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The village where Lu Yanzhou went to the countryside is not far from the town, but it takes an hour to walk.

Xie Chengze was sent to the hospital.

After a fuss, the doctor finally finished the examination on Xie Chengze who was groggy, woke up and fainted again.

He hit Xie Chengzes leg, but Xie Chengze didnt respond at all…The doctor looked at the village chief and Lu Yanzhou with an ugly face: “He has a spinal problem!”

A problem with the spine is very serious, it compresses the nerves! The final diagnosis given by the doctor was that Xie Chengze would most likely be paralyzed in the future with no sensation below his waist.

Of course, if they did a surgery, then there may be a chance to be cured, but the hospital in their town does not have the conditions for spinal surgery.

Such a surgery may also not be performed in a big hospital, and even if it is done, it may not be good.

The most important thing is…Looking at Xie Chengzes clothes, one can tell that he cannot afford the medical expenses.

Lu Yanzhou had guessed this result before, so it was not surprising, but his heart still sank.

Xie Chengze in this world was born with a disabled leg, but he could still walk with a cane and do some light work at that time.

But now that Xie Chengze is paralyzed, he wont be able to stand up for a short period of time.

How is he going to face all this

“Little Lu, what should we do now” the village head asked Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Village chief, ask the doctor to treat Xie Chengzes injuries.

Well go back after a days rest.

When we go back, Ill take care of him.”

Xie Chengze not only had a spinal injury, but also had some injuries that needed to be dealt with, which is why he asked the village chief to send Xie Chengze to the hospital – he had no medicine.

As for Xie Chengzes spine…he can only wait for him to accumulate enough merits to heal Xie Chengzes legs altogether.

“Alright!” The village chief was relieved to see that Lu Yanzhou didnt ask him to pay for Xie Chengzes spinal treatment, and then he was stunned: “Wait, you will take care of him”

The village chief was still worried about who to find to take care of Xie Chengze, but Lu Yanzhou took over the most troublesome job

“Well, he has no family members.

Ill just move in and take care of him by the way.” Lu Yanzhou said.

The original owner lived with other educated youths, but he…he had to live with Xie Chengze in the future.

It will be more convenient for him to take care of Xie Chengze too.

He was worried about letting others take care of Xie Chengze.

In the original trajectory, the village chief actually arranged for someone to take care of Xie Chengze, but that person only went to feed Xie Chengze at night.

Xie Chengzes maternal grandparents are far away, and paternal grandparents are not young anymore so they live with his uncle, probably because they are afraid of being entangled by him too, they dont even bother to look at him.

When he died, many people breathed a sigh of relief.

Just as he was recalling, Lu Yanzhou saw Xie Chengzes eyelashes trembling on the hospital bed.

In the previous world, Xie Chengzes skin was particularly fair, but in this world, Xie Chengzes complexion was dark and rough due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Lu Yanzhou walked to the side of the bed in a few steps.

His opened eyes filled with confusion.

Xie Chengzes eyes slowly became clearer.

“AZe, youre awake!” Lu Yanzhou turned to call the doctor, “Doctor, hes awake.”

The doctor who was setting someone elses bone heard this and said, “he just woke up, give him something to eat.”

The doctor really cant cure Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze was unconscious before…In fact, part of the reason is due to malnutrition.

Lu Yanzhou also knew about this before, so he asked the doctor to write a prescription note for him and then asked the village chief to buy a pack of brown sugar — he needed tickets to buy this thing.

Fortunately, the note the hospital gave also works.

Lu Yanzhou prepared a very thick brown sugar water in advance, now he added some hot water to it and brought it to Xie Chengzes mouth.

Xie Chengze didnt open his mouth, as if he still didnt understand the situation.

“AZe, come, drink some water.” Lu Yanzhou supported Xie Chengze, and handed the bowl to his mouth.

Xie Chengze took a sip, then turned his head and refused to drink any more: “Ill just drink water.”

Lu Yanzhou has the original owners memory, so he knows why Xie Chengze behaved like this.

Xie Chengze in this world is not doing well, but he is still unwilling to accept other peoples kindness because he cant afford it.

The original owner gave him food before and he refused to accept it, but the original owner insisted on giving it, so he washed the original owners clothes.

The original owner also knew that Xie Chengze had such a personality, so he chose Xie Chengze as the target ofhelp.

How good is it that he can have a good reputation without paying too much

“You are sick, drink quickly,” Lu Yanzhou sighed, “You were hit by a pig, this is given to you by the village.”

