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Chu Chu was so determined that Liang Chan was persuaded by her words and agreed to the matter.

He still inevitably hesitated and asked, “Will it be the legal affairs of the Light World, or…”

Zhang Jianian calmly said, “If the legal department of Light World has a shortage of manpower, our legal staff can help.”

For some past reasons, Yinda Investment and Chenxing Film and Television had invested in the legal department and cultivated many high-quality talents, far exceeding the level of the legal department of similar companies.

In Chenxing Film and Television, legal officer Xiao Yang was told to go to Light World Entertainment. 

He was stunned, “But I have to review the contract this afternoon.”

“What contract, go and file a lawsuit.” The leader reprimanded, “President Chu spoke in person.”

Xiao Yang panicked, “Why does President Chu always ask for us”

President Chu’s name was tantamount to a frightening female demon to the legal department invested by Chenxing Film and Yinda.

The two companies had formed a long-term cooperative legal alliance, which specialized in handling all kinds of tricky lawsuits and satisfying the boss’s whimsical ideas.

President Chu’s last request was to “claim 100 million from Li Taihe”.

As a witness to the war, Xiao Yang didn’t understand how they persevered in the first place.

Everyone felt that it was impossible to win the lawsuit, but were unwilling to give up the high salary.

They perished with the idea of prolonging one more day and dragged Li Taihe down.

The Legal Alliance became famous after this battle!

Although the result of the lawsuit was very good, Xiao Yang did not want to experience similar things again.

It was a strong stimulus to the heart.


Zhang was generally in charge of this type of lawsuit.

He happened to be an efficient execution faction of the devil boss who required other people to complete President Chu’s task unconditionally, putting people under great mental pressure.

Xiao Yang arrived at the meeting room of Light World Entertainment and

saw many familiar faces from Yinda, most of whom had experienced the “Battle of Li Taihe”.

Everyone was called.

All were in a little panic and didn’t know what President Chu would ask for.

President Chu and Mr.

Zhang came into the room and even Mr.

Liang, CEO of Light World Entertainment appeared.

Chu Chu looked at the people in the office and said straight to the point, “Recently, Aiguo Network’s “Creation of the Times” plagiarized Light World’s “Win the War”.

Today, I invited you to come here, just to trouble you to ask for your suggestions…”

Everyone in the office was relieved.

At least President Chu’s call was justified, not as outrageous as when she asked them to claim the astronomical liquidated damages last time.

Xiao Yang spoke carefully, “President Chu, your expected claim amount is…”

He was afraid that President Chu would open her mouth to claim another 100 million, which would be tantamount to trying to destroy them again.

If they looked back at the history of game development, the cases of plagiarism and rights protection were many.

There were also countless rights protection cases abroad.

Many of them were settled out of court or couldn’t be settled.

It was extremely difficult to wait for the real legal punishment and the amount of compensation they got was not high.

Chu Chu calmly said, “The amount doesn’t matter, the key is to let them learn a lesson.”

Everyone was at a loss.

Xiao Yang scratched his face and said in doubt, “Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you mean…”

“Even if the compensation is only 1 yuan, it doesn’t matter, but I don’t accept an out-of-court settlement.” Chu Chu said frankly, “This will be a long battle, which may last for ten or even decades, until the lawsuit is won.”

The lawyers who were summoned were shocked.

Even Liang Chan was shocked.

President Chu only told him that he should sue, but she didn’t say that he had to win the case.

Many plagiarism cases consumed a lot of time and energy and in the end people chose to settle out of court.

They would not insist on defending rights for more than ten years.

Someone whispered, “You may spend a lot of money on this…”

Chu Chu said indifferently, “Do I look like I don’t have money”


Everyone: We are all too naive to doubt your financial foundation.

“In addition to the necessary expenses, all the income from Yinda’s returns on “Win the War” will be invested in rights protection.

If the game disappears…” Chu Chu lowered his eyes and added, “I will bear the remaining rights protection costs until I win the case.

No one expected President Chu to be so tough.

This lawsuit was an epic century kind of battle!

Liang Chan asked himself if he could do that.

As the CEO of Light World, he would not dare to make such an upright and reckless move.

President Chu had the aura of burning the world.

She wanted to use a righteous iron punch to defeat all evil forces!

President Chu’s utterly and loud speech instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the audience.

Since there was no hard requirement for the amount of compensation and there was strong financial strength, they could give it a go.

“No problem, I can insist on winning the lawsuit before I retire… If it doesn’t work, I will let my kids study law.”

“It will take a long time, it will last three to five years.

We must win!”

“The amount of the claim must be high, otherwise everyone will feel like they worked hard in vain.”

The people in the office were infected by Chu Chu’s ambitions and joked.

They enthusiastically prepared for a big fight and challenged the Legal Department of Aiguo Network.

The Legal Alliance successfully assembled again and soon collected evidence and sued the two games “Clear Mountain Prefecture” and “Creation of the Times” under Aiguo Network for infringement of copyright plagiarism.

This news was no less than a blockbuster bomb, bombing the game market and even spreading to other industries.

All of the reporters who came to interview her asked about the plagiarism case.

The reporter asked politely, “As we all know, domestic game rights protection is difficult at present.

Do you think the potential benefits of ‘Win the War’ are worth the long and expensive rights protection”

Chuchu replied, “I don’t think this is a benefit, but a public welfare issue.”

The reporter was puzzled, “What do you mean…”

Chu Chu said calmly, “I want to teach many people a common sense of life.”

The reporter tentatively said, “Strengthen the awareness of game copyright”


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