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The void whale suddenly appeared under a vast starry sky.

The horned golden immortal, Deng Huos clone, and Li Chenzhou all fell into a deep sleep.

You Wanli didnt, but he was extremely frightened because his connection with Chen jingzhai had been cut off.

This was an extremely unbelievable thing.

Not counting the mid-stage Taiyi immortal treasure, the sky-swallowing gourd, you Wanli was also Chen jingzhais immortal sense avatar, so he couldnt cut off the connection with Chen jingzhai.

However, such an absurd thing had happened just like that.

Something that was impossible had happened, which meant that the person who had made the move had the ability to break the rules.

“You Wanli pays his respects to the sage.” He directly walked out of the void whale and knelt on the deck.

The void whale unconsciously returned to its original appearance.


He chuckled.”You know that Im a Saint”

“Only a Saint would have such unbelievable power.

Even big Luo cant do it.” You Wanli lowered his head and prostrated on the ground.”Please give your instructions, Sage.”

“Youre very sharp and quick-witted, not like an avatar of a numinous treasure.

” The clear voice belonged to a female saint.”Actually, I wouldnt have made a move so easily.

However, you guys have disturbed the karma link of the heavenly martial great cosmos and interrupted my game.”

You Wanli instantly broke out in cold sweat.”Please forgive me, Sage!”

He had thought that everything would be fine, but he hadnt expected the horned golden immortals curse to still affect the heavenly martial great cosmos and even trigger the karmic line.

This was equivalent to directly interfering in the battlefield and affecting the final outcome of the human and demon race!

“Dont worry.

If I really wanted to kill you, I wouldnt have let you appear here.

” The saintess laughed,”youre very interesting.

I actually couldnt find your true body, which means you have an extraordinary background.

Since youre a traveling merchant, lets have a fair trade, what do you think”

“As you wish.” You Wanli said carefully.

He was now a piece of meat on the anvil, and there was no room for resistance.

Moreover, the other party was right.

If they really wanted to kill him, there was no need to go through so much trouble.

You Wanli was very glad that the other party had not found the original body.

It could be seen that the primal divine stone was indeed extraordinary.

It could be considered a blessing in a misfortune.

“I can see that this primordial immortal treasure of yours is extraordinary.

It can swallow all things.” The saintesss voice was heard,”Ill send you to a place.

As long as you can survive and devour everything, you can complete this transaction.”

“May I ask where it is” You Wanli asked carefully.

“Dont worry,” the female saint said.”In that place, primordial immortal treasures wont be damaged, but their spirituality will be damaged.

If youre not careful, youll be eroded.”

“Then can I take the immortal ship” You Wanli asked.

“Of course you can.” The saintess was very easy to talk to.”Its just that this way, not only do you have to solve one place, you also have to solve the next one.”

“Im willing to.

” You Wanli didnt have a choice.

He couldnt abandon everyone.

“Very good!” The saintess said,”if you can come out alive and solve my problem, I will take you as my disciple and give you a Sage seal.”

Without waiting for you Wanli to reject, he and the void whale disappeared.

Throughout the entire process, the saintess didnt show her face.

It was a land of chaos, surrounded by colorful fog.

The void whale had appeared out of nowhere, and the mist seemed to have found its target.

It surged into the void whale, but it would be devoured as soon as it got close.

You Wanli threw the sky-devouring gourd on the divine Phoenix.

It helped to absorb the mist.

To his surprise, he was able to contact Chen jingzhai again.

He quickly transmitted his experience to Chen jingzhai.

In the celestial heavens, Chen jingzhai, who was in seclusion, slowly exhaled.

He was relieved.

He communicated with the heavenly Dao clone and analyzed you Wanlis encounter.

Finally, he obtained an answer.

“The land of ultimate” You Wanli murmured softly.

According to the analysis of the heavenly Dao clone, the place where he and the void whale were most likely to exist was the land of the ultimate.

This was the place where the legendary universe ended.

However, this should be the place where the negative energy of a universe gathered.

Unlike the negative energy of the eight desolate universe, this should be the negative energy of a Saint-level universe.

Not only was the energy stronger, but the damage was also stronger.

“The appearance of the sinkhole means that the universe is about to enter a period of decline.

And the appearance of the sinkhole is at least a Saint-level universe.

The great Luo universe does not have the sinkhole, so it does not have that Foundation.” You Wanli carefully digested the information that his main body had sent him.

In other words, he was now in the negative land of a Saint-level universe.

He was in one of the land of ultimate, which could also be called the negative node.

This place was extremely dangerous, a land of death and a land of death.

Even big Luo would not be able to withstand it.

Why can the sky-swallowing gourd and the void whale do it” Just as you Wanli had this question, the answer appeared in his mind.”Its Xiantian Qi.”

Both the sky-devouring gourd and the void whale had been nurtured by innate energy, and it could be said that the innate energy had infected every inch of the materials, which gave the two gold immortal items the foundation to be upgraded to primordial immortal treasures.

With the addition of the power of the boundless abyss, even if it was only one percent, or even one thousandth, it could withstand the corrosion of the negative energy.

You Wanli heaved a sigh of relief after he understood everything.

As long as he was sure that he could block the negative energy, he would be fine for the time being.

The only thing he needed to do was to let the void whale and the sky-swallowing gourd devour the negative energy.


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