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Hearing the words, Mo Jiang thought for a while, then said: “There were some minor problems in the training process, but the problem is not big.

We only need to adjust according to the situation, and it will be fine.” He glanced at Ming Yu, and there was a trace of embarrassment on his face.

There was one thing, but he didn’t know whether to say it or not.

Ming Yu saw Mo Jiang’s expression and said bluntly: “If you have anything to say, don’t hesitate to say it.

It’s no use keeping it in.”

Since Ming Yu had said this point already, Mo Jiang no longer hesitated and said directly: “Your Highness, this subordinate feels that the arrangements made by Your Highness for the soldiers to have meat and fish every day is a bit too much.

Even the emperor’s personal guards don’t have this kind of treatment.

In this way, the money expense is really a lot.”


“That’s it” Ming Yu was suspicious about the kind of problem it was, but isn’t it normal for the soldiers who are training to have meat every day Training consumes a lot of physical energy.

It is compulsory to have a combination of meat and vegetable in order to keep pace with the overall nourishment.

Although it was impossible to keep up with nutrition comprehensively under their current conditions, adding meat and fish for the soldiers, he had repeatedly emphasized this since the beginning. 

Mo Jiang nodded.

Could it be that this can’t be counted as a problem The problem with daily expenditures, he regarded it as a headache.

Wangye’s little family property, it’s not that he didn’t know of it.

Not to mention the long-term maintenance of the army, it will be good if it can last for about a year. 

“Your Highness, do you think we can change it to having meat and fish every three days instead” 

“No need!” Ming Yu interrupted him before Mo Jiang finished his sentence.

He waved his hand.

“You don’t need to deduct the food.

It’s good to let the soldiers eat to their fill.

If they don’t eat enough, where could they have the strength to train Training without results, wouldn’t it be a waste of work”



Ming Yu knew Mo Jiang’s concerns and said with a smile: “Just go on like this, Ben Wang is not afraid that you will eat until I become poor.

You don’t need to worry about money expenditures.

Ben Wang already has a way.

When Ben Wang has money in the future, a meaty meal must be added to the menu.”

Although Ming Yu’s words were reassurance for Mo Jiang, the cost still made Mo Jiang distressed.

However, Ming Yu’s attitude was firm, and Mo Jiang could only accept it.

The conversation between the two of them fell into the ears of the people at the back, and the three following behind them stared at each other in dismay.

What Did they hear it right The soldiers trained here have meat and fish every day How much money do they consume 


Ji You savored his tongue secretly.

In their Red Robe Army, General Xie never desired  the soldiers’ funds and provisions.

But, in the Red Robe Army, it was already good if ordinary soldiers could see meat once a month or two.

But here, unexpectedly, they can have meat and fish every day Is this for real

He looked at the hundreds of people moving neatly in the open space, and a faint fascination arose in his heart.

It seems that Duan Wang has a lot of secrets.

For the next three months, he won’t have to worry about working for free now. 

It’s all thanks to General Xie for entrusting the mission for him to visit the training base.

Could it be that their general was able to predict without being a clairvoyant, and had long known this training base was not so simple Thinking of this, Ji You couldn’t help but shake his head, and threw this absurd idea out of his mind.

It seems that he must complete the mission well, and must report everything he has seen and heard here to the general.

Having made up his mind, Ji You became even more motivated now.

Mo Jiang took Ming Yu and the others to inspect the entire training base.


The training base was in the initial stage of construction now, and many places were very simple and crude.

Ming Yu also brought up the not suitable places on the spot, so that Mo Jiang could rectify and improve afterward.

Mo Jiang also remembered them one by one in his heart.

Nevertheless, the more Ji You looked at it, the more interesting it became.

The obstacle training ground was equipped with trenches on the inside, low walls, jumping platforms, single-plank bridges, and so on.

There were dozens of obstacles without duplication.

Hearing from Commander Mo, it was necessary for the soldiers to pass through these so-called obstacles in the shortest time possible, and it would be considered as passing a test.

He couldn’t bear his own curiosity, so he personally went on stage and tried it himself.

He didn’t expect that such a simple obstacle would actually stop him.

Before he was halfway through, he was already defeated, and for a while, he was unexpectedly made to feel somewhat dejected and depressed by this. 

One should know that as General Xie’s personal guard, it was impossible to get into this position without any skill.

He admitted that part of the reason was that this was his first try, and it was because he’s not familiar with terrain obstacles.

If letting him try this out several more times, he would certainly be able to crash his way through the checkpoint.


But thinking about it carefully, Ji You had no choice but to admire the people who designed this kind of training method.

Such ingenuity not only allowed soldiers to deal with complex terrain situations anytime and anywhere, but also toughened their speed, endurance, coordination, and sensitivity, a basic body’s inner quality.

Therefore, after he made insinuations, he heard Mo Jiang say that these were all planned by Duan Wang.

He stayed stunned for a long time.

This kind of training method was really rare, and it was useful for soldiers’ training.

Not good, he had to tell their general as soon as possible.

Their Red Robe Army may also be able to make this kind of obstacle training ground. 

Not to mention Ji You’s twisting and turning selfish calculations in his mind, after Ming Yu looked at everything at the base, he was very satisfied with Mo Jiang’s execution ability.

He was capable of making it seventy to eighty percent identical with his ideas.

This made Ming Yu very pleased.

Back in the central camp tent, Ming Yu sat down in the middle, his mood quite good.

