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Zhang Jianian took the thin envelope, he slowly opened it and was taken aback when he saw the contents inside.

The black card was lying quietly inside the envelope.

He sighed and said amusedly, “It’s like your style.”

He actually had an unexpected feeling, after all, President Chu had always been simple and rude.

“Is there any problem” Chu Chu blinked and said confidently, “Instead of caring verbally, it’s better to transfer money more realistically.”

The black card application was by invitation and there were also requirements for the deposit amount.

Zhang Jianian did not know when she got it.

He found the letter paper in the envelope, guessed that it contained the answer he was waiting for, took out the paper and handed back the black card in the envelope to her.

Zhang Jianian said calmly, “I will just take this.”

He just wanted to know her real name.

Other things didn’t matter.

Chu Chu was puzzled, “Why”

Zhang Jianian carefully taught her, “This is not appropriate.

Your assets are also the heart of Director Chu and should not be transferred.”

He worked with Chu Yanyin and could roughly guess the wealth that Chu Chu possessed.

Many of them were given to her by Director Chu.

Zhang Jianian certainly couldn’t accept it with his conscience.

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows in dissatisfaction and retorted, “This is not his money.

It’s mine.”

Chu Chu had thought about it carefully before giving the gift.

She also felt that presenting Buddha with flowers that were borrowed (win favor or influence using sb else’s property) was inappropriate.

So she didn’t use the female partner’s original deposit.

Last time she wanted to use the old bank card to help Zhang Jianian realize his dream, he declined.

Guessing that he had such considerations, she took time to earn money this time.

Zhang Jianian was surprised and looked at her in amazement, “Where did you get the money”

Chu Chu reluctantly said, “Well, part of it is also your hard work.”

Although Zhang Jianian had gambled first that day, the money was still from the round she won.

She earned it which was completely fine.

“…This is the company’s dividend But I think you haven’t moved the money” Zhang Jianian said in a puzzled voice.

Something was wrong.

If she wanted to mobilize Yinda’s funds, he would know it, after all, he was in charge of the finance.

Chu Chu shook her head and said frankly, “I sold the shares I won on the day I played the cards.

Shiye is quite valuable.”

Shiye was the largest catering group in China with countless well-known brands.

Shi Tian lost his stake at that time, accounting for 1%, which was extremely valuable.

Zhang Jianian: “…”

He suffocated and asked in a low voice, “…Have you discussed this with Director Chu”

Chu Chu said, “This is my thing, why should I discuss it with him”

On his birthday, Zhang Jianian realized the feeling of joy and sorrow.

She used her words to magnify the move, but she held it back with her behavior.

He had a foreboding of the coming storm and explained with difficulty, “Selling the shares will only give a negative signal and show that you have no hope for the Shiye’s future…”

Chu Chu’s hands were so fast that she sold her shares before he could turn his head.

In addition to representing real money, the shares of listed companies were also endowed with many layers of connotations.

For example, Chu Yanyin couldn’t sell Qisheng shares.

This would cause the company’s stock price to fall sharply and even drag the entire stock market.

He would be criticized by thousands of people.

Chu Chu’s acquisition of 1% of Shiye Group’s shares had caused the outside world to reverie.

She resold it, which undoubtedly cast a huge thunder in the market.

Zhang Jianian thought numbly.

Many people must be already speculating whether this was Chu Chu’s move or Chu Yanyin’s, wondering if Director Chu was not optimistic about Shiye.

Chu Chu didn’t understand and said calmly, “I am really not optimistic.

There should be no problem, right”

She was not optimistic about his family business.

Was there any problem

In her opinion, since the shares belonged to her, they could be sold or given away freely, without thinking about other consequences.

She had never engaged in stocks and just wanted to cash them out directly.

So she did not consider whether she would leave a psychological shadow on Chu Yanyin and the Shi family.

Zhang Jianian thought that the recent Shiye stock price had a small drop and there was countless news about the break between Chu and Shi.

He could only hope that when Director Chu saw the news later, he wouldn’t get angry immediately.

He took a deep breath, not knowing whether to comfort her or scold her and smiled bitterly, “Well, as long as you are happy.”

Zhang Jianian: Anyway, Director Chu has been hit several times.

It should not be bad to happen again, right

After Zhang Jianian numbed himself, he didn’t dare to think about it any more.

He was about to open the letter, but was blocked by Chu Chu.

She said, “You can’t see it without receiving the card.”

Zhang Jianian was dumbfounded by her forced behavior and finally accepted the black card.

He decided to help her take care of the issue first and then give it to her when it was right.

President Chu could not be allowed to hold too much property.

She dared to sell the shares of Shiye.

The ghost knew what she would do with the money herself.

Zhang Jianian finally opened the letter paper which had card number information and her name.

“So your surname is Chu” Zhang Jianian was quite surprised.

He read her name which was catchy.

Chu Chu had a weird face and hesitated, “Can you not recite my full name It seems like a military training call…”

She hadn’t heard her real name for too long and felt an unfamiliar sense of withdrawal.

It seemed that she suddenly realized that she had been in the novel for so long.

She didn’t know if she could go back.

Maybe this name would also be lost.

Zhang Jianian was very curious and asked, “Since it is the same surname, is there any relation with the Chu family”

“There is no relation,” Chu Chu answered. 

How could she have a relationship with the characters in the novel They were not in the same dimension.

She thought for a while and added, “But my nickname is Chu Chu.

Maybe it’s the only connection”

In the past, her colleagues wouldn’t say her full name and called her Chu Chu.

Zhang Jianian nodded, recited her real name in a low voice and craved it in his heart.


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