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Chapter 6

The lieutenant heard Ming Yu agree to his terms without hesitation, and was taken aback.

He had already prepared a lot of excuses to convince His Highness Duan Wang.

In this way, the prepared excuses didn’t need to be used.

He was somewhat stuck in a daze for a while.

After pausing for half a day, he embarrassingly took his leave.

After ordering the subordinates to camp on the spot and settle everything down properly, Ming Yu took Mo Jiang towards the dwelling of General Xie.

It was the so-called if the mountain doesn’t come to me, then I will go to the mountain.

Now, the War General is already in front of them, it wouldn’t make sense not to see him, right Moreover, he also wanted to ask for advice on methods to direct troops.  

However, after waiting for a long while, there was only a soldier coming to pass on a message to them: General Xie is quite busy and has no time to meet, please return.

Besides that, there was an additional sentence, “Your Highness, please take care of your own safety and don’t wander around”.

“…” Ming Yu was speechless.

Sure enough, a capable person is arrogant.

Mo Jiang was afraid that Ming Yu would be angry, “Your Highness, why don’t we come to see General Xie again after the battle is over”

“That’s right, even Liu Bei had to visit the thatched cottage three times in order to invite Zhuge Liang to visit, so, what does this amount to We will pay a visit again when the general is free.” Ming Yu smiled, not angry at all, even when he was rejected.

“What kind of people are Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang What three humble visits to a thatched cottage” None of the people present knew of the story behind these words, thus, Mo Jiang couldn’t help asking.

Only then did Ming Yu remember that this world was different.

He proceeded to laugh out loud and said, “It’s nothing, just a story I heard from elsewhere.”

Mo Jiang nodded, seemingly understanding.

Seeing that he, in any case, had deceived him successfully, Ming Yu returned to the topic, “All right, let’s go back first, it will not be too late to come later.” Ming Yu shrugged.

He spread his hands, and said indifferently: “Go and tell your general that Ben Wang will come to pay a visit again after this battle ends.”  

The soldier reported what Ming Yu said back.

Xie Yixiu finding out that they weren’t reckless, arrogant with strong tempered and even having manners that didn’t seem to take advantage of one’s position to bully people, he was slightly stunned.

Then, he  immediately dropped it.

This Duan Wang, it’s good that he’s capable of understanding the situation and being tactful, it will save him a lot of effort.

He didn’t take this seriously, and motioned everyone present to continue discussing the issue.

“General, is it really okay to give that person the cold shoulder like this No matter what, that person is a prince.

Will we meet him or not…” Lieutenant Yang persuaded.

If they offended these royal families’, when the time comes, it would just be making trouble for themselves.

Certainly, the gains do not make up for the losses.

However, he hadn’t even finished speaking yet, when Xie Yixiu coldly shot a glance over.

He abruptly shut his mouth.

Yes, he shouldn’t talk too much about this kind of thing.

Isn’t that courting a rebuff

Xie Yixiu ignored him.

He stared at the map, and threw out a sentence: “Be prepared.

Tomorrow, we will launch our attack.

Each person be prepared.

We must catch everything in one fell swoop.”  

Everyone accepted the order and went out. 

When Ming Yu and the others obtained the news that the battle was about to end, Ming Yu dragged Mo Jiang and Ji You over and saw the Red Robe Army cleaning the battlefield from a distance.

On a small soil slope, there was a snow-white war horse with a person sitting on it, dressed in red and silver armor, with straight shoulders and back.

Like an unsheathed long sword, covered in a swift and fierce aura, it seemed like one would be injured by this aura if they stood near him.

“That’s our General Xie.” A light flashed in Ji You’s eyes, and his tone was full of pride.

“Only our general can wipe out the barbarians with such ease.”

Although Ming Yu had a little speculation in his heart, he was now sure after listening to Ji You’s words.

He said in his heart: That’s right, besides this rumored War General, who else could have possessed this kind of bearing General Xie really lived up to his name.

Ming Yu had seen countless great people, but this General Xie had a unique and unmatched aura, hai! So, there are still people who can create their own halo of aura!

Mo Jiang did not speak the entire time.

But judging from his slightly trembling hands, the excitement in his heart can be seen.

Finally, he saw the Great Yan Kingdom’s great and famous War General.

His hands and feet both couldn’t settle down.

Ming Yu knew this feeling.

It’s like the later generations, ‘little fan brother seeing his admired god”.

They would be so excited until they’re confused and disoriented.

If circumstances allowed it, he’s afraid that he’d already gone up to the stage to get an autograph long ago.     

At this moment, the man on the horse seemed to feel their gazes.

He turned his head to look at them.

Ming Yu was happy, and was about to step forward to be in close contact, but General Xie had already indifferently retracted his gaze, then left the battlefield without looking back.

He left Just like that Ming Yu looked dumbfounded.

Did he not see them, or did he not know who they were They were right in front of his eyes.

So, they just meet face to face like that, then he just nonchalantly leaves 

Seeing this scene, Ji You couldn’t help holding his forehead.

General! Is it really okay for you to leave His Highness directly like this

“Your Highness, the general wanted to deal with post-war matters, so…” Ji You racked his brains to smooth things over.

Ming Yu tugged at the corner of his mouth and looked at Ji You jokingly, “Really”

Ji You nodded again and again, with a face full of believe me, what I said is true.

Mo Jiang looked at Ming Yu and then at Ji You.

The words he spoke, he didn’t believe it very much.

That’s fine, when you are done, I will go find you again.

