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Zhang Yafang was busy with mahjong.

She was apparently unwilling to take care of Zhang Jianian, who was in a mess and hung up the call.

Zhang Jianian finally had no choice but to inquire about the place where Chu Chu would have the meal and asked if he could go with her.

Chu Chu thought for a while and sincerely suggested, “Why don’t we exchange parents, you go to dinner with Old Chu”

It was not appropriate to let Chu Yanyin wait asode.

So it would be better to send Zhang Jianian to attend, which was the best.

Zhang Jianian saw through her thoughts in an instant and vomited blankly, “Do you want to stage a live-action version of “X-Change”” 

He could write a brief introduction to this episode: The protagonist Chu Chu had always been domineering and lawless, she ignored her father’s helplessness and did not hear her mother’s cry.

When the rebellious rich daughter came to the ordinary and simple Zhang family, what kind of sparks would take place when she collided with the mud 

Chu Chu’s eyes flashed and she said shamelessly, “You can stay in a big house and I will stay in your room temporarily.”

Zhang Jianian: “…Thank you, no need.”

Chu Chu: “Tsk, stingy.”

Zhang Jianian thought that if he stayed in the mansion, he would be treated by the prince attending school and Director Chu would grab and talk. 

He thought for a while and said, “I will take you there after you get off work.”

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows, “What about Old Chu”

Zhang Jianian hesitated, bit the bullet and called Chu Yanyin’s secretary, “President Chu has a meeting.

She won’t be able to return to the mansion tonight.

Please tell Director Chu after he ends the meeting.”

When Zhang Jianian hung up.

Chu Chu joked in a leisurely tone, “It turns out that Mr.

Zhang can also lie.”

Zhang Jianian: What is the reason for lying, don’t you have any shame in your heart

He was slandering her in his heart.

Chu Chu started to pack up her things as if she was about to leave.

He wondered, “Where are you going We haven’t gotten off work yet.”

Chu Chuyi said rightly, “Can’t I give myself a leave of absence”

As the boss of the company, couldn’t she successfully take leave

Zhang Jianian: “…”

For the first time in his life, Zhang Jianian skipped work.

It was under the leadership of his boss.

Chu Chu left the company and didn’t go to the appointment right away, but asked Zhang Jianian to drive to Yan Han residence.

She went upstairs and changed her clothes.

Chu Chu wore casual clothes and a peaked cap when she got in the car again.

She looked like a girl next door, as if she hadn’t left campus yet.

She had fair skin and clear eyes, which felt a little childish.

Zhang Jianian had never seen her dressed up like this.

He was in a delicate mood for a while and said, “You want to deliberately pretend to be low profile”

Chu Chu took great pains in order to confuse Zhang Yafang and not to be seen through her true identity.

“What do you mean” Chu Chu didn’t understand his thoughts and said blankly, “You don’t need to wear formal clothes for tea, right”

When the car stopped at the entrance of the teahouse, Zhang Jianian finally understood the reason for Chu Chu’s change of clothes.

Zhang Yafang actually asked his boss for tea.

The afternoon sun was lazily sprinkled on the fountain water.

There were a row of open-air cafes next to the water.

Many leisurely grandfathers and aunts gathered there, drinking tea, eating melon seeds and chatting.

Zhang Yafang was accustomed to the custom of drinking tea in her hometown.

Even if she left her hometown, she did not erase the marks of her hometown.

She liked to go to the original teahouses to bask in the sun.

Zhang Jianian came in suddenly as the most beautiful cub in the audience.

The well-dressed person was out of place in such a lazy and casual environment.


Zhang often drank tea but they were basically in high-end places at work.

He had never been to such a smokey place.

Chu Chu saw that he was a little bit cramped and ridiculed him, “Aren’t you a noble son living among the ordinary people”

Zhang Jianian pursed his lips, but he was not annoyed.

He said, “Maybe, I am not as adaptable as you.”

Zhang Yafang had already taken a good spot and waved to Chu Chu from a distance.

She saw Zhang Jianian who was following her and frowned, “Why did you come”

Zhang Jianian defended himself, “I told you…”

He had mentioned on the phone a long time ago that he would also come over.

Was Ms.

Zhang Yafang deaf

Zhang Yafang was dissatisfied, “It is very troublesome to accomodate you.”

