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Chu Yanyin looked around at the people on the first floor.

Instead of talking to Chu Chu first, he opened his mouth and said, “Jianian, come up here.”

“Okay,” Zhang Jianian was a little surprised, but he still answered without humility and took the lead to walk upstairs.

He didn’t call Chu Chu, so she simply sat on the sofa and switched TV channels casually.

Seeing her so calm, Lin Mingzhu said in a strange way, “Your father values ​​Zhang Jianian so much, how can you sit still”

Chu Chu used to have a hostile attitude toward Zhang Jianian.

She drove away a lot of helpers, but the biggest thorn in the eye was Zhang Jianian.

At that time, Zhang Jianian had been used as a reference by Chu Yanyin to educate his daughter.

At that time, the female partner was dissatisfied, but temporarily unable to catch Zhang Jianian’s fault so it was not justifiable to go to war without just cause.

Lin Mingzhu found in these few contacts that the relationship between the two was getting better.

She couldn’t help feeling suspicious, so she simply provoked her.

Chu Chu lazily said, “I can’t sit still.

He is an old man.

I am arguing with him for attention.”

Chu Yanyin usually didn’t meet Zhang Jianian much and once helped the Zhang family.

He was indeed Zhang Jianian’s benefactor.

She was a little dissatisfied before, but now that she knew the past story, she didn’t care.

Lin Mingzhu was stunned.

Chu Chu had found the wrong point.

She returned to her senses, snorted and sneered, “I heard that your dad wants to transfer Zhang Jianian back to Qisheng.

He is a step ahead of you and wants to enter the core circle.”

Chu Chu heard the words and the laziness faded from her face.

She was silent for a moment, quietly raised her eyes, looked at Lin Mingzhu and asked, “Really”

Lin Mingzhu felt a little guilty for a while and said, “Of course, it is true.

I heard your dad call…”

“That won’t work.” Chu Chu pursed her lips and said lightly, “I’m going to make trouble.”

Lin Mingzhu raised her eyebrows and sneered, “How can you make trouble”

She thought to herself that Chu Chu hadn’t driven Zhang Jianian away for such a long time and she would definitely not make trouble.

Chu Chu’s brain circuit was different from Lin Mingzhu’s.

She was a little upset in her heart.

Old Chu actually planned to dig someone.

She couldn’t bear it.

Since Old Chu sent Zhang Jianian to Yinda, he shouldn’t think about transferring him back to Qi Sheng.

The people and things in her hands were definitely hers.

Chu Chu looked up.

She saw Lin Mingzhu gloating and suddenly said, “Mother, you say, if I kidnapped you, threatened Old Chu and told him not to snatch my people.

Will it be effective”

“…” Lin Mingzhu took a step back and stared at Chu Chu warily.

Chu Chu smiled harmlessly and said with a soft tone, “Mother, will it”

Lin Mingzhu remembered that she had pulled her face last time and weakly warned, “I tell you, if you dare to do it, I will call…”

“Come to sister,” Chu Chu didn’t seem to see Lin Mingzhu’s panic.

She bent down, stretched out her hand and beckoned to the poodle ​​beside her.

The poodle hesitated a little, but he obediently jumped into Chu Chu’s arms and nudged her flatteringly.

Chu Chu rubbed the furry poodle ​​and praised, “Good boy.”

The poodle ​​wagged its tail pitifully and happily.

It was the first time that it had intimate contact with Chu Chu.

The smile on Chu Chu’s face was gentle, but looked like a devil’s smile in Lin Mingzhu’s eyes.

She sternly said, “I warn you, don’t attack it…”

Chu Chu stretched out her hand and hugged the poodle ​​in her arms and said casually, “What did you want when you married into the Chu family”

Lin Mingzhu: “What do you mean”

“In fact, what Old Chu can give you, I can also give it.” Chu Chu said lightly, “A strong alliance is better than losing.

You should have seen the news.

I am not a stingy person.”

Chu Chu threw out a huge sum of 700 million yuan for anti-plagiarism, which was indeed a big deal.

“My little mom only needs to give me some key information occasionally like today,” Chu Chu said lightly.

Lin Mingzhu couldn’t believe it for a while.

Her eyes flickered, “…Are you kidding Aren’t you afraid that your father will be angry when he knows about it”

Chu Chu stroked the little curly hair of the poodle, and righteously said, “Why I’m just an ordinary daughter who cares about my father.

I sincerely hope that my little mother can convey to me every bit of my father’s life in time, so that I can do everything with filial piety.

At the same time, I will be grateful for my little mom’s contribution to the family and give her a slight material reward.

There is no big problem.

Even if my dad knew about it, he would definitely be very pleased.”

Lin Mingzhu: “…”

She wanted her to eavesdrop.

It was the first time she heard someone of filial piety that would make the heavens feel moved!

She was tempted, but still insisted, “Why should I help you Aren’t you displeased every time we meet”

Chu Chu calmly said, “Little mom can have trouble with me, but there is no need to have trouble with money.”

On the sofa, the poodle ​​looked at the two pitifully and blankly, then bowed and wagged his tail happily.

Upstairs, Chu Yanyin knew nothing about the rebellion on the first floor and he asked Zhang Jianian to close the door of the study room.

The two sat down and Chu Yanyin opened the door straight to the point, “Jianian, prepare to return to Qisheng soon.”

Zhang Jia was always calm, but at this time he was struck by lightning.

Just as he was about to refuse, he noticed Chu Yanyin’s tired look and realized some hidden message.

He hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help asking, “Your condition…what did Dr.

Hu say”


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