the future, he will definitely donate it.

At that time, he will have to learn some other knowledge and prepare for the next world.

“Mm.” Xie Chengze agreed.

Lu Yanzhou planned to accompany Xie Chengze for a day, but he couldn’t stay in the sterile room all the time – wearing protective clothing, he couldn’t eat or go to the toilet.

Lu Yanzhou felt that he could bear it, but Xie Chengze disagreed.

After Lu Yanzhou stayed inside for three hours, he urged Lu Yanzhou to go out: “Brother Yanzhou, just stay with me outside.”

After the New Year, Lu Yanzhou began preparing to establish the charity fund.

Those people he just recruited just got a chance to practice.

When these people get started, he can get rid of those vermin.

Lu Yanzhou had already sold a lot of stocks and shares the original owner brought before.

In addition, Xie Chengze has always had a lot of working capital so when the charity funds are established, there’s no shortage of cash flow.

However, it is still very troublesome to set up such funds and it takes a long time to approve it.

After thinking about it, Lu Yanzhou simply donated a part of the funds to buy various materials, as well as free lunches and the like.

In fact, in the early years, one could go directly to build Hope Primary School or something, but the population in the mountainous area has been lost in recent years.

At this stage, in some places, there are schools but no students.

However, it is good to donate lunches and various supplies to them, and they could also pay medical bills to those who cannot afford medical care.

Lu Yanzhou decided to find time to visit those big hospitals to make sure that the money was sent to those who really needed it.

Lu Yanzhou’s actions were very big.

He donated money not in the name of the company, but in the name of Xie Chengze.

This made those who had been staring at him couldn’t bear with it.

In the company, the man, who Xie Yuan arranged to observe, gritted his teeth: “This Lu Yanzhou is too bold, he takes the company as his!”

An Chenyuan asked, “How much money did he embezzle”

“He said he wanted to donate money, so he directly transferred tens of millions…It was a lot of donations, so he must have withheld a lot!”

An Chenyuan finally said: “Collect all the evidence.”

An Chenyuan tried to get close to Lu Yanzhou these days, but Lu Yanzhou has always ignored him.

He also arranged a lot of work for him under the banner of attaching importance to his experience.

He was so busy that his original plan could not be implemented at all.

Fortunately, it wasn’t all for nothing.

In addition to the evidence that Lu Yanzhou embezzled 30 million in the early days, he also collected some other evidence that could be used to threaten Lu Yanzhou and make Lu Yanzhou do things for him.


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