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Rose Rocher.

Delinda Schultz’s personal maid.

The second daughter of Baron Rocher.

Rose had a very sensual image, perhaps because of her fiery detection and plump lips that slightly curve at the ends of her mouth.

‘To start with, she has a nice appearance.’

Delinda objectively judged her opponent’s appearance as it was.

Rose was Delinda’s maid, but she was also a noblewoman.

Primarily, it is customary to select a maid from a family of servants who already serve the duke.

After completely reading the situation, Delinda plopped down on the sofa.

Rose was disgraceful, but not enough to make a fuss over it.

Delinda had a clear distinction between when to endure and when to lash out.

Rose then stood behind Delinda and began to undo her hair adornment.

Delinda tried to grasp reality by staring at her unfamiliar face in the mirror.

‘Yup, this is a different world.’

I may be confused by the irrational situation, but I was resolutely aware of it.

I’ve had the same experience in the past.

Being possessed for the second time.

And being possessed by the same novel.

‘It’s my job to adapt to this world and survive well.

So, what should I do next’

The duke was now on the verge of being tricked.

If he went wrong with the mining rights to the Spirit Stone Mine in a few days, he’d go completely bankrupt.

To start with, I think I should know what a “spirit stone” is.


What’s a spirit stone”

“Don’t you know”

“No, I don’t know, that’s why I ask.

Do you really not get that I’m asking because I don’t know”


Rose was puzzled as if thinking, “What in the world are you saying”

“What is a spirit stone I hurt myself because it burned my hand earlier.

Why is Father saying he will invest in such a thing He only needs to buy pretty and beautiful things.”

I purposely chose words that would make me sound like an idiot.

Rose’s expression finally melted away, as if she were a princess.

“The Spirit Stone is an ore that first appeared 5 years ago.

They say it was caused by a crack somewhere along the border… but I don’t know the details.

Anyway, I heard it emerged around then.”

I disappeared 5 years ago.

So I have no clue.

But it’s merely a coincidence that the timing overlaps.


“Is it expensive”

“Yes, it’s expensive.”

“So not just anyone can have one, right”


Unless you have the strength or mana, you cannot handle one properly, so the accessories for the spirit stones are also expensive.

For instance, sand that can extinguish the spirit stone’s flame or a water bottle that can contain the spirit’s water.”

Delinda’s expression turned strange as she listened.

She just threw the flame of the spirit stone onto the couch.

“But I touched it I threw the flame.”

“It must’ve been a lower-tier spirit stone or something.

Or it could’ve been a defect.”

“I see.”

With a nod, Delinda waited for Rose’s follow-up explanation.

But Rose just stared at Delinda.

As if this was the best explanation she could give to a fool.

“And Anything else”

I needed some more information.

I know that this will never, ever, ever be true, but just in case, the swindler may not actually be a swindler.

For instance, the swindler may be a man who really admires the Schultz family…

So, investing in the Spirit Stone Mine will dramatically revive the Schultz’s family fortune…

“What more do you need My knowledge is limited.

Spirit stones are very expensive and rare, no I’m always with the princess, so I can’t simply catch a glimpse of the precious things.”

Delinda laughed at Rose’s harsh answer.

Isn’t this what Rose meant just now

Since she could not possess such an “expensive” and “precious” spirit stone in the duke’s withering residence, she also had no chance of seeing a spirit stone in person as a maid stuck at a duke’s residence.

It was irritating, but the truth.


If Rose had been born a princess like me, you wouldn’t have ended up as my maid and imprisoned in the duke’s home .”


“Why couldn’t you have been the duke’s daughter, as well”

Rose’s neck flushed red when I responded happily, like an ignorant fool.

Anyway, there seemed to be nothing more I could find out from Rose now.

Delinda lay sprawled out on the sofa.


You can go, Rose.”

Rose made the impression she was not pleased with the undignified manner of the noble princess, but that was it.

Rose quickly relaxed her expression, bowed her head, and turned to leave.

* * *

Delinda changed her clothes as her surroundings became quiet.

It was a shabby dress she found inside an empty maid’s room.

After Rose left, she went exploring the mansion alone.

I carefully buttoned up and grabbed a ring from the dresser drawer.

It was to secure funds for back alley activities.

I was going to do something other than spend my time sitting idly in this room.

‘If this is the capital, there must be a bar in the back alley of the square.

Many merchants go there.

I can go and gather information about the Spirit Stone.’

I couldn’t recall what happened during my 1st life, but I remembered it.

People laughing and chatting at the bar.

Delicious fruit candy sold next to a small tavern.

“Why do I remember those things when I can’t remember anything else That’s ironic.

Wait a minute.

There are so many jewels here, oh my…”

As the old saying goes, **an old eagle is better than a young grow; even though he has fallen, he is still a duke.

[ **T/N: A metaphorical saying that what is inherently good and wonderful does not change in its essence even if it is damaged.


Even if I run away by collecting the crumbs of the duke’s jewels, I’ll be able to live alone in luxury until I return to the real world.

Delinda shook her head, though it was a tempting idea.

“Let’s try that method last.”

I have a conscience.

When I thought of the duke’s friendly face and how he clung to my hand tightly, I couldn’t bear to run away.

I’m sorry for stealing your daughter’s body, but I can’t really lose her.

I shrugged and slid the ring through my necklace, stuffing it inside my dress.

