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Chu Yanyin’s first reaction was naturally angry.

He was so furious that his head hurt.

He immediately wanted to call Zhang Jianian and ask the ins and outs of the matter. 

After he calmed down, he simply watched this issue of “Financial Focus” in its entirety to collect other evidence.

Chu Yanyin started the show again but as the progress bar progressed, his mood gradually calmed down.

The Chu Chu on the screen was generous, dignified, humorous and logical, far away from the usual humorous appearance.

When she explained her point of view, she had light in her eyes, which easily won the other’s conviction and made the host nod repeatedly.

This was what Chu Yanyin had never seen before.

After all, in Director Chu’s eyes, his daughter liked to argue, get into trouble and fight the most.

If she was not from a wealthy family, she would probably be social scum and embark on an illegal path while holding a wrench.

Chu Yanyin’s mood was quite complicated.

He was lost in doubts.

Was she really stupid or pretending to be stupid

Did she deliberately do unreliable things to fight with him In fact, her heart was clear like a mirror 

Chu Yanyin’s heart as a father just softened, but Chu Chu on the screen had said her famous saying, instantly dispelling his sentimentality.

“Yeah, so one can be a father according to their ability.

We can take turns being one in every generation leading the way for decades.”

Chu Yanyin: No, no matter what reason I must find her.

I am still very angry!

When Chu Yanyin heard these words again, his blood pressure rose with anger.

He thought for a while.

He must not be like those bickering people and decided to adopt other methods.

In Yinda Investment, Zhang Jianian answered the call and reported to Chu Chu, “President Chu, you have been blocked by “Financial Focus”.

You may not be able to show up in similar programs in the future.”

Director Chu realized that his bickering level was inferior to Chu Chu, so he simply told her to shut up and did not allow financial media columns to interview her in an attempt to suppress her popularity in the financial circle.

Zhang Jianian said with a headache, “Why don’t you go talk to Director Chu and close this matter”

“No.” Chu Chu flatly refused to give up, “Then I will let the entertainment industry block him.

Who is afraid of whom!”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian: But Director Chu doesn’t have much interest in the entertainment industry He advised, “If you have a deadlock with Director Chu, how can you contact Qisheng’s partners in the future…”

Chu Chu vowed, “Then I will have no contact.

Old Chu has too many friends.

I have to think about him every time I hit someone.”

Zhang Jianian vomited, “Director Chu has no friends, you have to think about it if you hit someone… No, you shouldn’t hit someone.”

“Don’t worry, he can’t keep me shut for too long.” Chu Chu said with relief, “When Yinda earns money, some people will come to interview me.

I will pick up ten a day, so that he can’t stop it.

She didn’t care about such opportunities to show her face.

But since she could make Old Chu angry, why not do it After the media saw Yinda’s development, they would naturally come to her door.

How could Old Chu manage it by then

“…” Zhang Jianian felt that the contradiction between the father and daughter was difficult to mediate.

Chu Chu’s ideas were simple and rude.

Qisheng and Yinda had different development directions.

It was difficult for Qi Sheng to intervene in Yinda’s current entertainment industry.

As long as Yinda gradually accumulated successful projects, it would naturally have the right to speak and no one could stop it.

“Win the War” knew Chu Chu’s recent ambitions.

It had grown rapidly in a very short period of time, frantically contributing to Chu Chu’s lofty goals.

The game became popular overnight.

It was successful not only in recalling countless nostalgic old players, but also drawing in a lot of new ones.

The take-off point of “Win the War” was the BOSS battle.

Since then, the number of daily active users of the game rose steadily.

It climbed to the first place in downloads.

If it followed the current development trend, “Win the War” was likely to become the annual hottest game and would continue to generate incredible revenue.

Liang Chan, the CEO of Light World, had been beaming with joy recently.

Not only did he complete the agreement with “Win the War”, but he saw the hope of listing.

He was refreshed at happy events and his eyes were bent with a smile in them.

Of course, Liang Chan had not forgotten the great male lead behind President Chu.

When he saw Yinda members coming from a distance, he greeted them enthusiastically. 

Liang Chan suggested, “President Chu, shall we go to the ‘Win the War’ side”

Chu Chu had been there many times and knew the way.

Yinda not only invested in Light World Entertainment, but also participated in “Win the War” and provided a lot of research and development expenses.

Chu Chu therefore paid great attention to the development of “Win the War” and would go to the office area of ​​the game team every time she came for the visit.

As the game became popular, she came to the office area again and found that the environment had become brighter and the team had become larger.

The walls were completely renewed, plastered with character posters and conceptual scene pictures.

The employees at the station were in a good mood.

When they saw President Chu and others coming over, the effect was like drops of water falling on the frying pan.

The main planner, Fatty, was bolder and said with a grin, “Boss, the game is now on fire, can you be a little bit generous”

Fatty’s original intention was for the bosses to organize a group dinner.

Everyone could celebrate and relax.

Unexpectedly, President Chu’s reply was even more generous.

Chu Chu nodded and said, “Okay, everyone will receive a red envelope when you are off work.”

Fatty denied, “…No money, no money, just a meal.”

Liang Chan hadn’t said beforehand that he would give a bonus, but when Fatty casually mentioned itn he immediately wanted to find something to add.

Chu Chu calmly said, “My time is more precious than money, so buy what you want to eat.”

If she participated in a dinner party, her night time would be wasted.

It was better for her to send money to make the game team happy.

Fatty wanted to kneel down on the spot and shouted, “Thank you, boss!”

President Chu actually gave them money directly.

“Damn, I’m so happy, why can’t President Chu take President Liang’s position… President Liang is so stingy!”

“I failed in the college entrance examination and I missed Yinda.

Now I can only move bricks for the stingy boss…”

The game team slammed the two bosses, while some of the excitement was transferred to the person behind Chu and Liang.

They saw Zhang Jianian who was following President Chu and couldn’t help whispering, “Is that him Look at his hands, look at his hands!”

“It must be.

Last time I went to the meeting room to deliver water, I heard Mr.

Zhang’s voice.

It’s very similar,” someone said.

“The architect must be played by President Zhang last time.

I asked the people at Yinda.

He is the only person who is qualified to follow President Chu…”


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