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Before, Lu Yanzhou wondered why a hacker paid attention to Xie Chengze and exposed Xies family surveillance camera.

Now that he knew that Xie Chengze knew the hacker, he understood the reason.

“How do you know him” Lu Yanzhou asked.

“I added him as a friend by accident.

He would chat with me, so we got to know each other while chatting,” Xie Chengze said.

“Recently, he said that he would teach me how to hack…um, computer technology.”

“Then you study hard,” Lu Yanzhou said, “If you like this kind of content, I can find a few people to teach you in the future to learn programming or something.”

“Um!” Xie Chengze smiled and praised, “Brother Yanzhou, my master is amazing, he is very famous in the circle.”

“Really” Lu Yanzhou asked.

Xie Chengze said: “People in the circle call him Water God! He is very skilled and has done a lot of things!”

Xie Chengze rambled on, talking about a lot of things he had done.

He is a little embarrassed while talking, so he couldnt help but blush.

In the future, if Lu Yanzhou finds out that Water God is actually him…

Seeing this scene, Lu Yanzhou felt athump in his heart.

When Xie Chengze mentionedWater God, his eyes seemed to light up, and his face turned red.

It was no different from when he confessed to him and said he liked him.

Xie Chengze really likes thatWater God

“There were foreigners who came to make trouble before and he drove them all back.” Xie Chengze talked seriously about what he encountered during the Chinese New Year last year.

He did that at the time purely because hes bored, but then a lot of people started to worship him because of it.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Then he is really amazing!”

In the original trajectory, a hacker helped Xie Chengze, so thisWater God should really exist, and these deeds of Water God are probably true.

Lu Yanzhou admitted that Water God is a good person, but at this moment, his mood is extremely complicated.

“Yes!” Xie Chengze said, “He knows a lot.”

Xie Chengze talked a lot aboutWater God, then finally Lu Yanzhou couldnt help asking: “How did you know so much”

Xie Chengze said: “I joined a group and asked others.”

Xie Chengze joined a group to chat with people…Lu Yanzhou was very relieved, he praised Xie Chengze, then felt a bit unpleasant after the compliment.

Strange to say, he obviously wanted Xie Chengze to get in touch with society more, but when Xie Chengze likes other people, he felt uncomfortable.

However, although he was a little unhappy, Lu Yanzhou still encouraged Xie Chengze to get in touch with thatWater God.

“I will.

I plan to learn some skills from him! Brother Yanzhou, I might be able to help you in the future.” Xie Chengze said.

“Ill wait for you to help me in the future.” Lu Yanzhou laughed.

At night, the two still slept next to the plastic film.

Lu Yanzhou put his arm into the rubber glove.

When he saw Xie Chengze sleeping hugging his arm as usual, he closed his eyes too.

He always fell asleep quickly, but this time he was a little restless.

Lying on the bed for a long time, Lu Yanzhou opened his eyes and looked at Xie Chengze in front of him with the help of the faint light.

Xie Chengze hugged his arm and was already asleep.

There was still a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, which made him feel…the urge to kiss him.

Lu Yanzhou secretly sighed.

He tried to deny it before, but facts are facts and cannot be changed.

He likes Xie Chengze.

They first met in World Management.

Where there are people, there are differences and fights.

Xie Chengze said he cultivat the ruthless dao, so he is indifferent.

He also wasnt very welcome in World Management too.

At that time, several people gathered around him to question him while he stood in the middle with a blank face.

It seems like nothing is in his eyes.

At that time, Lu Yanzhou took a strange liking to him, and offered to help.

Later, when he learned that he had just come to World Management, he took him everywhere to get acquainted.

Xie Chengze didnt understand the world.

He spoke directly and did everything straightforwardly.

He also didnt take advantage of him.

Later, someone spoke ill of him, then Xie Chengze beat them up without saying a word.

Because of this, he liked Xie Chengze even more.

He went to find Xie Chengze from time to time, he even thought about confessing to Xie Chengze.

However, when he asked Xie Chengze in a roundabout way, Xie Chengze told him that he cultivated the ruthless dao.

Xie Chengze is from the cultivation world.

He is born as a spiritual thing, as he grew he could transform into a human.

He had been living in isolation, so he didnt understand emotions at all.

Later when his master took him, he started to cultivate the ruthless dao.

Xie Chengze is ignorant and unable to understand his emotions.

Not only that, if his dao is broken, his cultivation and state of mind will also be in trouble too.

