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The email of the mobile game “Win the War” was like a letter from the past, splashing small ripples in Zhang Jianian’s peaceful life.

He didn’t expect that after many years, he would face the passionate goal of his youth again.

Yet his heart would be calm, as if watching another person’s story.

VIR had become too strange to him.

Zhang Jianian opened “Win the War” and typed the ID code.

Facing the character creation page, he didn’t have a clue for a while and finally chose to exit silently.

He had gradually bid farewell to those distant dreams and started a new life.

He had no regrets in his heart, but more emotion.

He didn’t know when he had a new goal, which was born around her.

Zhang Jianian looked at the “VIR” on the screen, thought for a moment and turned off the game.

Since it was a memory of the past, it was better to treasure it.

On the other hand, although Chu Chu knew that the “Win the War” team had made many interesting plans for the event, she never expected that she would be offered a reward.

The event page stated impressively that the first to kill President Chu would receive a bounty of 9,999 yuan, the highest output could receive 8888 yuan, the person to cause the highest injury could receive 7777 yuan and the one who healed highest could receive 6666 yuan.

The game activity had just started to attract players, so when the real money and silver kill rewards were announced, the countless people who ate melon immediately downloaded the game and rushed to the battlefield.

The smog is so boring: There are definitely President Chu’s haters in the game team, otherwise their methods will not be so vicious.


Dense Smoke: Won’t you hurry up and protect her @Yinda Investment @Qisheng Group @President Chu Global Fan Support Association

Xiaozhu Wuwu: President Chu, let’s come to an agreement.

Let me kill you for the first time and we can divide the reward into half [doge] @Chu Chu

Popcorn: Does this game require levels Can I catch up with the progress now if I download it I want to play!

Super Ranger Monster: There is no need to catch up with the progress, the game level will be refreshed in each round.

It is also common for rookies to kill veterans.

Enchanting flames: The promotion of the mobile game “Win the Battle” is incredible.

If the end game had this strength, it would have been popular all over the world for professional competitions.

Winter jasmine: Almighty VIR, Fairy Ghost Day Flame, Firecracker Man Darling, Exquisite Fortress, Poison Cooking method.

My time will not pass, my time will eventually pass [tears] “Win the War” will finally survive .

Yunyun: The comments are different, the old fans are on the verge of crying, will the great Gods come back [Tears] Eternal virtual image VIR!

Online, netizens were sincerely missing the great players in “Win the War”; offline, the ancient super-God king Zhang Jianian had hidden his merits and fame and was knocking on the door to deliver milk tea to President Chu.

President Chu had recently been deeply attracted to milk tea, often letting Xia Xiaoxiao or Wang Qing order it.

She delighted herself with this wonderful and delicious liquid.

Chu Chu didn’t dare to let Zhang Jianian order it.

The reason was very simple.

He had a natural hostility to milk tea.

He would nag her if he found out.

Zhang Jianian heard her answer and persuaded her, “President Chu, I suggest you not to drink this kind of drink.

There are excessive amounts of trans fatty acids… “

As soon as Zhang Jianian started to educate, Chu Chu laid on the ground in a strange posture.

She was lying under the desk.

“…What are you doing” He looked at the indecent boss and said with difficulty.

Chu Chu stood up naturally, she patted her clothes and explained, “No sound is heard in the live broadcast.

I’m checking what’s wrong.”

Zhang Jianian breathed a sigh of relief, “If it is a technical problem, you can let us handle it.”

On the live page of Qixuan TV, netizens furiously commented on the barrage at the dark screen.

——Why is the screen black Is it stuck Where are you

——President Chu: Only smart netizens can see me.

——The trans fatty acid thing is so familiar.

I thought my mother came in and scolded me.

——When will President Chu go online

——Little brother’s voice is so nice.


——President Chu’s live broadcast is not from her home Why is there someone else

Zhang Jianian helped Chu Chu set up the equipment and when he saw images appearing on the live broadcast platform, he carefully stepped aside.

He avoided it and got in the corner. 

Chu Chu wondered, “What are you doing standing so far away”

Zhang Jianian didn’t want to appear on the scene.

He put the milk tea on the table and then changed the subject and planned to slip away, “You can start.

Just call me if something happens.”

“Okay, there’s something going on right now.” Chu Chu asked for advice blankly, “How do you play this game”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian: Is this bashful BOSS’s online learning

Zhang Jianian had no choice.

He taught with a good temper and guided her, “You first enter the character creation page.

As it is a special account, log in according to the steps Director Qin gave you at the time.

The full server event is a 90-minute competitive mode.

You can choose now.

It will be turned on later and the game content is similar to that of beta.”

According to his guidance, Chu Chu logged into the game step by step.

She looked at the hung up screen and asked, “What does this mean”

Zhang Jianian glanced at the screen and explained, “There are too many online players and you have been squeezed out.”

Chu Chu:””

——Hahahahaha The game team came out to attack! Your boss is squeezed out!

——President Chu’s face is full of doubts, “So I am not the protagonist of this event”

——My eyes are completely attracted to the milk tea on the table.

I really want to drink it.

I’ll order it now.


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