The village chief only paid for the medical expenses, Lu Yanzhou paid the village chief to buy the brown sugar.

However, if Lu Yanzhou says that, Xie Chengze would be willing to drink it…

Sure enough, after hearing what he said, Xie Chengze began to drink slowly.

While drinking, he still looked at him from time to time, timidly.

Azure Dragon, whom he has known for many years, is a strong and ruthless person.

However, in these two worlds, the Xie Chengze he knows is completely different from Azure Dragon.

After Xie Chengze finished drinking the sugar water, Lu Yanzhou took out a pack of yunpian cake, tore off a piece and fed it to him.

Lu Yanzhou also paid the village chief to buy this cake before too, but he said, “This is also given by the village.”

Xie Chengze took a bite of yunpian cake and held it in his mouth, reluctant to swallow it — not to mention him, those loved children in the village usually dont have much chance to eat yunpian cake.

Both the brown sugar and yunpian cake are sweet, suitable for Xie Chengze who urgently needs to replenish his energy.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Eat it quickly.”

Xie Chengze swallowed the melted yunpian cake into his stomach, then ate the other half of yunpian cake left in Lu Yanzhous hand.

Lu Yanzhou tore off another piece of yunpian cake and handed it over.

Xie Chengze looked at the torn yunpian cake, his eyes were full of distress: “Im full…Lu Zhiqing1This means educated youth.

Educated youth Lu sound kinda weird so I will leave it as Zhiqing, you can eat it.”

“This is for patients.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Hearing this, Xie Chengze immediately tried to sit up: “Im fine…”

Lu Yanzhou hurriedly stopped Xie Chengze, but Xie Chengze, who was halfway up, had already realized something was wrong.

He tried to move his legs, but his legs wouldnt move.

He only had one leg like this before, now he has both legs like this!

As soon as he woke up, he drank sugar water and ate yunpian cake, which Lu Yanzhou fed him…Xie Chengze originally felt that he was very happy, but at this moment…

His lips trembled, ahui hui sound came out of his throat, but his voice didnt come out.

His body also began to tremble immediately afterward.

Lu Yanzhou quickly hugged him: “Its okay, its okay, itll be fine…”

He patted Xie Chengzes shoulder while talking, finally calming down Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze asked, “Whats wrong with me”

Lu Yanzhou answered: “You fell and hurt your leg.

You cant feel it now but it is going to be okay with more care.

Its going to be okay, it will be fine.”

The hospitals in the town are not so formal.

This ward is very big, there are several beds in it, so Xie Chengze is not the only patient staying in it.

The doctor is not far away, but no one refutes Lu Yanzhous words.

Xie Chengze looked young, only seventeen or eighteen years old, if he knew that he would not be able to stand up in the future…maybe he might not want to live anymore.

Xie Chengze withdrew from Lu Yanzhous arms, and saw the sympathetic gaze from the people around him.

He fell into an ice cave.

He has no feeling in both legs and may never be able to stand up again.

How will he live in the future

No wonder they gave him sugar water and yunpian cakes.

Xie Chengze grabbed Lu Yanzhous clothes tightly and looked up at Lu Yanzhou.

He bears the name restrained parent and also disabled.

The villagers dont like him.

After his mother passed away, Lu Yanzhou was the only one who treated him well.

Before Lu Yanzhou took the initiative to contact him, he was already paying attention to Lu Yanzhou, thinking that Lu Yanzhou is a good person.

Lu Yanzhou suddenly took the initiative to talk to him, helped him with work and gave him food.

He was flattered but also very disturbed.

After all, he was very useless and could not help Lu Yanzhou at all.

When Lu Yanzhou confessed to him, he was even more taken aback.

He has never thought about such a thing, and he is a cripple.

How was he worthy of Lu Yanzhou

He refused without thinking.

But at this moment, he regretted it.

When Lu Yanzhou fed him sugar water before, his heart beat very fast, he really wanted to kiss Lu Yanzhou.

He suddenly realized that he liked Lu Yanzhou.

He should have agreed to Lu Yanzhou back then, so that he could have a few days to be together with Lu Yanzhou.

Now that both of his legs are useless, Lu Yanzhou will definitely not like him anymore.

Xie Chengze stared blankly, frozen still.

Seeing him like this, Lu Yanzhou knew that he didnt believe what he said.

There are some people in this world who long for someone to be good to them unconditionally, but Xie Chengze is not such a person.

He wanted to take care of Xie Chengze, but Xie Chengze may not agree.

