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For some reason, Chu Chu was a little bit angry hearing her name and said with dissatisfaction, “You are so nauseous.”

Zhang Jianian: “”

Zhang Jianian: The heart of a cultivator of another world was like to fish a needle from the sea.

(impossible to understand)

After a pleasant dinner time, the two went back to sleep early.

Zhang Jianian only hoped that Director Chu would find out about the shares later and would not call him immediately, so that he could live a peaceful day.

After Zhang Jianian came home, he looked at the piece of paper with her name on it and read it again.

He then put it in a proper place for collection.

The next day, Shiye’s stock price fell sharply and the decline was far beyond Zhang Jianian’s imagination.

But all this had nothing to do with Chu Chu’s selling behavior.

No one had time to figure out why Chu Chu sold her shares.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the recent “carcinogenic oil” scandal.

Related reporters spent more than a month undercover in the fast food chain of Shiye, exposing serious problems with food safety.

In order to save costs, fast food restaurants used some controversial cooking oil to instantly push Shiye dining to the forefront!

Although Shiye Group owned multiple catering brands, the main profit-making forces were fast food and hot pot, all of which were hardest hit by oil.

Whether this kind of edible oil met the national food hygiene standards had been divergent for a while and there was no conclusion.

The final result had not come out.

But the news had already used the gimmick of “carcinogenic oil” in the headline, which successfully plumpted the Shiye’s stock price.

The food safety scandal of a restaurant group was no less than a fatal blow.

It caused a terrible amount of discussions on the Internet.

434645: Black-hearted businessmen.

I only dare to eat at home now.

Active A, B and C: When will the relevant departments manage food safety issues

COCO: This cooking oil goes to the back kitchen, so can’t it be checked out Is this reporter really investigating the case, or does he want to make big news I feel that the report is not clear.

Gionee: Shiye’s stock price hit its limit today

Winter Jasmine: Did he just want to make big news Will you give your children this kind of oil in the future I haven’t seen the reporter talk about obstructions that were encountered in the investigation.

It has only been exposed so far!

Shield Shrimp: President Chu sold her shares not long ago before the latest news. 

Xia Ju: Damn, President Chu’s timing was accurate and she actually sold it at a higher price!

Huahua: She sold it so fast and it plummeted within two days, did she get any news from the insider

Xiaojiao: I actually had started to believe stories that her fans made, shouldn’t she be a business prodigy [doge]

Emperor Golden Cat: What’s so good about being the second generation rich They’re actually bad.


Daji: Just a word from a pure passerby, don’t really believe in the brainwashing of Li Taihe fans, okay She is the daughter of Chu Yanyin.

Is this not a normal thing

President Chu’s little follower: Thank you for the love passer-by, but don’t take her name in all this.

[Lovely] Our idol only serves as an ACE in the entertainment circle.

Xiao Hei Hei: Your idol should be an ACE in the financial circle, how is she an ACE in the entertainment circle [doge]

Although Chu Chu’s fans tried to divert their attention, the search for “carcinogenic oil” exploded and more people discovered Chu Chu’s recent transfer and began to discuss.

It didn’t take long for Weibo to get on hot search, “Chu Chu sold Shiye shares” rushed to the front row and the amount of discussion was getting bigger.

Little Watermelon: Why does President Chu’s Weibo Square sometimes post news What about the purification group

Erythema: It really can’t be purified, wait for people to leave, now there is no end to the hot search.

Dishonored descendants of the Chu family: The society said that we should try our best to stick to the popularity of social and people’s livelihood news, follow the big shots and try to purify them.

Bao Baobei: Passers-by secretly poked and said, “You have a real feeling of love I thought it was all a joke.”

As the amount of discussion on hot searches increased, many passers-by discovered hidden Chu fans.

Everyone used to joke, thinking that President Chu was very funny.

But after observing it, they discovered that her fan base was quite organized and they would defend her.

The passers-by immediately changed their tunes.

School-level first person: She is a business wizard, a king of rangers, a fairy of the world and a jewel on earth.

In the wind and rain, I am waiting for you [Heart] Peerless President Chu, please understand my love

A bunch of gourds: Investor King Chu [Heart] Super God Comedian Chu [Heart] Prosperity Beauty Chu [heart] @Chu Chu

Sweater Ball: Hahaha, I laughed to death.

I came to see how many navy Yinda have on Weibo.


Yinda Group: Not true, I’m the only one in the company who dares to have a Weibo @sweaterball 

President Chu Global Fan Support Club: Social news is not allowed and the rhythm of the fan head is regarded as anti-installation loyal.

@Yinda Group

Yinda Group: [shed tears of grievance.jpg]

5566: Hahahahaha, is the company really strict


Anti-black purification group: Whitewashing group on Weibo brought by person.


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