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The moment Xie Chengze died, Lu Yanzhou left the small world with Xie Chengzes first soul fragment.

The Xie Chengze in this world was very attached to him.

When he took Xie Chengze away, Xie Chengze didnt resist at all.

The moment he left, he used the countless merits he had accumulated in the small world to snatch that small world away from Black Tortoise.

The small world regained its freedom and began to operate normally.

Lu Yanzhou lowered his head and looked at the soul fragment in his hand.

The soul fragment wrapped in merit emitted golden light.

Lu Yanzhou sent it into his heart, then immediately entered the second small world.

In the twelfth lunar month of 1975, Lianfeng villages committee compound.

“The old sow has come out!”

“Hurry up and catch the old sow!”

“No! Someone got hit by the sow!


This place was originally a temple.

In the early years, people nearby loved to come here to pray when they had nothing to do.

When there were funerals, the monks in the temple would be invited to play the suona.

After the destruction of the four olds1campaign of the cultural revolution; The four olds: old thoughts, old culture, old habits, old customs., the monks in this temple returned to normal life, and the temple was also used for other purposes.

Now this small temple was turned into separate rooms where the village committee works.

One room was allocated to only the barefoot doctor in the village.

Two other rooms are used as primary school in the village, and the remaining three rooms are used to raise a few sows.

These sows are raised by the public, so when they give birth to the piggies, it will be distributed to the villagers for them to raise.

Not long ago, a big sow raised in one of the rooms broke through the wooden fence and ran out.

The people present cant eat unrestrainedly, dont talk about the pig.

The villagers raise the piglet for more than half a year, after killing it at the end of the year, they can only get 70 to 80 catties of meat.

Its not really that much.

However, this sow that ran out was different.

This sow has been raised in the village for several years.

It must have weighed more than two or three hundred catties.

When it ran out, no one in the village dared to catch it.

Furthermore, someone was hit by the pig.

Lu Yanzhou have just transmigrated into this world.

He was still feeling dizzy when he heard shouts coming from afar.

He hurried over.

It was Xie Chengze who was hit.

Not only that, the sow was surrounded by the crowd, and it was about to rush toward Xie Chengze again.

Xie Chengze fell to the ground.

If the sow that weigh about 200 catties stepped on him…

Lu Yanzhou picked up a bamboo pole on the wall and rushed forward.

When the bamboo pole hit the sows buttocks, it cried in pain and finally ran to the other side.

The people on the other side also fled in fright.

Not letting the sows hurt others, Lu Yanzhou rushed up again waving the bamboo pole to drive it away.

It took some time, but the sow was finally driven back to the pigsty.

Seeing this scene, the villagers breathed a sigh of relief.

They hurried up and closed the door of the room.

This room has a door, theres also a wooden fence around the pigs.

When the door open before, the pig broke through the fence and rushed out.

After Lu Yanzhou finished driving the pigs, the bamboo pole in his hand immediately fell down — this bamboo pole is thick and long, it also wasnt light.

He was holding his breath just now when he was swiping it wildly and vigorously.

“Xiao Lu, not bad!”

“Thanks to you this time!”

“It would be bad if it was out!”


The villagers talked one after another.

Lu Yanzhou didnt have time to talk to them — he rushed to Xie Chengzes side to look at Xie Chengzes situation.

At the same time, he also got this bodys memory.

This world is still similar to earth, and the present is pretty much the same as the 70s on earth.

The original owner of his body is still called Lu Yanzhou.

His father is the deputy chief of the citys police department.

His mother is an accountant in a fertilizer factory.

His familys condition is very good, but because of the times, he had to go to the countryside.

If his family only has two or three children and use their connection and think of a way, in fact, they may all stay in the city.

However, there are 5 children in his family.

The original owner, the fourth child, and his younger brother, the fifth child, were sent to the countryside.

However, under their parents arrangement, they went to the countryside in the city.

This village is in good condition, and with their familys distant relatives in the village, after the original owner and his younger brother, who was two years younger, arrived, they didnt suffer much.

