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“What’s the matter What blood is it all of a sudden”

After all, the antidote I drank earlier is the cause!

Slowly moving away with distrustful eyes, Lindo, who had become accustomed to my doubts, casually showed her thesis.

“You don’t have to worry.

The all-purpose antidote is basically poison-based, so you may bleed after drinking it.

There are no health problems at all.”

As long as you get your doctor’s checkup done on time, there’s no problem at all.

Indeed, there were explanations in theses and specialized books as well.


From now on, let’s each get some hair samples.”

After making a plan like that, I sit down and rest for a few minutes.

Finally, a few drops of blood came out of my mouth.

I was curious, so I looked at my face in front of the mirror.


I look really sick.’

With smooth silver hair, a white face, and rosy lips, blood flowing bright red.

My face was pretty, but the color was pale and at first glance, it looked weak, but when I vomited blood, I looked like a woman with a deadly disease.

‘If anyone sees it, it would be perfect to mistake it for an expiration date.’

I carefully wiped the blood and hid the universal antidote in a place only I knew.

And thinking that from now on, this medicine should only be taken when she is alone in the empress’s palace, he goes on a fresh hair hunt.

* * *

A complex sentence that emerged in the darkness murmured.

The middle-aged man bowed his head to avoid the red flash.


Because unexpected things appeared.”

[Is that all you have to say]

The man swept up his silver hair roughly and opened his mouth.

“I am going to revise the plan and advance it.”

[I’m not looking forward to it.]

A flash of blood flashed out like a warning.

[Keep in mind.

In order to get the promised price, you must also give it to me.]


The sentence disappeared with a strong wind.

The man clenched his teeth and activated the crystal ball.

“I think you should go.

I’m running out of patience with the sentence.”

[What can I do to help]

In the darkness of the basement, the corners of a man’s lips rose with satisfaction.

* * *


I sat down in a chair and said cheerfully.

“Yes, Your Majesty the Empress.”

The servant, who was terribly frightened, came to me in a hurry, turned her back and knelt at my feet.

Why are you so frightened No one gonna ate you

I pulled out my comb and shrugged.

And they were generous so I gave them a little service.

“Your hair is very good.

Do you think you are better than me”

“I, I have sinned to death.

I will shave off these nasty hairs that have grown up!”

The servant who held her head in hand cried.


You should quite”


I smiled softly, combed the servant’s hair a couple of times, and let her go.

“It’s okay now, you can go.”

The servant, who was desperately in tears, shouted thank you countless times, and the guards flashed her up and carried her outside.

With a satisfied face, I removed the best quality hair left on the comb and put it in a glass bottle.

“Lauren, what’s next How many are left”

“All of the services of servants and escorts of the Empress Dowager’s palace are over.

Shall we put a message on the whole Imperial Castle”

“I’ll think about it, this is for today.”

At those words, a look of relief appeared on everyone’s faces.

It was evident that the empress, who had been quiet for a while, was very nervous about going on a journey again.

‘Hmm, let’s think about it.’

Because of the images I have accumulated over the years, people misunderstood me even if I only breathed.

At first, I wrote and explained it too, but now it’s annoying, so I decided to leave it alone.

‘Yes, please feel free to misunderstand me.

I misunderstand you to the best of my ability.’

Thanks to that, there seems to be rumors circulating these days that I make a wig by peeling someone’s hair.

That doesn’t mean that the Empress position will be blown away.

‘I only have one guy.’

With the all-purpose antidote, there’s nothing to be afraid of!

I proudly presented the glass bottle in front of Lindo.

“How can you earn a lot of hair”

“I’ve made quite a few strides in the past few days.

Before all the courtiers of the Empress Dowager shaved their heads.”

Lindo smiled and put the hair into the potion.

I clenched my chin sullenly.

“I just said that I would brush their hair once in the meaning of being close.

Why is everyone upset”

“I think it’s a misunderstanding because only men with short hair combed it.”

“Then what I think if women comb their hair, they’ll get arthritis.

But if you quietly bring them into the room one by one, will it be rumored that I have set up a harem in my bedroom”

Horror is better than promiscuity.

Arguing proudly, Lindo opened his mouth with his troubled face.

“Your Highness, the poisons detected overlap because the servants live in similar environments.

It seems like we need a lot of hair from a variety of men.”

No, where do I meet various men From start to finish, she became an empress who coveted the hair, and collected it at the best!

I wiggled Lindo’s collar, but the foxy Lindo sticks out his flippers and runs away.

With the irresponsible words of ‘If that’s the case, please ask your Majesty’!

After that, she was rumored to be obsessed with a hair, so even the emperor would kick her out.

