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Is my sister in the Magic Tower”

Swain nodded at Lexion’s question.

He has expected it.

From an early age, she loved magic and doing research.

So, of course, Lexion believed she would eventually go to the tower.

When he saw the empty room, he felt something squeal from the inside.

He licked his lips.

Swain was staring at Lexion.

He had the same eyes as when he was a child, but the emotions contained within were those of an adult.

‘All grown up.’

Eyes full of obsession and longing.

When he saw those eyes, the father suddenly remembered his own childhood and felt overflowing emotions.

But Swain said in a low tone without revealing his feelings.

“When I sent you a letter, I mentioned it.

Elena has left for the Magic Tower.”

Lexion’s forehead narrowed.

Swain chuckled.

“Looking into those eyes, you have not read it.”

It was true.

Lexion had not read the letter his father sent when he was still on the battlefield.

He thought it was a ploy of his father, which he was familiar with, so he tore it up without even reading it.

And Elena’s letter…

Lexion let out a low sigh.

“Even if I didn’t read Father’s letter, I already knew where my sister went.”

“Really But it’s fun.

Now I know you can make a face like that.”

Swain looked genuinely happy.

Lexion frowned even more at his snarky remark.

It felt very different from the father he had seen when he was young.

Even such an upright and cold person was bound to change in the face of time.

“Then, I’m going now.”

Swain didn’t hide his smile and walked past Lexion.

Left alone, Lexion roughly unbuttoned the shirt that was choking his neck and quickly walked down the hallway.


His subordinate, who had been hiding in the dark, revealed himself.

For seven years, he was the loyal rich man who swept the battlefield with Lexion.

“I’m going to the Magic Tower now.”

At his words, Ker opened his eyes wide for an instant.

Then he opened his mouth.

“But Master, Magic Tower doesn’t allow ordinary people, that is, people who are not wizards, to visit without notice.

Besides, the distance is far.

Also, you have to travel for more than half a day because it’s in a desert.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It’s obvious the Wizards are going to make a fuss.

Even if it’s the Emperor, they will send them back if they weren’t informed beforehand.”

At Ker’s worried words, Lexion’s gaze returned to him.

The master’s eyes were as cold as they were on the battlefield.

He waited for seven years.


Elena took a sip of her sweet drink, smelling the fresh scent of flowers.

The Magic Tower’s chef’s special drink was extremely refreshing and sweetened with various fruits.

It was a taste that made her feel rejuvenated.

And when Elena looked at the sky, the brilliant light of the sun was burning.

The tower was located in the desert area near the Soleth Empire.

So the sun was shining hot all year round.

However, the sharp-witted wizards created and installed a shield that protected a certain radius around the tower from the sun’s heat.

Thanks to that, even in the sweltering desert, the inside was cool.

And the place where Elena was currently having tea time was the garden of the West Tower.

The Magic Tower consisted of five towers.

With the central tower as its basis, there was one tower in every cardinal direction, namely, North, East, West, and South.

Dozens of wizards lived in each tower, and Elena worked in the western tower.

Because Jeremy – who had taught her for several years – was the Chief Researcher of the West Tower.

Of course, years later, Jeremy was no longer the Chief Researcher.

After receiving recognition for his achievements, he became the owner of the West Tower.

In the central tower, there was the Archmage who ruled the Magic Tower, while the other towers each have an owner representing them.

Furthermore, the former chief researcher worked diligently and supported her while she was in the Magic Tower.

Seven years after she entered the tower – in recognition of her efforts – Elena became the Chief Researcher of the West Tower.


When vanity was about to boil over her again.

Jeremy, who was sitting across from her, called out to her.

“The herb research I mentioned last time seems to be delayed.

Is there something going on”

Jeremy asked, eyes worried.

‘What happened Lupes, that beggar was trying to ruin my experiment.’

She wanted to say it straight up, but she held back.

“There is a part where I made a mistake.”

Jeremy’s eyes widened.

“Mistake Elena made a mistake”

He seemed very surprised.

‘Is it okay to look so cute when surprised at the age of 30’

Elena heard that the time of wizards was slow; looking at Jeremy, it seemed to be correct.

Jeremy looked the same as when he first met Elena, whether he was 20 years old or his current age.


Seeing the pretty teacher, a smile was drawn on Elena’s face.

She answered with a bright face on purpose, but Jeremy’s expression did not improve quickly.

“I don’t think Elena has made any mistakes since she entered the tower…”

“I am human too.