He didnt force it.

He gave up his confession and got along with Xie Chengze as before.

After a long time, he and Xie Chengze became good brothers.

But now he came here and found Xie Chengzes soul fragments.

The Xie Chengze in this world is completely different from the one he remembered.

At first, he only felt sorry for him and treated this person as a child, but Xie Chengze suddenly confessed to him…

This happened too sudden.

It was the first time someone confessed to him like this.

When he was on Earth, he entered the army at the age of eighteen, and he was surrounded by good brothers.

He had never been in love at all.

Later, he left the army.

Although he was introduced and contacted a few people, they all disappeared.

Of course, maybe in his missing memory, he has encountered such a situation, but he cant remember that.

But he is sure, he has always been single.

For a person who has been single for many years, it is hard for him not to be moved by someone who confesses to him every day.

Originally, he could still lie to himself that he only had pity for Xie Chengze.

However, tonight Xie Chengze kept praising thatWater God, so he realized that something was wrong.

Lu Yanzhou despises himself a little.

Xie Chengze has very little contact with people, so his personality is pure and childlike.

He may have mistaken other feelings for love when he confessed to him, but he is different.

He is quite old.

He likes a young man, who is as simple as a child, and he even indulges Xie Chengze to get close to him.

All kinds of intimacy between him and Xie Chengze is simply him molesting Xie Chengze.

Its okay now, but if Xie Chengze recovers from his illness and remains like this in the future…then he will be harming Xie Chengze!

The most important thing is, when he collects all the soul fragments, and when Xie Chengze recovers his memory and remembers all kinds of things in the small world, how will he face Xie Chengze

Xie Chengze regarded him as a good brother, but he abducted the other persons soul fragments

He shouldnt be in love with Xie Chengze.

Lu Yanzhou sorted out his feelings.

He felt that he and Xie Chengze should keep their distance.

Of course, he should also pay attention to thisWater God.

For Xie Chengzes sake, he couldnt let Xie Chengzes soul fragments leave any karma in the small world.

Lu Yanzhou couldnt fall asleep, so he simply took out his mobile phone and looked for news about Water God.

He was able to find some things about Water God.

However, he was an outsider after all, so he couldnt find much.

Most importantly, he knew nothing about computer technology…hes clueless.

Lu Yanzhou didnt sleep all night, he only slept for a little bit in the morning, then woke up from the sunlight.

“Brother Yanzhou!” Seeing that Lu Yanzhou woke up, Xie Chengze showed a bright smile.

“Good morning.” Lu Yanzhou smiled and looked away.

Before he was not aware of his feelings, he was able to face Xie Chengze calmly, but now…

Lu Yanzhou was embarrassed to touch Xie Chengzes head and hug Xie Chengze like before.

“Brother Yanzhou, hug me.” Xie Chengze asked.

“AZe, hugging and kissing are all done between lovers, we shouldnt do this.”

“Brother Yanzhou, I like you.” Xie Chengze confessed again.

Lu Yanzhou: “…I treat you as my younger brother.” Facing Xie Chengze like this, he really couldnt stand it.

“I dont want to be a younger brother.” Xie Chengze said.


“Brother Yanzhou…” Xie Chengze was disappointed.

Lu Yanzhou had no choice but to give him a brief hug, and then said, “Aze, I have something to do today, you should study hard at home…Im leaving.”

“So early” Xie Chengze was depressed.

“Mm, there are a lot of things.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Not only were Xie Chengzes soul broken, his soul fragments have suffered so much in this world, Lu Yanzhou cant stand seeing Xie Chengze sad now.

If he stayed, he would definitely not be able to help but agree to all Xie Chengzes demands in the end, so it would be better to leave first.

Afraid that Xie Chengze would ask more questions, Lu Yanzhou ran away after saying a few words.

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou leaving back and frowned.

Lu Yanzhou was busy outside all day.

He didnt go home until evening.

After returning…he went to the third floor as usual: “Im back.”

“Brother Yanzhou!” Xie Chengzes eyes seem to sparkle.

However, Lu Yanzhou didnt get close to him like usual.

He just said: “Ill have dinner first, then Ill come find you after Im done.”

“Brother Yanzhou, come up to eat here.” Xie Chengze said.

“Its too troublesome to run up and down,” said Lu Yanzhou, who had often carried a bowl upstairs to eat, “Ill eat quickly, and come up when Im done.”