‘Uh Wait a minute.’

It was time to have dinner together, so I shuddered as I was walking, and my eyes lit up.

‘Can’t we just ask for the plates to be laid!’

A chance to meet many and diverse men!

‘The meeting place is, after all, to promote friendship.’

I grinned and ran to the dining room where the emperor was waiting.

* * *

“Your majesty.”


I smiled broadly and pushed the healthy vegetable dish in front of the emperor.

The emperor, who was just slicing a blood dripping rare steak, looked at me expressionlessly.

“You should also eat vegetables.”

I scooped out the grilled broccoli with a fork.

Then the emperor took the fork and munched it while making an impression.

“Your majesty.”

“Why again”

It didn’t happen that way, and the emperor, who was a bit picky, answered bluntly.

“Do you like banquet”

I served roasted carrots.

“I hate it.”

The emperor took the fork and spit it out.

“Then let’s have our banquet.”

“I said I didn’t like it.”

The emperor, who swallowed a roasted carrot, looked at me with daunting eyes.

“Then we have to open it.”

As I answered naturally, I offered a pickled apple.

“I don’t like it, but why”

The emperor took the pickled apples, ate them, and returned the fork.

“How fun it is when you are doing something you don’t like.

Ah! Can’t we have a banquet to commemorate our wedding”

“It seems that some people celebrate their marriage after three months.”

I cast my trademark, but the emperor was also an iron wall.

It’s hard to find another way.

Besides, my life.

I never know when or where I will be poisoned, so how can I wait!

I was nervous as I watched the emperor slice the steak with an arrogant face, and then I made up my mind.


And when I made her do something, the emperor looked at me with a suspicious gaze.

“Your Majesty, do you like betting then”

While Lauren disappeared, I asked the emperor brightly.

He narrowed his brows as if he were up to something.

“What bet.”

Lauren returned soon after, and she put down the old-fashioned wine bottle she had received from the imperial chef.

“Let’s have a drink!”

Have you heard of the drinking game

I quickly poured the wine and pushed the emperor a glass of wine.

The emperor stared at me with an incomprehensible golden eye.

“Bet with me.

The person who gets drunk first will grant the other person’s wish!”

Right after I became an adult, I had a splendid career of drinking from a box.

Besides, Leah drank alcohol instead of water.

‘Even though we ate quite a bit together, we have never drink alcohol.’

Look at that expressionless expression.

Obviously, he was confused because he was afraid he would get drunk.

With a sly expression on my face, I promised my victory.

“Are you afraid”

I smiled broadly and began to provoke the emperor.

“This wine is so delicious, you don’t know After all, you can’t drink it.”

I took a sip of the wine with a disappointing expression.

Then the emperor’s eyebrows twitched, and he grabbed a wine glass and drink it straight away.


Your Majesty, aren’t you overdoing it”

I was happy on the inside and pretended to be worried on the outside.

Calling the servants and ordering the shuttle to pour the wine, the emperor said bluntly.

“Not really.”

I caught you.

I smiled softly and nodded my head.

Now it’s just a matter of time before the banquet is open.

‘Fresh hair!’

Brilliant, coveted men’s hair dazzled in his eyes.

‘One hour.

I do it in just an hour.’

I’ll show you my career, no, my skills!

I started emptying my glasses, expecting to win within an hour and get permission from the drunken emperor to hold a banquet.

And five hours have passed since dinner.

“Your majesty.

You didn’t get drunk.

Do it again.”

… And I didn’t know.

My drinking is not even good compared to the emperor.

No, if you’re better than Leah, who drank it like water, what kind of gene do you have to be born with

‘It’s really unbelievable.’

Are you going to stay At least the liver is strong.

After all, the world is unfair!

But I couldn’t go back like this.

My eyes were half-opened, and while I smiled mischievously, I grabbed the hem of the emperor’s robe and stretched out.

“Your Majesty.

Are you sleepy now Right”

I guess I looked pathetic, so the emperor tapped my forehead with his index finger and started to drink a few bottles of alcohol by himself.

“… Please”

“… No.”

Clearly, his mouth was moving, but the conversation he remembered was cut off.

My head started to blink more and more from the alcohol.

Oh no.

You can’t go away like this.

I wailed brazenly with my half-closed eyes.

“Look at the drink.

Then the difference between me and His Majesty is only five drinks.”

“Why do I have to do that”

He used his sweet fingers to do arithmetic and logic, but the cold Black Panther built an iron wall again.

I glared at him in embarrassment with my blushing cheeks.

‘Are you going to come out like this’

I pulled up the chair and sat close to the emperor.


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