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Zisu: I chose President Chu, I don’t care about money, I care about the face.

Huahuahuamiao: Is it only me who chose Director Chu I do not believe it! President Chu obviously has a lot of motherly fans

Luye is speechless: You are depraved.

You are taking advantage of the popularity of Chu @financial_focus_column

The voting deadline coincided with the broadcast of the new issue of “Financial Focus”.

The voting results and interview content were released at the same time.

Chu Chu’s prediction was indeed correct.

As many as 94% of netizens chose to become Chu Chu and only 6% wanted to be Chu Yanyin and some of them claimed to be motherly fans.

After the interview was broadcast, Chu Chu’s shocking statement on “Financial Focus” attracted heated discussion.

Her hearty analysis and criticism of Chu Yanyin in the program could be called “a model of cheating in the new era”.

Yan Qi: I understand.

President Chu said that she is Qisheng’s dung-stirring stick*.

As for what Qi Sheng is, I dare not say.

Huaran on paper: Go and call her Dad @Qisheng Group

_Gold Foil_: President Chu is really a mysterious woman.

Whenever she talks, she jokes, throws out the truth and then talks about the joke again.

My expression was similar to the host.

I was stunned for a while and couldn’t hold back my smile.

Lulu: President Chu, the godmother of contemporary philosophy,’s latest famous quote: We can take turns in every generation leading the way for decades.

Xiao Bolan: “The Controversy of Century Dad: President Chu VS Director Chu”

This is unscientific: The column interspersed Director Chu’s evaluation of President Chu in the interview Every generation has a father leading the way for decades, this issue is President Chu’s diss

Netizens joked about President Chu’s performance on “Financial Focus” and they all watched the excitement.

Of course, her remarks also caused some of the audience to feel uncomfortable, especially entrepreneurs with different business philosophies.

Feng Xi: I don’t understand how this kind of person can get on “Financial Focus”! She doesn’t want to endure hardships and stand hard work.

She just turned herself into an Internet celebrity, which is far from her dad.

Hu Dashu: Without your dad, you are nothing.

The black raccoon does not speak: But I think she knows how to do business.

Aside from the jokes, isn’t that the truth

Phi Feng Gai Jia: It sounds good, but I didn’t see Yinda’s results.

Under the eaves: Can a young girl evaluate old entrepreneurs It’s rude.

Xiaohui: Emmmm, is this the end of Director Chu’s fans Does Director Chu have any fans [doge]

Thread: What about Laughing Culture Is there anyone with a financial report of “Win the War” I would like to know how high the Yinda investment return rate is in half a year to be considered as a good result.

Marker: The ass decides the head,(m.

Ass: position one sits determines ideas) and some bosses are hurt by her theory of hard work and begin to lose heart.


Juanjuan: Are the bosses the beneficiaries of chicken soup [doge] now struggling, old iron

Xiao Hongguo: President Chu is indeed more objective than Director Chu.

She commented that Qisheng is not bad, but when Director Chu commented on her in the past, he had strong personal emotions and subjective colors.

Strawberry jam: I think it’s polite enough.

Suddenly I understood the reason why President Chu didn’t mix with the financial circle.

Does everyone expect her to act according to the standards of a saint

The night is dark: As a middle-aged and elderly industrialist, I objectively evaluate that the little girl’s analysis isn’t wrong, except for her shamelessness.

Some old men have a glass heart and can’t hear the truth.

Outsider: Don’t scold President Chu! Just let Director Chu scold her.

I want to watch the father and daughter battle.


Chu Yanyin at the center of the whirlpool didn’t know anything about it.

He had just returned from a business trip and missed the premiere of “Financial Focus” during the jet lag.

He didn’t know about the storm on the Internet.

In the Chu family mansion, Chu Yanyin went downstairs to have breakfast as usual.

Lin Mingzhu had a gathering with other wives and was not at home.

Chu Yanyin ate alone.

The house was too quiet.

He said, “Turn on the TV.

I’ll watch the news for a while.”

He would often listen to the morning news, or watch the replay of “Financial Focus”.

The servant hesitatingly turned on the TV and changed to the daily news channel.

Everyone was looking forward to Director Chu not changing the channel.

In the next second, Chu Yanyin felt that the news was boring and started to switch channels and watched the replay.

On the screen, his daughter was ranting, claiming for a person to be a father according to their ability.

Chu Yanyin, her father who was asked to compete for the job: “”


Dung-stirring stick:  someone who likes to stir up bad trouble and make everything smelly.

The dung-stirring stick was originally a stick used by farmers to stir the dung. 


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