Zhang Jianian: “”

He was once again convinced that Zhang Yafang wasn’t his own mother.

A stepmother would definitely not be so cruel.

Zhang Yafang’s attitude toward Chu Chu was much more relaxed.

She cheerfully said, “Let’s eat hot pot at night!”

Chu Chu was infected by Zhang Yafang’s accent and said, “Great!”

Zhang Jianian took off the suit jacket.

He would not be conspicuous with just a shirt.

He sat in the corner silently, watching the two chat in full swing.

He came as he feared that Chu Chu and Zhang Yafang would have a cold field or collide.

He realized that he was the unnamed supporting character in the trio’s story.

Chu Chu lazily nestled in the tea house, drinking tea and eating melon seeds while listening to Zhang Yafang’s story of the square dance.

They talked about health rumors and the daily cold dishes.

The trivial topics were beyond Zhang Jianian’s imagination.

They were entering middle-aged and elderly life ahead of schedule.

Of course, Zhang Yafang was a real old woman and Chu Chu was a fake old woman.

Zhang Jianian took advantage of Zhang Yafang’s meeting an old friend next to him and found the time to talk to Chu Chu.

She had comfortably leaned backward to take a nap in the warm sun.

Zhang Jianian said weakly, “How can you take a leisurely trip here with Director Chu on your back”

He thought that Chu Chu and Zhang Yafang had an important event.

But they were just drinking tea and chatting for which she left Director Chu behind.

Chu Chu lowered her eyes and said softly, “I don’t have any friends, so it’s hard to come by people I can talk to.”

Zhang Jianian was taken aback for a while.

Her expression was calm, but her eyes were slightly lonely.

Only then did he remember that she was not from here.

It was indeed too boring for her to have no family or friends she knew well in the world and to be wrapped in work everyday.

Zhang Jianian looked down at her and said, “I don’t blame you…”

Chu Chu complained, “I know, you all only care about whether I fly high or not, but don’t care whether I am tired or not.”

Zhang Jianian: “I didn’t mean that…”

She didn’t stop talking, but got even worse.

She pretended to conceal her tears and said aggrieved, “When I came here, I didn’t have any friends…Although you are my best friend, you always only talk about work.

Aunt and I are alike.

Finally when I could talk to someone freely for half a day, you still blame me”

Zhang Jianian: “…I’m sorry, it’s my fault.

You can play freely.”

He had better shut up as soon as possible.

Zhang Yafang finished chatting with the person next to her and came back and said to Zhang Jianian, “Check out, we are changing the place.”

Zhang Jianian had to settle the bill as he followed Chu Chu.

He had to get up and leave helplessly.

As soon as Zhang Jianian was dismissed, Zhang Yafang urged Chu Chu, “Let’s play by ourselves, don’t bring him!”

Chu Chu hesitated, “Oh, is that okay”

Zhang Yafang eloquently said, “I’ll take you to eat some mandarin duck pot!”

Chu Chu sat up and asked happily, “Should we leave now”

After Zhang Jianian checked out, he looked at the empty cafe and his heart collapsed: “…”

He reluctantly cheered up and asked the waiter, “Hello, what about the two people sitting here just now”


He should have guessed long ago that he would never see through President Chu’s ways and at the same time would never be able to know Zhang Yafang’s intention.

For lunch, Zhang Yafang took Chu Chu to the famous hot pot restaurant nearby where they were eating the steaming Nine square grid (Nine palaces/flavors) served on the table with a tangy spicy aroma. 

Chu Chu relaxed and happily ate.

She was a bit guilty for abandoning Zhang Jianian, but when she faced the hot food, she waved her guilt, wondering, “Why is Mr.

Zhang not good at eating spicy food”

Logically, Zhang Jianian was Zhang Yafang’s son and their taste should be the same.

He liked to eat light food and was not interested in spicy things.

Zhang Yafang stared at the hot pot without raising her head and said, “He is like his father and can’t eat spicy food!”

When Chu Chu heard about Zhang Jianian’s father for the first time, she wondered, “What kind of person is Uncle”

Speaking of which, she had never met Zhang Jianian’s father, let alone heard him mention him.


X-Change is a reality show in which the urban protagonist and the rural protagonist exchange roles within seven days.


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