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Now that the development route of Shenghua Payment was finalized, the small activity of expanding new users had been temporarily put on hold.

Relying on small favors to compete for the market was not a long-term solution.

Chu Chu wanted Shenghua Payment to get new users, but the old market alone was not enough.

Although Yuan Benchu ​​was the CEO of Shenghua Pay, it was obviously not enough for him to come out and hug thighs.

Finally, Chu Chu and Lu Shu discussed the future development path of mobile payment with their superiors under the arrangement.

Because of the recent reputation of Qisheng Group, the development of Jichuan Town greatly improved.

In addition, the conditions of Chu Chu were not harsh and the communication and cooperation were quite smooth.

He was also surprised at Qisheng’s spontaneous request, “You are still the first to be so proactive.”

They shouldn’t deal too much with various third-party payment platforms.

Everyone still held the mentality of not blaming the public and it was hard for them to catch up to management flaws.

After all, Nanfeng Pay, as the leader, was conservative, keeping a peaceful distance with them.

After receiving the request, other platforms tried their best to cooperate with them.

They had never seen such an active request to be managed and the leaders were a little at a loss facing Chu Chu.

Chu Chu smiled and said, “There is nothing that cannot be done in the world, but there are things businessmen can do and things they can’t do.

We just figure out what can’t be done in advance.” 

The other party admired her, “There are a few people and companies with a sense of social responsibility like you and Qisheng.”

Lu Shu heard the mutual business talk between the two sides and watched Director Xiao Chu pretending to support the work of the country.

His mood was quite complicated.

This was obviously a good thing for the country and the people.

Why did he feel strange

Lu Shu: It is estimated that Director Xiao Chu has always been workaholic and being so popular is really bizarre. 

He felt that Director Xiao Chu voluntarily bled heavily, which was really not like her style.

A certain direct investment subsidiary of the country would invest in Shenghua Pay and subscribe for some shares at a low price.

In fact, Chu Chu’s power was divided, but she seemed to be happy

Chu Chu pretended to greet the leader for a long time and then let go of the equity.

The final goal was very clear.

She needed the support of the strongest father.

Nanfeng and Huali were not easy to deal with.

Shenghua only relied on ordinary means to gain market share and could only do some tricks.

A short-term loss of interest was better than a long-term failure to open the market.

Chu Chu wanted to eat meat and could give up the broth.

It didn’t take long for Shenghua Pay to secretly complete a round of financing.

At the same time, it announced that it had obtained a port payment license and would cooperate with many European countries to provide services to the port area and Chinese consumers traveling abroad.

As soon as that news came out, the financial news spread.

Shenghua Pay was definitely the first third-party payment platform to go abroad.

Which was a strategic step.

Liger Roar: It’s too sassy.

You actually rely on my father’s thigh to overtake the car.

Don’t think I haven’t noticed your shareholder changes.


Olive Qiuzi: President Chu is trying to force her colleagues to death, Qisheng and Nanfeng are indeed plastic brothers.


Blue Lemon: Then I can use Shenghua to travel abroad immediately, haha.

Seal Road: Will President Chu consider supporting Shenghua Pay for the foreign server of “Win the War” Now it’s expensive to buy a design thief from a third party [kneel]

Black and white: To help you focus, Shenghua Pay will continue to cooperate with more countries in the future.

That is to say, they will make what motherland and people need, there is nothing wrong.


Because Shenghua Payment had not yet been listed, there was no change in its stock price, but it had pushed Qisheng’s stock price up slightly.

It seemed that Shenghua’s thigh-holding behavior had stimulated investors’ confidence.

Shenghua Pay had caught up with the spring breeze of outward development and if it fully captured overseas markets, it would soon catch up with Nanfeng.

After all, no matter how strong Nanfeng was, it would definitely not be able to twist the thigh of the strongest father.


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