Xie Chengze could only watch helplessly as Lu Yanzhou went downstairs, and then he opened the surveillance camera to look at Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou always ate very fast, but today…he said he wanted to eat quickly, but he actually ate very slowly.

Xie Chengze faintly felt that something was wrong.

Lu Yanzhou…why did it seem like hes avoiding him

Xie Chengze only guessed at first, but he soon confirmed it.

After Lu Yanzhou went upstairs after dinner, instead of chatting with him like before, he moved a desk to work.

Lu Yanzhou used to work as close to the plastic film as possible before.

Like that, Xie Chengze, who is in the sterile room, could touch Lu Yanzhou by leaning on the plastic film.

But this time Lu Yanzhou was a little far away from the sterile room.

Xie Chengze was lying on the plastic film, which protruded outwards, but he still couldnt touch Lu Yanzhou.

“Brother Yanzhou, are you angry Because I learned technology from Water God” Xie Chengze thought about it and could only think of this matter.

He said a lot aboutWater God yesterday, is Lu Yanzhou upset because of this

Lu Yanzhou doesnt want him to learn that

“Im not angry.

Its a good thing that you can learn from Water God.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Although it was true, when Lu Yanzhou said it, he felt a little sour.

Seeing Xie Chengze, who was lying on the plastic film, smashed his face and wanted to lean on his side, his heart ached even more.

In order to keep a distance from Xie Chengze, his desk was put on the place with no rubber gloves attached, which meant that Xie Chengze could not reach out to touch him.

He could only try to press the plastic film towards him.

“Then why dont you come over a little bit I want to be next to you.” Xie Chengze said.

“That will distract me.” Lu Yanzhou said.

“Brother Yanzhou…”

Lu Yanzhou especially wanted to kiss Xie Chengze.

However, he could treat those kisses as a kiss between an elder and a junior before, but now…it definitely seems like molestation.

“Brother Yanzhou, dont you like me” Xie Chengze asked, “You dont like me anymore…Sure enough, no one in this world will like me.

Dad always hates me, mom thinks Im an embarrassment, grandpa thinks Im embarrassing my dead mother…”

The more Xie Chengze spoke, the softer his voice became.

After that, Lu Yanzhou moved the desk and chair to the side of the plastic film: “Dont touch me, dont kiss me.” In the past, when he was working properly, Xie Chengze would suddenly kiss his shoulder and elbow that were next to the plastic film.

Xie Chengze: “…”

“If you keep doing that, Ill go to another place to work.” Lu Yanzhou sighed.

Xie Chengze shut his mouth and stopped acting like a baby.

“Aze, I like you very very much, but I think there should be a boundary between us…” Lu Yanzhou was afraid that Xie Chengze would feel uncomfortable, so he coaxed again: “Dont worry, I will never leave you.”

“Okay.” Xie Chengze smiled at Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou continued: “It wont be long before your illness is cured.

When you recover, I will take you to see around the world.”

Lu Yanzhou is painting big cakes again…Xie Chengze was speechless.

Other things about Lu Yanzhou are pretty good, but he doesnt know what to say – Lu Yanzhou always tells him things that are impossible to happen.

He hasnt received treatment at all recently, so how can he get better

However, after Lu Yanzhou said that, Xie Chengze smiled: “Mm! When I get better, well go out and play together.”

Lu Yanzhou still couldnt hold back and touched his head.

Xie Chengze is too easy to coax and too easy to trust people!

He told Xie Chengze that accumulating merit would make Xie Chengze recover, and Xie Chengze actually believed it.

However, this is the best.

Lu Yanzhou said again: “Just wait, it wont be long…”

The money was spent in large quantities, the merits and virtues also increased every day.

An Chenyuan watched as Lu Yanzhou sell some of the shares under Xie Chengzes name and transferred the money away.

He was in a bad mood.

So Lu Yanzhou lost money again

An Chenyuan approached Lu Yanzhou again.

But Lu Yanzhou shied away and still said he didnt dare.

“So youd rather go to jail”

“I dont want to go to jail either, but Xie Chengze is very kind to me, so I cant kill him.” Lu Yanzhou said.

An Chenyuan: “… Xie Chengze treats you very well” He sent Xie Chengze that kind of picture before, but Xie Chengze is still very nice to Lu Yanzhou

“He listens to me and he believes everything I say…” when Lu Yanzhou mentioned Xie Chengze, his eyes softened unconsciously, “You give me time to think again.”

