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At this moment, Zhou Feng's eyes changed slightly.

The white elephant in front of him actually wanted to forcibly save him, even though the two sides had never met before.

"court death!"

Zhou Feng's whole body began to erupt, and at the same time, countless spiritual veins in his body scrambled to contribute their power.

Because the Buddha's light just now was able to directly erase the spiritual power in the spiritual veins.

The threatened spiritual veins burst out with terrifying power.

After many times of feathering, Zhou Feng's body has actually reached a critical point.

A critical point of physical transformation.

But he still couldn't get past it, as if there was an invisible **** restricting his physical transformation.

But even so, his longevity body is terrifying enough.

The monstrous blood began to surge, and it was obvious that Zhou Feng didn't do anything, and the whole ground seemed to be shaken.


One punch!

The Buddha-light white elephant in front of him was blown away by a punch.


He roared loudly, like a thousand thunders bursting out at the same time.

With another punch, the body of the white elephant in front of him shattered directly.

Crack passive trigger, bleeding passive trigger...

The passives that he had accumulated before came into play one by one.

Bai Xiang's eyes showed inconceivable, obviously he was just a **** who had just entered Zhongzhou, how could he be so perverted.

"and many more!"

The white elephant suddenly spoke.

This Buddha light white elephant can speak, which is not beyond Zhou Feng's imagination.

Because after the strength reaches a certain level, it is a very common thing to speak with wisdom.

Especially after reaching the realm of enlightenment, and having a deep understanding of the rules of the Dao, language is not a problem for monks at all.

However, Mu Bei didn't answer Bai Xiang at all.

The surging blood energy continued to climb, and the invincible vision showed. Behind a figure was an endless sea of ​​blood, the person he killed as soon as he practiced.

The blood mist was surging, the tragic breath and endless mourning continued to rise.


This white elephant was severely twisted and broken by Mu Bei.

Crystal clear blood flowed down immediately.

The blood of this white elephant turned out to be crystal clear, and it was accompanied by a trace of jewels.

Zhou Feng's body immediately felt a sense of greed, and the body that had been unable to break through was loosened a little.

"What's going on Why is this happening"

Such a mutation, he naturally discovered it immediately.

The intellectual brain in his mind began to analyze continuously, and the technique of Liuren frantically eliminated the wrong answer.

After a second, he understood what was going on.

Using the feathering technique can completely separate the body from the soul, and then adjust the body at will.

But it is impossible to turn stone into gold.

The technique of feathering also needs to be supported by substances.

Zhou Feng's physical transformation has been unsuccessful because of the lack of necessary substances.

Simply put, the essence of spiritual energy and longevity substances are not enough to transform the body.

If you want to transform your body, you need more things!

For example, the white elephant in front of him is itself an ancient celestial phenomenon, its bloodline is noble and ancient, and it has been influenced by the power of Buddha's light all the year round.

It has some special mysterious factors in its body that can change the physical body.

"Let me go! Someone from outside!"

Bai Xiang felt the greed in Zhou Feng's heart and became anxious.

This time it seems to have encountered hard stubble, and it is likely to be planted here.

"My soul is placed in the reincarnation pool of Mahayana Buddhism, you can't kill me!"

A simple sentence reveals a lot of information directly.

Mahayana Buddhism

Zhou Feng frowned. Isn't Mahayana Buddhism in the extreme west

As far as he knew, because the spiritual veins of Jixi were all siphoned off by Zhongzhou, only Mahayana Buddhism remained in the entire area.

Almost all the other sects originally in the extreme west disappeared.

Unexpectedly, even Mahayana Buddhism moved to Zhongzhou.

"Tell me all the methods and magical powers you know!"

He didn't ask why Mahayana Buddhism was here, he just let the white elephant hand over the Dharma door of Mahayana Buddhism very calmly.

"What What are you talking about"

The white elephant almost thought he heard it wrong.

Isn't this person in front of him crazy

That is the Dharma door and supernatural power of Mahayana Buddhism, just say it like this

no respond! Zhou Feng took out the somewhat curved Pan Huang Ding with a few deep fist marks on it.


Zhou Feng picked up the Pan Huang Ding and smashed it on the head of the white elephant.

Immediately, the white elephant felt that the world was spinning, and blood was continuously flowing from the seven orifices.

"You are dead! You are dead! Mahayana Buddhism will not let you go!"

Bai Xiang already felt the killing intent in Zhou Feng's heart.

As the Tianlong White Elephant raised by the White Elephant Buddha, it has a very obvious perception of killing intent, and even has a small supernatural power to penetrate the human heart.

When Zhou Feng made no secret of his killing intent, Bai Xiang knew that he could not escape.

So he could only curse Zhou Feng crazily. Those red eyes were full of resentment and cruelty, which formed a sharp contrast with the soft Buddha light emanating from his body.

Seeing this, he was too lazy to say anything.

One punch shattered the white elephant's head.

"Sure enough, part of the soul is not in the flesh."

Zhou Feng immediately felt the broken spirit of the white elephant, and it seemed that the white elephant was not dead.

And he also got into Mahayana Buddhism, if there is no accident ~www.novelhall.com~ Mahayana Buddhism will send someone to hunt him down.

But he didn't care, and now Zhou Feng only cares about the elephant meat in front of him.

He put all the precious blood and elephant meat into the Pan Huang Ding.

"Just enough to cook a pot of meat to satisfy your cravings!"

Zhou Feng didn't know how long he hadn't eaten. Since his cultivation was diligent, he was able to survive by absorbing spiritual energy.

The habit of eating has gradually disappeared.

It's time to fall in love now.

The most important thing is the mysterious factors contained in those precious blood, these mysterious factors are the key to his physical transformation.

So it is said that when the emperor hunted true dragons and phoenixes, they were not hunting for no reason

Will the dragon liver and phoenix marrow help the transformation of the physical body

Zhou Feng suddenly thought of the original Pan Huang. In ancient times, he didn't know how many mythical beasts and beasts he hunted, how much meat he ate, and how much blood he drank.

In other words, Pan Huang's invincible body is not purely based on cultivation

In the future, why did all the people who practiced the Panhuang Sutra not reach the realm of the original Panhuang

I haven't even reached half of it. Is this really because of qualifications

He seems to have discovered some secrets, no matter how strong the aptitude is, if you want to strengthen your body, you still need a lot of supplements.

Ancient medicine! Divine Beast Meat! Alien blood!

These things were not lacking at all in the era of Emperor Pan, and even reached the level of flooding.

Furthermore, there are pictures of human emperor tribes hunting all kinds of exotic beasts on the Panhuang Ding.


After Zhou Feng put all the precious blood and elephant meat in Pan Huang Ding, Pan Huang Ding actually began to gather the fire of heaven and earth.

Did you cook it yourself

A medicinal fragrance continued to emanate from Pan Huangding's body.

"How is this going"

Seeing this, Zhou Feng's face was a little surprised.-

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