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I Became MC In Eroge game So Lets Capture them All? Results of Hunting

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After five days...

Kevin was fighting group of Wolfs and a Giant Wolf was leading them.

Giant Shadow Wolf

Level 35

Attribute : Dark

Denger : medium

Soon Wolfs started to surround him.

Kevin was swinging his sword. It was like a beautiful dance of sword fairy.

Kevin gathered mana and started firing spells one after another.

light bullet light bullet light bullet

hunder bullet hunder bullet hunder bullet

After reading so many books and manuals, Kevin learned Mana bullet spell. and with hunting his accuracy increased.

Soon, number of wolfs Started to decrease.

Giant Shadow wolf Started to running towards him.

Light curtain.

because of this Giant Shadow wolfs speed somewhat decreased.

which gave Kevin some time, Then he started to gather mana.

Lightning Bolt

Soon a bolt struck Giant Shadow wolf. And he died.

[ Congratulations Host for killing Boss-monster Giant Shadow wolf.]

[ Leveled up to 30.]

Good. Now lets collect all this before someone comes.

Soon Kevin stored all monster corpse in his subspace.

Now lets see my progress.


Name. : Kevin

Level. : 30

Gender : Male

Grade : 1

Title : Freshman

Mana :. 100/480

- Mana Recovery Speed (D)

- Stamina (D)

- Strength (D)

- Intelligence (D)

- Spirit (B)

Potential {< Details >}

[Combat Ability ]

Elemental Class 1 : Light

- Elemental Fire power (D)

- Elemental Efficiency (D )

- Elemental Synergy (C)

Elemental Class 2 : Thunder

- Elemental Fire power (E-)

- Elemental Efficiency (F )

- Elemental Synergy (F )



- (✮1) Light generation (D )

- (✮2 ) Light curtain (C)

- (✮1) Thunder generation (F )

- (✮2 ) Lightning Bolt (F)

- (✮2 ) Mana bullet (F )

- (✮1) Basic Protection magic (E )


- Combat Sense

- Photographic memory

- Clear mind

Skill Tree {< Details >}

[Unique Attributes]


Because of daily training and hunting stamina rose.

Some skill efficiency and mana Recovery Speed also increased.

whats great is after reading those manuals I got 2 spells. Mana bullet. its just like bullet you shoot and you can add mana in it.

Lightning bolt. its good spell. but with my current pool of mana, I can just use this only once in fighting.

Well, although I got stronger. I am still far behind.

For now, lets exit this forest. Kevin thought.

Kevin slowly started to walking towards exit of the Dark forest.

Soon bright light came in view of Kevin.

Oh, now Im finally out.

At the exit of there was many stalls. Many things like potions, weapon and armour were sold there. They buy monster corpse and many other things.

Hunters are one of the major professions in this world. Arround Every hunting field you can see many facilities available like Market, Restaurant, Inn, Public bath, Entertainment area etc..

This is almost like a mini city.

There was all types of people gathered.

Kevin pulled his hood and covered his face. He stared to walk without stopping.

I don want to do anything here. Might any trouble follow me.

He soon get into Inn and booked room for one night.

He then pulled out his hood. and entered bathroom.

Even though you can clean yourself with clean spell. but Its still feels good to take bath.

After taking bath, he wore some casual clothes and left inn.

Soon he entered remote alley. and come to dark place. After checking surroundings. He changed his clothes.

He wore mask and black robe. he pulled hood over his head. And started walking forward.

After some time he entered a rundown shop.

There was only Shopkeeper there. with bored face.

" I want to sell monster corpse."

" Follow me."

Kevin followed him. Soon they came to Large hall.

After entering hall Kevin took out all the monsters he hunted during training.

If this was earth people might have started shouting. but here it was quite normal. because many people have space ring, storage pouch etc. Some people can even use space magic.

"How much?"

Shopkeeper was only slightly suprised.and soon his expressionless face returned.

"500k Star Coins.


Kevin took money from him. and left the shop.

Soon he re-entered the remote alleyway and changed clothes. he wore casual clothes and different mask.

This time, he started walking towards the market.

He bought some daggers, copper sword and some herbs which he knows about.

Then he left market and returned to Inn.

After entering room . he removed mask.


That was tiring.

Selling that hunted corpses to there was good idea.

Anybody can sell there. you can even sell while hiding your identity. But you can only get 70-80% market price there. but its still good.

if I sold this amount of monster corpse to market or at association. It may cause quite a commotion. And many people might try to investigate me.

And about going to Black Market? that is den of villans.With mu luck I sure I may meet some villan there and I don want to meet some villan this early in plot.

I also have to go Market with hiding my appearance.

Because this face is too much eye-catching. I don want some pervert to start following me. This things happened when I was on earth. It still irritates me.

After that Kevin Started to take out herbs he has bought just now.

This herbs are ingredients of recipe for neutritions that beneficial for strengthning body.

Even though I train all the time, but this weak body didn had any much neutrition in the orphanage.

In game I got this recipe from kind senior of Knight Academy.

Yeah, there also Knight Academy like Magic Academy just nearby.

People who can use mana efficiently or have low mana entroll there.

Don think people there are weakling. there are many physical monsters who are on par with mages in fighting.

That kind senior who gave me this recipe in game is also one of them.

Kevin slowly started to making drink according to recipe and drank it .

This is quite bitter. But I have to drink these regularly. Today I only bought one portion to try. looks like I have to buy more after entering academy.

After that Kevin took out draggers and copper sword that he bought today.

Silver Longsword is quite eye-catching. There might be some trouble if someone coveted it. I won be surprised if some third-rate villan came to forcefully take my sword.

And as a magic Academy student I can keep swinging my Sword around. I am sure some noble group might come to trouble me. So I will only use copper sword some times.

Most of times it would be good to use draggers. it would go good for self-defense and throwing.

After that Kevin was tired so he didn read or practiced.

He just slept soundly on bed.

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