I can be wrong.”

“… Still.”

From the time they first met at the Duke’s mansion, Jeremy had a lot of trust in Elena.

So it was hard for him to believe her words.

“If it’s really Elena’s mistake, it can’t be helped, but… If anyone is doing something improper purposefully, please let me know.”

Jeremy was aware of her relationship with Lupes very well, so he seemed to have noticed it to some extent.

Still, he did not mention his name on purpose for Elena’s sake.

‘Good teacher.

I will strongly request that you establish Teacher’s Day at the Tower’s regular meeting, and I will attach carnations.’


While Elena was smiling at the distressed Jeremy, an urgent voice was heard.

Relatively recently, a new wizard, Hugh, who had only been in the tower for a year, was running towards the two.

“What’s going on, Hugh”

Jeremy jumped from his seat and questioned him.

Hugh took a deep breath and said:

“Ta, my lord.

An unexpected visitor came to the tower.”

At Hugh’s words, Elena frowned.

‘Other than the Emperor, who wouldn’t be polite in visiting the tower, no one else would come here without prior notice.’

“Send them back.”

Elena spoke coldly to Hugh.

Then Hugh’s gaze went to her.

‘What What’s wrong’

Elena continued with her drink as she raised an eyebrow.

“That is… The visitor is the new Duke of Halos, who has recently inherited the title.”


At Hugh’s words, Elena spat out the juice she was drinking.

‘Lexion is here…’


A majestic desert existed at the eastern end of the Soleth Empire.

With its scorching sun and endless sand.

Being lost once, the two travelers continued their journey in the desert, unable to escape their predicament.

The two men, dressed in robes to keep the sand and dust out, rode their horses and dashed somewhere.

It was evening when they departed from the capital, but dawn came, and the sun had already risen.

The day turned scalding

They were exhausted and dehydrated. 

A tall tower appeared before them.

The central tower and the four towers rose in each direction from east to west, north to south, under a semicircular barrier.

It was the Magic Tower.

The two headed straight for the West Tower.

The entrance to the tower was made of a wooden door, but it was blocked by a barrier, so it was impossible to enter.

Lexion and Ker got off their horses and walked straight to the entrance.

“I think it would be difficult to get in.”

Ker opened his mouth carefully.

But Lexion silently looked at the entrance without answering him.

At that moment, a voice came from a small sphere hanging from the wooden door.

[Where are you from]

It was the voice of a young man.

“I have come from the estate of Duke Halos.”

Ker responded quickly.

Then the voice was silent for a moment.

After a few seconds, the voice – seemingly finished with his thoughts – continued.

[All right.]

As soon as communication was cut off, the barrier in front of the wooden door became blurred.

‘To control only a part of the barrier, the Magic Tower can also do this!’

While Ker was busy admiring it, Lexion hurriedly walked to the opened wooden door.

Then the cool air came out.

Having crossed the blazing desert, the cold air spread, and it became easier to breathe deeply.

Ker followed Lexion’s footsteps, breathing heavily as if he came across an oasis.

After passing through the wide garden, the central tower appeared.

Entering the opened door, they arrived at a large hall.


Ker couldn’t help but be amazed.

It was because there were too many stairs from the hall to each floor.

Roughly counting, there were more than 10.

In addition, vines of unknown plants were scattered throughout the interior, and geometric patterns were engraved on the floor and walls.

And unknown creatures were also scurrying around.

‘This is the Magic Tower… !’

Ker observed his surrounding with fascination.

Beside him, Lexion was looking around with indifferent eyes.

“Are you from the Halos residence”

A young man approached the two.

It was the voice from the sphere at the entrance a while ago.


We apologize for the sudden visit.”

Ker bowed his head and apologized to the young man.

Then the young man, Hugh, waved his hand in embarrassment.

“Oh, no need for that.”

In fact, Hugh did not know what to do with this situation.

‘It was that Halos.

I brought them in… Is this right’

He should tell the Archmage, but he was preoccupied with his musing.

Lexion, who was staring at the stairs, turned to Hugh.

Hugh was taken aback by his gaze.

It was probably because the man standing in front of him was really good-looking.


How in the world does such a man exist’

He was such a fine-looking man that even the same sex would swear at him.

He looked like a statue created by God.

A delicately crafted face, a lot taller than him, and broad shoulders.

As Hugh exclaimed slightly, the sculpture slowly opened his mouth.

“Where is my sister, Elena”


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