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Even ignoring this statement, there is also Lu Yanzhous intention.

In this world, he must not make the same mistake as the one in the last world again, and that being the case…he simply said that he couldnt do it.

After Xie Chengze recovers physically and has a brand new life, he can take advantage of the opportunity to let Xie Chengze go free.

After all, he couldnt stand.

Well, when the time comes, he can also pretend to be obsessed with research and naturally distance from Xie Chengze!

Lu Yanzhou said it easily, but Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou in shock.

Lu Yanzhou is a good person, very, very good.

Such a person, why…cant his thing stand

Heaven is too unfair!

But if Lu Yanzhous thing couldnt stand, then when Lu Yanzhou confessed to him before, he thought…he thought…

The men in the village talked about everything, so Xie Chengze had heard them talk about a sissy in the town before.

He knows about what men and men can do together.

When Lu Yanzhou confessed to him, he thought that Lu Yanzhou wanted to sleep with him.

He also thought that when he took off his clothes and revealed his ugly legs, Lu Yanzhou would definitely not like it.

In the end…is he wrong

But now…but now he is paralyze, he cant satisfy Lu Yanzhou either.

Why did Lu Yanzhou still stay with him

Wait, if Lu Yanzhou couldnt stand, maybe he doesnt want to do anything with anyone So at the beginning when he confessed to him, Lu Yanzhou might just want to find someone to be with.

Xie Chengzes mind was in a mess.

Lu Yanzhou didnt know that Xie Chengze had thought so much.

He helped Xie Chengze massage his legs and said: “AZe, Ill go outside and build a coop for the chickens, call me if you want anything.”

Xie Chengze responded in a low voice.

Lu Yanzhou patted his head before going out.

This afternoon, he found time to cut grass for the sheep, but he didnt have time to take care of the two chickens.

He just left them next to the sheepfold.

He cant just let the chickens stay there forever…Lu Yanzhou plans to build a chicken coop in front of the house, then build a fence to enclose the chickens.

In the countryside, some peoples chickens are free-range, but the two newcomers in his family are definitely not good.

He doesnt want chicken feces to be everywhere in the house.

Although Xie Chengzes family is poor, the house was built by his parents after they got married.

There are no other problems except it is a little small, but its still sturdy.

The private land on the entrance is allocated to Xie Chengze by the village.

Xie Chengze takes good care of this land.

There are garlic, green vegetables and radishes growing on it.

These vegetables are surrounded by fences to prevent other peoples chickens from stealing.

In the afternoon, Lu Yanzhou asked the village chief for some bamboo.

Now he chose an open space in the big fence to build a small fence, then started to build a bamboo coop too.

People in the village basically use bamboo to build chicken coops.

They just covered it with straw to keep the rain out.

This is how the chicken lives.

At night, after the chickens go in, they just have to close the door.

In order to prevent the chicken from being caught by weasels.

The original owner once helped someone build chicken coops, so this isnt really difficult…Lu Yanzhou stuck the sharpened bamboo into the soil one by one, then laid some bamboo on top as the rood.

Soon a prototype of the coop was built.

Unfortunately, there is not enough material so the rest will have to be done tomorrow.

He has to go to work tomorrow…If there is no work point, how can he support Xie Chengze

Lu Yanzhou cleaned up the outside of the house before he came to the bedroom and lay down next to Xie Chengze.

Theres only one bed in Xie Chengzes house, and the two of them had only one bedding, so they could only sleep together.

Of course, when he has money, he must find a way to sleep separately, otherwise…its still okay in winter, since he can wear more pants.

However, if he doesnt pay attention in summer, his lies will be exposed.

Lu Yanzhou didnt sleep last night, so he fell asleep quickly after another busy day today.

However, Xie Chengze slept for a long time last night, and even lay down for another day during the day, he couldnt fall asleep now.

It was already dark and the oil lamps were off.

He couldnt see Lu Yanzhou clearly, but he knew that Lu Yanzhou was by his side.

Xie Chengze didnt dare to move, but felt strangely relieved.

Winter is very difficult for him.

He didnt have warm clothes or quilts.

He also didnt have enough firewood.

If he moved more, he would get hot, but that would make him hungry…The only thing he could do was endure and endure night after night to get through.

But today, he is very warm.

The quilt covering him was thick and soft, and there was also another person lying beside him.

Lu Yanzhou is like a stove!

Just as Xie Chengze was thinking like this, the stove beside him pulled him into his arms and hugged him very skillfully.

This was the first time after his mother passed away that someone was so close to him.

Xie Chengze froze and his heart started beating faster and faster.

Lu Yanzhou is a little unused to this.

Xie Chengze suffers from skin hunger and thirst.

They are also very old, and they also sleep together every day without wearing clothes…Why are they wearing so many clothes today

He faintly realized something was wrong, but quickly fell deep asleep again.

Xie Chengze, who was hugged by Lu Yanzhou like this, thought he wouldnt get used to it, but after a while, he fell asleep in a daze.

The next morning he still drank porridge.

Lu Yanzhou mixed brown sugar into the porridge as usual, and also gave Xie Chengze an egg.

The educated youth and the villagers came to see Xie Chengze and gave them something again.

He now has thirty-eight eggs in total.