However, the original owner is not the kind of person who can live and be satisfied with his status quo.

His heart is higher than the sky.

He was desperate to excel.

After knowing that he had to go to the countryside, he made a plan for himself.

He intends to get a good reputation, do more for the common people, then strive to become worker, peasant, and soldier student.

That is to say, in the later generation its worker, peasant, and soldier college student.

Work, peasant, and soldier students were approved by the nominated people leader.

Its not easy to be one of them.

They have to work for real and have a good reputation.

For example, if they work hard, they will be seen as a model worker.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of worker, peasant, and soldier students are recruited across the country, many of whom are recommended by factories.

Ordinary rural areas do not have the qualifications to recommend students, unless the person is particularly outstanding.

The original owners goal was to become that particularly outstanding person.

So after going to the countryside, when other educated youths and his younger brother couldnt bear the life in the countryside, he took the initiative to mingle with the villagers, as if he was not afraid of hardship or tired from working.

He is also willing to help others.

He doesnt spend any of the subsidies his parents give him but gives them all to people in the village with poor living conditions.

But this…still wasnt enough.

Although the people in their village liked him, the people in other villages didnt even know he existed.

Compared with other people, he didnt have much of an advantage.

The original owner intends to do something special that can be advertised.

Coincidentally, not long ago, the city commended a daughter-in-law who took care of her paralyzed mother-in-law for ten years…The original owner was inspired and planned to do the same thing.

There is a paralyzed old man in his village.

However, if he were to really take care of him, he really cant stand it.

It is impossible to go to anothers house to take care of the old man…

The original owner was struggling when he suddenly found that there was someone in the village who met his requirements and didnt need too much care from him.

This person is called Xie Chengze.

He is disabled, his parents died young, so his life is very difficult.

When Xie Chengze was born, one of his legs had a problem so he had limited mobility.

In addition, when his mother was pregnant with him, his father died unexpectedly.

When he was five or six years old, his mother fell ill and passed away too.

Inevitably there will be people in the village that said that he restrained his father and his mother2He had a bad influence on his parents fate causing them to die.

His paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents also dont want to talk to him.

Such a person is exactly what the original owner wanted!

Xie Chengze is capable of taking care of himself, so the original owner doesnt need to really take care of him.

All he needs to do is provide him some food and drink, then after taking care of him for a while, he can write an article to promote himself…

Although the original owner had impure thoughts, he did take care of Xie Chengze in the following time.

It is just that while taking care of him, the original owner developed other thoughts about Xie Chengze.

The original owner likes men.

Although Xie Chengzes legs were disable and he was dark and thin, his facial features are really handsome.

The original owner secretly confessed to Xie Chengze, wanting to be with Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze is a transparent person in the village and rarely communicates with other people.

His relatives also avoid him because of his reputation as arestrained his parents and because they dont want to support him.

The original owner was afraid that others would know that he liked men, but he had needs too, so he naturally felt that Xie Chengze was a good choice.

If he could coax Xie Chengze, not only can he have a good reputation, but he will also have someone who can warm his bed.

In the future, even if he goes to college or gets married…With Xie Chengzes character, he wont dare to make trouble.

Even if Xie Chengze started to make a fuss…At that time, if he beat him up, others would definitely believe him, not Xie Chengze.

In the end, Xie Chengze rejected him.

Xie Chengze was very kind to the original owner, but he was unwilling to be with the original owner and refused to agree to the original owners confession.

The original owner felt that Xie Chengze didnt know what was good for him and was angry, then something happened to Xie Chengze.

The sow in the village ran out of the pigsty, knocked over Xie Chengze, and stepped on Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze was paralyzed and seriously injured.

The villagers took him to the hospital.

The doctor said that his life could be saved but it takes a lot of money, and even if his life was saved…he can only lie on the bed from then on and could not do much work.

If Xie Chengze had parents, wife and children, maybe someone would have saved him and taken care of him, but he is alone.