Lu Yanzhou wanted to have a good talk with Xie Chengze, but there were so many people here that it was hard to talk.

Lu Yanzhou took out the yunpian cake: “Eat some more”

Xie Chengze shook his head: “No.

I want to go back…”

“Rest here for one night before leaving.” Lu Yanzhou said, its getting dark now…

“I want to go back…”

Xie Chengze insisted on going back.

Lu Yanzhou thought about it, and finally agreed.

With his care, it is better for Xie Chengze to rest at home than in the noisy hospital.

Xie Chengze didnt bring anything with him when he came to the hospital.

Lu Yanzhou packed up simply.

He took the medicine prescribed for him by the doctor, carried him to the cart, and dragged him back.

Xie Chengze remained silent.

When he got to a place where no one was around, Lu Yanzhou said: “AZe, you are injured, I will move to live with you in the future and take care of you by the way.”

“I can live by myself.” Xie Chengze said.

Although his legs could no longer move, his hands were still there, so he could still live.

Xie Chengze has experienced too many hardships, so he quickly accepted his current situation.

“No, I will take care of you.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Xie Chengze opened his mouth.

Lu Yanzhou probably didnt know how hard it is to take care of a paralyzed patient, so he said that, thats why he shouldnt agree.

He didnt want to trouble Lu Yanzhou.

He also didnt want Lu Yanzhou to see his crippled leg, or see him in a mess.

The leg he hadnt used since childhood was shriveled and looked particularly ugly, and now that his other legs also have no feeling, he will definitely be worse in the future.

Lu Yanzhou continued: “AZe, you need someone to take care of you.”

Xie Chengze still didnt speak.

When the two returned to Xie Chengzes residence, it was already dark.

The original owner used to come to Xie Chengze often.

He is very familiar with Xie Chengzes house.

In addition, Xie Chengze doesnt close the door…He opened the door and carried Xie Chengze in the dark into the bed.

He lit up the oil lamp, then said: “Im going to boil some water for you.”

“You leave.” Xie Chengze said.


“You leave.”

“Im not leaving.”

“Do you want me to come down and drive you away” Xie Chengze propped himself up and was about to get out of bed.

Xie Chengzes spinal problem could not be cured by the hospital, but Xie Chengze still had to stay in bed to recuperate.

Lu Yanzhou immediately stepped forward and hugged him, not letting him move.

“You leave.” Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou seriously.

Under the faint light of the oil lamp, his eyes shone with determination.

Xie Chengze made up his mind to drive him away!

Xie Chengze didnt want to accept his help!

Many thoughts flashed through Lu Yanzhous mind, and he finally said, “I wont leave, I like you, I wont leave you alone.”

Once Lu Yanzhou said these words, it was easy to say the following: “Xie Chengze, I really like you, a lot.

Without you, I would not be able to live…Please, let me take care of you.”

Xie Chengze was dumbfounded.

Lu Yanzhou continued: “If you drive me away again, Ill tell others that I like men, and then let them arrest me!”

In the last world, Lu Yanzhou was with Xie Chengze by mistake.

Before he came to this world, he had already made up his mind not to repeat the same mistakes.

Firstly, loving the soul fragment after seeing the soul fragment makes him seem a bit like a scumbag, and secondly…Accident occasionally happened, he only fell in love with one of Xie Chengzes soul fragments, so the situation is not too bad.

But if he kidnapped Xie Chengzes soul fragments again and again, Xie Chengze might kill him in the future.

However, when he came to this world, the original owner had already confessed his love.

Nevermind that, Xie Chengze doesnt even let him take care of him now.

He and Xie Chengze have no relationship and no good reason, so what reason does he have to take care of Xie Chengze He can only use the reason that he likes Xie Chengze.

The Xie Chengze of this world once rejected the original owner, so he probably doesnt like men.

In the future, he can guide Xie Chengze so that he doesnt go astray.

Whats more…With Xie Chengzes current physical condition, they cant do anything.

They can get along like friends first, and when Xie Chengze recovers and has a new life, they will naturally separate.

Thinking of this, Lu Yanzhou said again: “AZe, dont drive me away.”

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou and opened his mouth.

He did not speak but burst into tears.

He hasnt cried since finding out how bad his situation was, but now he couldnt take it anymore.

T/N: Zhouzhou, good luck separating in the future (・ε・`*) …

1This means educated youth.

Educated youth Lu sound kinda weird so I will leave it as Zhiqing-

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