But there was a sudden movement outside the door.

Startled, Delinda immediately jumped into bed and lay down.

The heavy door slowly opened, and someone entered.

Delinda covered her neck with the quilt, not wanting the maid’s clothes to be seen.

“Delinda, are you asleep”

It was her father, Duke Schultz, who came in.

In the dark, only her eyelids twitched, and then Delinda pretended to be asleep.

Duke Schultz sat by her bedside and stroked Delinda’s head.

Then, he gently lifted the blanket.

A warmth wrapped around Delinda’s hand.

“Shouldn’t it have hurt…”

His worried voice echoed above.

Delinda kept her eyes closed.

She already missed the chance to wake up.

The duke examined Delinda’s hand and pressed along it, worried about how she grabbed the spirit stone with her bare hands.

Just by looking, you could tell I wasn’t hurt, but he continued to observe me with concern.

Delinda felt strange.

Is this… what it means to have a parent

Delinda—no, “Han Ji-an,” who took over Delinda’s body, has never enjoyed this kind of affection.

I’ve been an orphan since birth, and no one in the real world ever grew attached to me.

No one was interested in me.

As if Han Ji-an was just a trace of no substance.

“I’m always sorry, Delinda.

No matter what, I vow to make you happy.”


“Good night, my beloved daughter.”

After wishing her goodnight, the duke rose from his seat.

His tender affection drifted away with the sound of his footsteps.

Delinda clenched her fist under the blanket.

‘It’s weird.’

It was really weird.

‘What’s wrong with my heart…’

Why does my heart hurt so much It’s not like he’s worried about me.

Delinda stayed curled under the blanket for a while, biting her lip.

* * *

Delinda groaned, climbing over the wall.

The only guards patrolling the vast mansion were the two knights at the front.

It was perfect for a nightly escape.

“I can’t let Delinda’s father go bankrupt either.

Then I’ll be screwed too, right This residence is temporary, but I still have to live happily.”

As I left the duke’s mansion and glanced behind me, I saw the tall spire of the residence.

I kept thinking of the duke resting inside.

The reason why Duke Schultz feels randomly sorry is that he loves his daughter so much.

Is that what parents are supposed to be I can’t believe another person’s unconditional love could be so warm.

Do other people live with this kind of affection

…They must be really happy.

I can’t take away a daughter from a duke like that.

“I’ll do whatever I can until I can get your daughter’s body back! First things first, gathering information on the Spirit Stone!”

Even in the back alleys, the Bakhyan Empire’s capital was expertly maintained.

Due to the capital guards’ great ability to maintain public security and the high level of people’s senses, it was safe for a woman to walk alone late at night.

The lights of the restaurants and shops seen in each alley were warm.

There were also smiles on the faces of the passersby.

Delinda shielded herself with the cloak and walked happily down the street.

“If I round the bend here and pass through the alley, maybe there’s a shortcut… there was a bar where merchants often gathered.”

My body instinctively turned down the path it had recognized before.

But the supposed passageway was being blocked by a tall wall.

“Huh This wasn’t a dead end”

Did the paths change without my knowledge Well, it has been 5 years.

Delinda tilted her head and fumbled against the wall.

But what her hand touched wasn’t a hard wall.

Her hand went through the wall.

As if the wall was soft pudding.


Her disoriented body stumbled.

Delinda passed through the barrier, swinging her arms around in embarrassment.

She grabbed onto anything nearby to support her fall, but it turned out to be an empty metal garbage can.


Delinda landed on the floor with a loud noise. Clank, clank… The rolling sound of the empty trash can went on.


Delinda groaned, lying flat like a frog.

With both hands on the ground, she tried to lift her upper body.

I felt something muddy under my palm.

What the…

It was wet and felt gross.

Delinda frowned and strained her fingertips.

‘…Something’s not right.’

The environment was frighteningly still.

As if time had stopped, as if everything had fallen asleep, an alien silence lingered.

But why I could hear the exciting music circulating in this place just a moment ago.

The ground touching my face smelled of wet soil.

With a coppery tang at the same time.


Delinda stopped breathing at that moment.


Its blood.

Just a while ago, it was clear that the sticky blood wetting my hand also pooled on the floor.

Delinda screwed her eyes shut, afraid to confirm the reality.

This is the first time I’ve gotten caught up in a terrifying experience.

My body was going rigid.

My fingertips began to tremble with instinctive fear.

Like magic, unfamiliar footsteps began to break through the throbbing tension.

Tap, tap, tap.

Unhurried and quiet steps.

Someone was approaching.

Delinda’s face froze, and she only shifted her eyes.

She saw their blood-stained shoes drawing near.

I didn’t know what to make of this alarming situation, but I knew, without a doubt, that the blood on his feet wasn’t his.

Delinda closed her eyes again.

Afraid to identify the person.

In stifling fear, only the low strum of my bashing heartbeat could be heard.

The sound of footsteps penetrating my ears suddenly stopped.

Delinda could tell.

They were currently standing above her as she lay on the floor.

She instinctively felt their shadow cast over her head.

This moment of silence continued for what felt like an eternity.

Delinda couldn’t breathe properly out of fear.

Then, she barely exhaled when she couldn’t fight back the tension.

“Whose dog are you”

A low voice that could shake the deep forest weighed heavily on Delinda’s mind


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