Lu Yanzhou is just stalling for time and collecting evidence by the way.

The more anxious An Chenyuan and the others were, the more they will expose themselves!

As for Xie Chengze, although he was not at home during the day recently, he was looking at the surveillance every day.

No one was allowed to approach Xie Chengze.

Even Xie Chengzes daily inspection was canceled.

Xie Chengzes safety can be guaranteed.

“Youd better hurry up!” An Chenyuan said coldly.

At the beginning, he could still act in front of Lu Yanzhou, but now seeing Xie Chengzes money being spent by Lu Yanzhou, his temper is getting worse and worse.

Lu Yanzhou nodded repeatedly.

After fooling An Chenyuan, Lu Yanzhou went back to work and was busy working for the charity fund.

Regarding the preparation of the charity fund, most people in the company disagreed and tried to stop him, but he moved it with Xie Chengze name so theres nothing those people can do.

Lu Yanzhou devoted himself to his work.

When preparing the fund, he showed people the money he had donated during this period, explaining Xie Chengzes physical condition, and saying that they were sincerely doing charity, which made the approval work quicker.

At the end of February, just as Lu Yanzhou expected, the charity fund was formally established.

At the moment when the charity fund was established, a golden light invisible to others fell on Lu Yanzhous hands.

Ordinary people cant see merit, so they cant use it even if they have merit.

It is only the people in their World Management who can collect the power of merit.

This kind of power is similar to the power of faith collected by the gods in some worlds, but it is purer…Now, Lu Yanzhou has collected enough to restore Xie Chengzes health.

At this moment, Lu Yanzhou was so excited that even his hands were trembling uncontrollably.

Xie Chengze can recover! He can leave the sterile room now!

This is definitely good news!

In the future, even if An Chenyuan and the others come up with some bad tricks, Xie Chengze doesnt have to be afraid.

He is no longer a fragile glass man!

Lu Yanzhou ignored other things and drove home directly.

At the same time, Xie Chengze received another call from An Chenyuan.

In the days after the new year, An Chenyuan sent him several messages, but Xie Chengze didnt reply.

He didnt have a good impression of An Chenyuan, especially after knowing that An Chenyuan wanted him dead.

He also didnt believe the message An Chenyuan sent saying bad things about Lu Yanzhou.

Although Lu Yanzhou has been avoiding him recently and is not as close to him as before, Lu Yanzhou is still better to him than An Chenyuan.

However…Even though he thought so, Xie Chengze was still a little restless.

He couldnt even really touch Lu Yanzhou.

He could only wait at home every day, or use some illegal means to secretly observe Lu Yanzhou.

If Lu Yanzhou doesnt want to talk to him anymore, then he will have nothing.

Xie Chengze finally pressed the answer button on the phone.

An Chenyuans voice sounded: “Xie Chengze, is that you”


“Did you see the messages I sent you” An Chenyuan asked again.

Xie Chengze blinked: “I see.”

“Youve seen it all, why arent you angry Xie Chengze, dont you like Lu Yanzhou” An Chenyuan asked eagerly.

An Chenyuan also just confirmed this matter.

He had guessed at first, but recently, in order to understand the situation between Xie Chengze and Lu Yanzhou, he chatted with the old lady Wang, who lived in Zhangs villa.

He finally figured out the ins and outs.

Lu Yanzhou didnt let others get close to Xie Chengze, so he didnt hesitate to call his parents to Zhangs villa.

Old lady Wang has been living in the Zhang familys villa.

She is the old person of the Zhang family who had watched Xie Chengzes mother grow up and Lu Yanzhou still didnt even let her go up to the third floor.

Lu Yanzhou was nice to Xie Chengze, and Xie Chengze also recognized Lu Yanzhou.

Old lady Wang couldnt say anything, but she was full of resentment towards Lu Yanzhou for not letting her get close to Xie Chengze.

He and Xie Yuan contacted old lady Wang several times.

They told old lady Wang something that Lu Yanzhou did.

Old lady Wang is full of repulsion toward Lu Yanzhou, the person who had imprisoned Xie Chengze.

Listening to them, she had been observing Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze.

When Lu Yanzhou is not at home, no one is allowed to go to Xie Chengze.

When Lu Yanzhou is at home, if old lady Wang wants to see Xie Chengze, Lu Yanzhou will not refuse.

So there were a few times when old lady Wang saw Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze stick together.

He said, why didnt Lu Yanzhou do anything!

