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Chu Yanyin sent everyone away and returned to the mansion house to urgently convene an internal family meeting.

Participants included Chu Yanyin, Chu Chu, Zhang Jianian and Lin Mingzhu.

He criticized and asked for self-reflection about the gambling chaos at the party.

Chu Chu fiddled with the fruit on the plate when she saw Chu Yanyin starting to scold the other two.

“She was fooling around but you guys also joined in too!” Chu Yanyin didn’t fight with anger, “Why didn’t you stop her at that time”

Zhang Jianian was speechless.

He immediately activated his passerby skills to be a silent background board.

Lin Mingzhu smiled, “At that time, the atmosphere was up and we just treated it as a game between children…”

“She is a child, but are you too” Chu Yanyin heard Lin Mingzhu’s defense and was furious.

“She just asked you to make soup for her, so how can you make her go to the gambling table and let her ruin her family, are you happy”

Lin Mingzhu: …Why are you mentioning the soup When will this soup thing end

Zhang Jianian felt that Lin Mingzhu had been out of the workplace for too long.

When the boss criticizes someone, the person should just shut up and listen.

As soon as the subordinates made excuses, the bosses would become more angry and this criticism conference would be extended indefinitely and there would be no end.

Sure enough, Chu Yanyin reprimanded the storm and finally asked the three of them to go back and think about it.

At the same time, he asked Lin Mingzhu to send soup for a week to Chu Chu as agreed. 

The cause of things was the soup of evil

After Chu Yanyin got rid of the fire, he returned to his house to rest.

Watching him leave, Lin Mingzhu changed her face when facing Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian and said with a sneer, “Huh, are you satisfied now You pulled me into trouble.

I really underestimated you.”

Chu Chu picked up the phone and shook it easily, “I just started recording.

Why don’t we go up and let Old Chu listen to your mean tone”

Lin Mingzhu was shocked, gritted her teeth and said, “…You recorded me!”

“Of course we have to record meetings.

No wonder you didn’t climb fast enough,” Chu Ch walked forward.

Lin Mingzhu’s face was like thin paper.

She simply reached out, patted her face and warned, “Mom, be polite to me from now on and let us not bother with each other, okay”

Lin Mingzhu’s face was flicked by Chu Chu’s cool fingers and her body shook subconsciously.

Her eyes were a little frightened, but she still said stiffly, “How long can you be proud of…Ah!”

When Zhang Jianian heard Lin Mingzhu’s scream, he thought that Chu Chu did something.

He just stepped forward to stop it, only to find that President Chu just pulled Madam Lin’s cheeks and then rubbed it.

He breathed a sigh of relief and felt… funny.

Chu Chu squeezed Lin Mingzhu’s face, tugged to the sides and said with emotion, “Tsk tsk, why can’t you change this bad habit of always talking like vicious female partner”

Chu Chu really hated it.

How could someone rush to become a vicious female partner Wasn’t it good to be alive

Lin Mingzhu was so angry that she couldn’t move away again and said angrily, “What do you mean…”

“I used to see your pretty face, so I didn’t bother to care about you once or twice.

But don’t push your nose in my business.” Chu Chu smiled and said, “Even if you drive me out of the house, what is the use”

The female partner couldn’t bear Lin Mingzhu and moved out to live on her own.

But it didn’t mean that Chu Chu could swallow Lin Mingzhu.

“I left this house and opened a company.

You guarded the big house but I didn’t see you getting rich.” Chu Chu ruthlessly ravaged Lin Mingzhu’s face and then clapped her hands, “It’s not that you are incapable, but Old Chu doesn’t believe you at all.”

This was an extremely simple truth.

If one had outstanding ability and talent, as long as they didn’t take it seriously, it would be difficult to use it.

Others could still change jobs, but Lin Mingzhu had chosen a path that was difficult to change.

Chu Chu didn’t take Lin Mingzhu to heart before, but this time she helped outsiders to make a fool of her.

It was a bit too much.

Lin Mingzhu was finally relieveased, touched her red face and trembled, “You, what are you saying”

“I gave you a kick at the party, why did no one come to help you” Chu Chu sneered, “After all, you are nothing.

Without the label of the Chu family, no one cares about you.”

Although Chu Chu was a rich second generation and had a bad reputation outside, as long as she still held the real power, others wouldn’t provoke her.

Even if Lin Mingzhu behaved dignified, elegant and smart, she didn’t have her own property.

She would always only win superficial respect and couldn’t bring practical value to others.

Lin Mingzhu’s face turned pale, “Do you dare say this in front of your dad Let him listen to your tone!”

“Dare, why don’t I dare” Chu Chu lazily shrugged, “If it’s more excessive, I’ll tell him.

Don’t you still live well now”

“Once the emperor and the courtier, my little mother should be nice to me, at least give me a face in front of outsiders.” Chu Chu smiled, “Otherwise you will be the one stewing in an iron pot.”

Lin Mingzhu looked at her devil smile and only hated Chu Yanyin for not being downstairs now, so as to see her true face!

Zhang Jianian pretended to be a statue.

She was even more furious, “Zhang Jianian, you are just watching her bully me and don’t even say a word”

With an attitude of “see no evil, don’t listen to evil”, Zhang Jianian bowed his head respectfully and said, “Mrs.

Lin, I really can’t deal with the family affairs of Director Chu and President Chu.”

On one hand, it wasn’t easy to intervene in such matters and on the other hand, President Chu didn’t act excessively.

She was just talking and rubbing her face with her hand.

Was there anything malicious in it

The servants around had long walked away.

They ran away to avoid the limelight.

Lin Mingzhu had a look of horror on her face.

Chu Chu looked at Lin Mingzhu showing an evil look and threatened, “You can scream.

If I break your throat, no one will come to save you.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian:…Well, this sentence barely seems malicious

[Congratulations on your completion of the hidden mission.

The halo of “Overbearing President” had been strengthened.]


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