Who would want to spend a lot of money to rescue a paralyzed man, and then raise him at home to eat their rice

Xie Chengze was finally sent home to wait to die.

The original owner felt it was a pity.

When Xie Chengze was able to take care of himself before, he swore that he was willing to take care of Xie Chengze, but now that Xie Chengze cant take care of himself…it was too late for him to hide.

The original owner didnt even dare to see Xie Chengze, he was afraid that Xie Chengze would rely on him.

In the winter, he was injured and with no one to take care of his food, drink, and bowel movement on the bed, Xie Chengze passed away after half a month.

As for the original owner, he failed to become a worker, peasant, and soldier student, and what happened next…This world enters the next cycle.

The time Lu Yanzhou transmigrated was exactly when Xie Chengze was hit by the pig.

This time, because he made a timely action, Xie Chengze was not trampled by the pig again.

However, Xie Chengze himself was not in good health, so he was still knocked out by the pig again…

Xie Chengze had already fainted, so Lu Yanzhou could only check him carefully.

In the last world, Lu Yanzhou has been doing charity, accumulating merit, and he also studied medicine in the later period.

He has learned a lot of medical knowledge, whether it is clinical or pharmaceutical, so his medical skills are very good.

But at this moment, after he checked Xie Chengze, his heart skipped a beat.

Xie Chengze is very thin.

He, an adult, only weighs a hundred catties.

Naturally, he cant bear the impact of a sow that weighs several hundred catties, and now theres something wrong with his spine.

He originally only had a lame leg, but now he may be paralyzed.

“Little Lu, whats wrong with Xie boy” the village head asked.

“Send him to the hospital!” Lu Yanzhou said.

Hearing that he had to go to the hospital, the village chief was a little entangled.

It would definitely cost a lot of money to go to the hospital, and the pay might have to come from the village, but the village had no money at all.

He started to blame Xie Chengze in his heart.

Why didnt the Xie family boy know how to hide when he saw the sow running out

Well, the Xie family boy is lame so he cant hide.

However, even though he was not happy, the village chief asked for a cart to take Xie Chengze to the hospital in the nearby town.

The so-called pull cart is also called handcart, which is two-wheeled.

Rural people use them to pull heavy objects.

When it comes time to pay the grains, they will use it to bring it to the town.

Even when marrying a wife, the bride also sits in this cart.

A strong man in his thirties came out of the village and pulled Xie Chengze to the town, while Lu Yanzhou and the village head followed the cart.

Throughout the whole process, Lu Yanzhous expression was very bad.

In the last world, after Xie Chengzes health recovered, he tried his best to raise Xie Chengze to be white and fat.

As a result, Xie Chengze in this world looked even more miserable than in the last one, which made him feel distressed.

Thinking that Xie Chengze died alone with injuries on the original trajectory, he felt even more uncomfortable.

Lu Yanzhou wished he could cure Xie Chengze immediately, but unfortunately, in order not to attract the heavenly laws attention, he had no way to bring the merits of the previous world to this world.

That is to say, he had to accumulate merits again in order to restore Xie Chengzes health.

But in this world, accumulating merit is much more difficult than in the last world.

At least in a short period of time, he cant accumulate much merit.

Although the original owner of his body had studied before, that was just that, he had never been exposed to medical knowledge.

If he directly uses what he learned in his previous life, it will arouse the heavenly law vigilance, and the heavenly law will find that he is different.

He has to go to college first, or find a teacher, before he can slowly reveal his knowledge.

This process will takes a lot of time.

The knowledge he learned in his previous life was decades later.

In this era, there are no sophisticated instruments and basic medicines.

Some of the knowledge in his mind is useless even if he takes it out!

He has to take his time, and Xie Chengze will suffer a lot.

Lu Yanzhou took a deep breath.

He had no way to make Xie Chengze recover immediately.

He could only do his best to make Xie Chengze live better before his body recovered.

1campaign of the cultural revolution; The four olds: old thoughts, old culture, old habits, old customs.2He had a bad influence on his parents fate causing them to die-

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