Xie Chengze has not met many people since he was a child, not even friends, let alone lovers.

But as long as one is a human being, they have emotional needs.

Family, friendship, and love all were needed, but Xie Chengze has nothing!

How easy is such a person!

Lu Yanzhou has known Xie Chengze since childhood.

He is Xie Chengzes friend.

He is also Xie Chengzes cousin, if talking about relationships.

He is good-looking and can fully meet Xie Chengzes various emotional needs…Xie Chengze must be coaxed by him, right

As for sexual orientation, Xie Chengze cant even contact people, so sexual orientation doesnt matter!

After thinking this through, An Chenyuan wanted to vomit blood – if he were Lu Yanzhou, he wouldnt do anything too!

Even if the matter of Lu Yanzhou using Xie Chengzes money was revealed to Xie Chengze…As long as Lu Yanzhou coaxed and begged, Xie Chengze might not blame him.

Of course, he wouldnt do anything to Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze still has a lot of shares in his hand, this is a chicken that lays golden eggs!

Xie Chengze didnt expect An Chenyuan to say that he liked Lu Yanzhou, so he was stunned.

An Chenyuan continues at this moment: “Unfortunately, you like Lu Yanzhou, but Lu Yanzhou doesnt like you.

You have such a problem, how could Lu Yanzhou be with you He has always liked me, he just used you as a substitute.”

Xie Chengze didnt speak.

An Chenyuan had no other plan than to provoke the relationship between Xie Chengze and Lu Yanzhou: “Lu Yanzhou is acting in front of you.

I remember when we were in college, Lu Yanzhou also said that he had a sick cousin who was annoying and boring that he had to accompany.”

Xie Chengze still didnt speak.

An Chenyuan had a lot to say, but Xie Chengze didnt say a word, which made him speechless.

Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze didnt play their cards according to common sense!

But An Chenyuan still said a lot to stimulate Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze listened quietly without any warmth in his eyes.

He knew that An Chenyuan wanted to anger him on purpose, and he is indeed angry.

He rarely has such strong emotions.

At this moment, he has the urge to kill An Chenyuan.

However, even if he wanted to kill An Chenyuan, there was nothing he could do.

The evidence he found of Xie Yuans tax evasion could get Xie Yuan in trouble, but not An Chenyuan.

Even if An Chenyuan urged Lu Yanzhou to kill him, it is impossible to convict An Chenyuan, after all, An Chenyuan did nothing.

Xie Chengze was powerless for a moment.

He thought for a while, then looked at the computer that was turned on next to him.

Lu Yanzhou was not at home during the day recently, so he started to turn on the computer all day just like before.

After An Chenyuan sent him the photo, he checked An Chenyuan, and now he plans to investigate him carefully.

Xie Chengze focused on Xie Yuan before, but this time An Chenyuan is the target of investigation.

After this investigation, he really found a lot of things.

When An Chenyuan and Lu Yanzhou were in college, they met a lot.

Although the two of them are not in the same department, they joined the schools photography club together and interacted a lot on some social platforms.

It cant even be called interaction, it should be Lu Yanzhou who took the initiative to befriend An Chenyuan – he had always liked An Chenyuan.

The more Xie Chengze looked at it, the more he felt something was wrong.

Before, he always felt that An Chenyuan was lying when he said that Lu Yanzhou was chasing him, but now it seems that it might be true.

When Xie Chengze thought so, he gritted his teeth.

He simply stole Lu Yanzhous account on a certain social platform.

Lu Yanzhou often used this account when he was in college, but now he doesnt use it very much…After login, Xie Chengze saw more information.

Lu Yanzhou has a crush on An Chenyuan.

Lu Yanzhou chased An Chenyuan, but rejected his confession, did he not like him

Lu Yanzhou didnt like him, so why did he always accompany him and coax him

Xie Chengze thought of what he was sure about at the beginning – Lu Yanzhou accompanied him for money.

At that time, in order for Lu Yanzhou to accompany him, he offered him money to work.

Its just that in the past few months, he suddenly didnt want to think so.

He began to hope that Lu Yanzhou was treating him well sincerely, and he also wanted Lu Yanzhou to love him.

Lu Yanzhou does as he like at first, but recently, he has started to avoid him.

Xie Chengzes mind was buzzing, and at this moment, Lu Yanzhou came back.

As soon as Lu Yanzhou came, he said, “AZe, your illness is getting better! You can come out!”


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