Now Xie Chengze has nothing else to replenish his body, so he plans to give Xie Chengze an egg every meal in the future.

After eating for a while, its time for the villagers to share fish and meat for the New Year.

After eating porridge, Lu Yanzhou said, “AZe, Im off to work.

Dont worry, Ill be back later.” He planned to come back somewhere in the morning to help Xie Chengze go to the toilet.

Xie Chengze also knew what he was thinking: “You dont need to come back, I can do it myself.” He can move his upper body and can hold the chamber pot by himself.

“Okay.” Lu Yanzhou responded with a smile.

But a promise is a promise, Lu Yanzhou still came back during the morning.

He also brought back the grass he cut along the way to feed the sheep.

These two sheep have to eat a lot of grass every day.

Xie Chengze used to have to go to work to raise the sheeps, he didnt know how tired he was…

Seeing that Xie Chengze was fine, Lu Yanzhou hurriedly went back to work.

Theres actually not much work in the field recently.

He still said something to them before he came back.

However, if he stays at home for too long, other people in the village will have opinions too.

The original owner worked neatly, but Lu Yanzhou worked even neater than him.

In addition, like the original owner, he would help others whenever he had the opportunity.

He can gain merit by helping others.

No matter how small a mosquitos legs are, its still meat.

Although he wont get much merit in this way, its better than nothing.

He hoped that Xie Chengze would get better soon.

Lu Yanzhou had been busy all day.

Not only did he have to go to work, but he also had to find time to cut grass for the sheep and build the chicken coops, so he was extremely busy.

In the evening, the chicken coop was finally built.

Lu Yanzhou first spread thick straw inside, then put the chickens in and fed them some millet.

Chickens dont like to lay eggs in winter, and they were still stunned when they suddenly changed places.

These two chickens have never laid eggs since they came to his house, but if they are raised well, they will definitely lay eggs in the future.

Just like Xie Chengze, his body will definitely get better.

Lu Hongxing always felt that his fourth brother wouldnt last a few days taking care of Xie Chengze.

There are people in the village who also feel the same way as him.

Although Lu Zhiqing is a nice person, he is a young master from the city who has never suffered.

Its fine to do farm work, but to make him serve a paralyzed person…even ordinary people cant bear it.

However, they were all wrong.

Lu Yanzhou persisted, and in the blink of an eye, he had been taking care of Xie Chengze for twenty days!

Ignoring that, he also took very good care of Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze was paralyzed, whether it was a big deal or a small deal, the village chief was still very concerned, so he went to see him every few days.

When the village chief went, other people in the village also followed.

Then they discovered…Xie Chengzes complexion improved after encountering such a thing.

His face also had a little more meat.

Ordinary paralyzed patients always have an unpleasant smell in the room, but Xie Chengze doesnt have any here.

Thinking about it, Lu Yanzhou went to the river to wash things from time to time.

Even if Xie Chengze soiled the bedding, he would wash them clean!

Today, the village chief came to see Xie Chengze again.

He was amazed as soon as he entered the house.

This house is much cleaner than his house!

As for Xie Chengze, he was sitting on the bed wearing Lu Yanzhous clothes.

He didnt know whether it was because of the bright clothes, or because he had gained weight after twenty days, but he looked much better than before.

“Xiao Xie, I did the right thing letting Lu Yanzhou take care of you!” said the village chief.

Xie Chengze smiled and said nothing.

He could see how tired Lu Yanzhou was these days.

This was not a good thing for Lu Yanzhou.

At this time, the people who came with the village chief also said one after another: “Xiao Xie, this could be considered falling into the blessing lair.”

“Lu Zhiqing is so kind to you.”

“I really envy you.”

Lu Yanzhou heard such words just after he came back.

His face turned dark — Xie Chengze cant do anything now, what is there to envy

The village head also saw Lu Yanzhou at this time and said, “Xiao Lu, I borrowed a water pump, and I will pump water for the pond tomorrow.

Remember to come and help catch the fish.”

“Okay.” Lu Yanzhou agreed.

There is a pond in their village, where some fish are raised there.

At the end of each year, the village will drain the water in the pond, and some of the fish caught will be sent to the town, while some of the villagers will share the rest.

There is no waterproof equipment these days, and it is very cold to catch fish in the winter.

Many people are not willing to go, so only Lu Yanzhou and a few other poor families signed up and were willing to catch fish.

Now that the water pump was borrowed, the village chief asked Lu Yanzhou about it.

After speaking, the village chief was about to leave, but at this moment someone asked: “Lu Zhiqing, the new year is coming up in a few days.

Will you go home for New Year like before Then what about Xie Chengze”

When this person said that, they gave Xie Chengze a sympathetic look, as if they didnt think it was such a big deal to watch the excitement.

Lu Yanzhou answered: “I told my parents that when the time comes, I will go with Xie Chengze to have a meal with them, and then we will come back.”

The original owner used to go back every year to celebrate the New Year.

This year…Lu Yanzhou wanted to celebrate the New Year in the village at first, but later he felt that this was not good, so he called his parents.

After discussing it, he decided to take Xie Chengze to have a meal, and then came back.

Everyone praised Lu Yanzhou again.

Xie Chengze looked up at him, his eyes were shining.


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