During the conversation, he confirmed the contribution of Commander Mo, and conveniently brought up the next plans, explaining his preparation for the strong, vigorous and young villagers in Liangzhou to enter the camp for training.


Mo Jiang frowned when he heard this, and hesitated: “Your Highness, you are planning to let these people who have never been in contact with training before come to train Won’t it produce just the opposite of the desired result”

Ming Yu looked at him, “How so”

Mo Jiang thought for a while and said anxiously: “These people can only farm, and I’m afraid they can’t even hold a sword or a spear.

How can they train together with the soldiers”

Ming Yu put both his hands on the table, pressed his chin, and gently curled his lips with a smile, “No one is born with the ability to do it.

It’s because they can’t, Ben Wang will organize them to come to accept the training.

In this way, they could learn some skills and go back to protect their village.

If they encounter bandits and barbarian invaders, they could at least deal with it easily.

Like this, with their leadership and protection, the commoners will not be trampled on like sheep, and it could also minimize the commoners’ loss.”


He still had one more idea that he hadn’t revealed, that is, he can still select some useful people among them and focus on cultivating them.

Thus, he won’t have to worry about the lack of manpower in the future.

Ming Yu’s idea was very good and everyone agreed, but the concept and implementation were basically two different things, right It was impossible to make assumptions about people.

It was precisely because of this that Mo Jiang earnestly and well-meaningly advised: “Your Highness, in only two or three months, not mentioning how the training results will be, it is still a question of whether they can get along well with the original soldiers after they enter the camp.

This is, but a small problem.

But, if there are conflicts inside the camp, the polarization will be serious and the consequences will be unpredictable.

Your Highness, please consider it again.”

As the commander of this escort, Mo Jiang naturally understood what manners the soldiers he was handling were like.

They were the imperial guards from the capital.

Each and every one of them were people with eyes above their heads.

The training base set up by Ming Yu allowed them to train, if Ming Yu hadn’t promised their return to the capital at first, then who among those Da Lao Ye Men would be willing to listen and obey the command If it was handled like this, with them trained together with those peasants whose foundation can’t even be put in their eyes and given the same treatment too, it would be strange that they won’t make any trouble at all.

Even if he kept the place under control, the contradictions in private will definitely be fermented.

And when the time comes, there will be a lot of trouble.

He’s afraid that it will be hopeless by then.

Mo Jiang’s words hit the spot, and Xu Wen also had this concern, otherwise, he wouldn’t have come here to have a look.

If this plan doesn’t work, then they will have to think of other ways.


Who would have known Ming Yu would play it down and say: “What Commander Mo worried about is all correct.

But I didn’t plan to make them stand against each other.

We can make the old handle the new, divide them into several teams, give the veteran soldiers a mission and use them to give marks to take a look at the new soldiers’ training results for the first month.

With this, they can use it to evaluate their achievements.

If they do well, they will naturally be rewarded, otherwise, they will be punished.

In this way, healthy and virtuous competition will be formed in our guard camp, which will not only improve everyone’s performance but there also won’t be any big conflict among the old and new people.” 

Ji You couldn’t help but nod his head and become radiant with delight.

Today’s harvest is too great.

There are many things that even their general can’t even imagine.

With Ming Yu here, he can treat it as if it was nothing out of the ordinary and even find methods to settle things with no difficulty.

When Ming Yu finished speaking, everyone fell silent.

This method was indeed fresh.

Why couldn’t they think of such a simple method Everyone asked themselves honestly in their hearts, and finally looked at the young man sitting on the seat of honor here who revealed his innocent, unaffected and harmless smile on his smooth, round, fair, and clear face.

Their hearts trembled.

It was not that they were useless and incapable of thinking, but rather it’s this rumored foolish young man who was the real evildoer. 

“Yes, this subordinate will draw up the regulations as soon as possible.

Your Highness, please take a look.” Mo Jiang cupped his hands and said.

According to his experience, he just had to follow the direction of His Highness, and it will be fine.

Now that His Highness has explained the method clearly, he will not have any major problems as long as he does as was instructed.

Now, he even admired Ming Yu’s foresight.

The training results from today’s guard camp was something he didn’t even dare to think about before.  

 Now that the matters were already settled, Ming Yu also nodded and then talked to Mo Jiang about Ji You and Cao Jian’s purpose of coming here.

These were the tactical talents he sought after using all possible means.

Them as the Red Robe Army had been in who knows how many battles with the barbarians.

They were all seasoned by the mountain of corpses and seas of blood.

This kind of precious experience was exactly what their guards lacked.

With them coming here to instruct the basic battle training, it was assumed that they would be more useful compared to those flowery fish with fancy footwork, that were attractive in appearance but without any substance. 


Mo Jiang recognized Ji You.

He respected the Red Robe Army from the bottom of his heart.

He was naturally overjoyed when he heard Ming Yu’s arrangement.

This was good.

In this dangerous place of Liangzhou, if you have the same skills, you will be able to have hope of survival.

They, as the guards of His Highness, if they could catch up with the Red Robe Army’s ability, then it would already be good.

Otherwise, he as the commander will really be ashamed to death.  

Mo Jiang faced the two of them and made a salute gesture, which was considered to have agreed to the matter, and the two hurriedly returned the politeness.

Ji You grinned and smiled, “Commander Mo, for the next three months, I will be in your care.”

Now he had no sense of resistance, and the initial complaints have long been thrown out beyond the topmost clouds.

Based on what he has seen and heard, he’s convinced that the next three months will be very interesting!


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