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He was not kicked out of the house in the end because the two needed him to be a card player.

Late at night, Ms.

Zhang Yafang was drowsy after playing cards and went back to her room to rest after a shower.

Zhang Jianian worked hard to make the bed in the guest room with soft and neat sheets.

He looked at Chu Chu and explained, “If you want to drink water at night, there is a clean cup in the cabinet next to the water dispenser, the toiletries are newly opened and there is a spare quilt in the closet.”

“Of course, if you want to return to Yan Han, the car is downstairs and the “X-Change” will be over immediately,” Zhang Jianian calmly added, turning around to see her leaping on the bed, lying down unlady-like.

Chu Chu buried her face in the pillow with the smell of sunlight and muttered, “I choose “X-Change”.”

Zhang Jianian: “…What are you going to do when you get up tomorrow morning Is it that important”

The reason why Zhang Yafang asked Chu Chu to stay was simple.

They actually had plans on Saturday early in the morning.

“It’s very important.” Chu Chu said righteously, “I am going to see Auntie dance the square dance.”

Zhang Yafang was going to  the middle-aged and elderly square dance center and Chu Chu was going to cheer for her.

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian: I often feel unable to blend in with you because I am not silly enough..

Chu Chu looked at him with a speechless expression and said casually, “Auntie talked a little bit about the past.”

Zhang Jianian was taken aback for a moment and wondered upto what extent Zhang Yafang talked about.

In his memory, the past things were not so good.

He lowered his eyes lightly and replied, “Yes.”

After thinking about it, he felt that the answer was too simple and added, “It seems that you do get along well.”

Chu Chu had social skills.

If she wanted to have a good relationship with someone, there would be no one who she couldn’t win over.

She lay lazily on the bed.

While closing her eyes to rest, she said, “I will go back to the mansion to receive a scolding on Sunday.

You can make an appointment with Old Chu for me.”

Zhang Jianian was a little surprised.

She said something sensible.

He thought that she would just let it go, but she took the initiative to propose to see Director Chu, which was a qualitative improvement.

He asked, “What did you hear today How did you quickly get conscious” 

According to Chu Chu’s past behavior, she could simply publish a book called “A Hundred Ways to Escape the Chairman’s Interview”.

Every time Zhang Jianian received a notification to return to the mansion, he directly regarded it as impossible and chose to give up automatically.

What kind of ideas Zhang Yafang instilled in her The achievements were so remarkable that he felt it necessary to learn from her experience.

Chu Chu sat up and looked at his soft expression under the light.

She remembered the story described by Zhang Yafang and was speechless for a while.

She heard that the little boy was besieged by a creditor on the way from school and the group threatened his mother to pay back the money as soon as possible.

She heard that the little boy took the initiative to drop out from school because of his poor family and cruelly shredded all his past honors.

She heard that the little boy returned to school to study hard, only intending to pay off his unrelated debts in his life.

These were stories that she was not part of and there was no record of it even in the original book.

If it weren’t for Chu Yanyin, perhaps Zhang Jianian would not even be a passerby in the original novel and maybe would have left at the beginning.

Chu Chu’s mood was a bit complicated, but she still pretended to be relaxed and replied, “It’s nothing.”

She couldn’t change the past.

Whatever she said would be hypocritical and futile.

Zhang Jianian read some superficial emotions from her tone.

He said with relief, “In fact, many things have passed away long ago.

You can listen to it as a story to kill time.

Don’t worry about it.”

Zhang Jianian guessed that Zhang Yafang had confessed his past, but he didn’t feel that his scars were uncovered.

He didn’t want to put these heavy past burdens on her heart.

He had resented and spurned fatherly love in the past.

After he had passed his teenage years, he had been calm.

Unexpectedly, he was so broad-minded. 

Chu Chu hesitated then said, “Don’t you blame him”

“No.” Zhang Jianian smiled, “Life will be full of regrets.

As long as you can let it go, it will pass.”

Chu Chu seriously promised, “I will make it up for you.”

Since she couldn’t change the past, she could renew the future anyway.

Zhang Jianian heard her solemn tone and his heart became warm and soft.

He smiled and asked, “How will you make it up for me”

Chu Chu: “I can be your father and give for your missing fatherly love.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”


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