When the time comes, will it be possible to hide and not meet They weren’t a group of maiden girls, so what’s there to hide from Ming Yu narrowed his peachy eyes, thinking in his heart.

Xie Yixiu was not hiding from people, but simply didn’t want to waste time on meaningless people.

Instead of making friends with a spoiled rich royalty member, it is better to spend more time on training soldiers.

Because of this idea, when Ming Yu went to find General Xie after everything was over, the news he got was that General Xie had left with his troops.

At this moment, Ming Yu really understood that General Xie just didn’t want to deal with him.

Even Ji You, who had been helping speak up for General Xie, didn’t say a word.

Today, you refused to acknowledge and respond to me.

Tomorrow, I’ll make it so you won’t be able to social climb! Once you have a favor to ask of me, I’ll see whether you’ll still be the same as today.

Xie Yixiu didn’t know it at this time.

Today, he looked down on Ming Yu and regarded him as a stranger, but in the future, he will be deeply bound to him.

And whenever he thinks about today’s matter, he would only feel endless remorse in his heart.

If they had known it earlier, they wouldn’t have missed out on so much.

(Ciacia/N: Agh! OMG! So cute!!! I can’t wait for that part to happen already, T-T) 

“Alright, alright, we still have to pay attention to how fate works between people.

Since we have no fate with General Xie, we don’t have to force it.

Pack up, we also need to get ready to set off to Liangcheng.” Ming Yu waved his hand and ordered.

The more one walked towards the west, the more desolate it was.

Many places would have 10 rooms with 9 empty.

The chaos of war, year after year, bandits running rampant, and the barbarian invaders from time to time like the autumn breeze has made the already barren Liangzhou incapable of recuperating.

Naturally it has become a scene of desolation in the aftermath of a disaster.

Along the way, Ming Yu’s brows frowned and tightened.

This was his territory.

The appearance of this territory really made Ming Yu feel pressure.

If his arrival cannot change anything, then what is the use of him coming here The so-called ‘greater the responsibility, the heavier the burden’ was on his shoulders.

What the future will be like, all depended on his thoughts.

“This is the borderland, after all.

It’s normal to have this scene.

Maybe it will be different when we arrive at Liangcheng.

After all, Liangcheng is also the largest prefecture in Liangzhou.” Mo Jiang saw Mingyu getting more and more taciturn these days and said this to ease his anxiety. 

Although everyone was mentally prepared before they came here, it was still hard for them to see such a desolate place.

These imperial guards had lived in the capital nicely.

But because of the Fourteen Prince who had somehow gone crazy, desperately wanting to come here to make this his territory, they were assigned to such a place.

There were countless delicious food, tasty drinks and interesting things in the capital that their numbers cannot be counted.

What does this place have Besides, desolate, it was still desolate.

Sometimes, after walking dozens of miles, you still wouldn’t see any houses here.  Even villages with people were in dilapidated conditions.

Many peoples’ clothes didn’t even cover all their body and their food couldn’t fill their stomach. 

Unlike Ming Yu who was concerned about people’s livelihood, the lowly people were more worried about their future when they saw this situation.

They were in the capital and had a good family background.

Otherwise, they would not have the job of an imperial guard.

If they wanted to make them suffer here in the days to come, how can they bear it

As a result, there were bad rumors among the imperial guards.

Everyone complained, and they soon reached Ming Yu’s ears.

Ming Yu really did not expect that everyone’s complaints would be this serious.

His mood was heavy.

Mo Jiang on the side kept his eyes and mouth closed.

As the leader of the guards, he didn’t do his job well.

He was troubled by his subordinates.

He really had no face now.

If it was just one or two noises, he could still beat them and punish them.

However, a lot of people thought this way, and their attitudes were extremely negative.

This was difficult to handle.

It was impossible for him to punish all five hundred people under him, right

There was no choice now.

In the end, the mood became heavy, and the matter became a big deal.

It could only be placed in front of His Highness. 

“Go and let everyone come and gather, Ben Wang has something to announce.” Ming Yu held his hand and after a few laps, he told Mo Jiang.

Ming Yu was obviously in a bad mood.

To be honest, no one would feel good when encountering such annoying things.

Mo Jiang was a bit self-blaming, but also a little worried, “Your Highness, these b*stards, you don’t have to pay attention to them.

After a while, they will naturally stop the rumors.”

Ming Yu looked at him with a pair of bright peach blossom eyes, as if seeing through his heart, “Commander Mo, you are a good commander of the Imperial Guard, do you regret following me

Mo Jiang was taken aback.

He didn’t expect His Highness to suddenly ask him such a question.

He raised his eyes and looked into Ming Yu’s clear eyes.

His heart skipped a beat.

He turned his gaze away and said in salute: “Your Highness, it is Chen’s luck to be able to follow you.

Chen hopes that Your Highness won’t discard this subordinate.” 

These words were very sincere, and Ming Yu could feel it from the bottom of his heart.

He was relieved.

The corners of his mouth slowly rose, finally a smile reached the bottom of his eyes.

There seemed to be countless stars shining in his bright peach blossom eyes.

Ming Yu’s facial features were extremely beautiful, and there was some baby fat on his round face.

When matched together, it gave a very cute and adorable feeling, which made people love it unconsciously.

Mo Jiang shook his mind, this scene had been fixed in Mo Jiang’s heart, and would not be forgotten for a long time.

Ciacia/N: Mo Jiang, don’t have any ideas on my baby now or else *shows knife* hehehe.


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