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The video of Chu Chu’s interview with reporters was naturally posted online.

Her evaluation of Huali Pay and Huang Naifei was like a mudslide in the recent mobile payment dispute.

It instantly overwhelmed the seriousness of the bosses of major companies in the past few days.

Strong wind and rain: President Chu: Sorry, I am not targeting anyone, I mean all of you here are rubbish.


Watermelon Taro: Tsk tsk, take a look at President Chu’s cute little figure.

[Applause] Anyway, now you’re the person who works with the strongest dad, can you be more serious [doge]

Che Lizi Freedom: I don’t think there is anything wrong with President Chu’s words.

Huang Naifei looks down on Nanfeng and Shenghua in her words, but our President Chu is very fair.

She looks down on everyone! Everyone who has the ability to hold the thigh, can hold whomever, this is more heart-warming.


Jinhua ham is delicious: Okay, it’s not bad if President Chu didn’t let the major payment platforms set up party branches.

The main colors of the Shenghua logo are red and yellow.

I can’t distinguish between Shenghua’s payment and Learning Power every time.

Flashing: Huang Naifei: You hold the thighs for monopoly.

Chu Chu: I hold the thighs by my ability, so why do you diss me

When Huang Naifei saw Chu Chu’s interview video, she was furious.

She had never seen such a sharp-tongued person.

Chu Chu’s words in the first half of the interview were all serious and friendly and objective to Nanfeng Pay.

At the mention of Huali Pay, she was sharp-tongued.

Who would believe that she hadn’t heard Huang Naifei’s remarks

Huang Naifei took a deep breath and finally calmed down.

She now had foreign support, which was very different from the helpless state of Nanfeng Group.

Since Chu Chu accused her, then she would put pressure on Shenghua Pay to defeat the opponent’s advantage first!

The next day, Huali Pay announced that it would reach multi-country cooperation in Europe to facilitate travelers to spend money abroad.

Because Huali Pay had a foreign investment background, it had more advantages than Shenghua to expand its business overseas and it could serve more countries.

It was a glorious moment.

Shenghua itself was relying on the deployment overseas to attract new users.

Now that Huali had joined the war, the situation was a bit unclear and investors were starting to wait and see.

Before Chu Chu could react, the strongest father who had just joined the group couldn’t sit still.

They supported Shenghua Pay to expand out of the country and new companies that were not well-known came out to grab business.

Wasn’t this a slap in the face The overseas layout of Shenghua Pay was the result of communication and consultation between relevant departments.

Where did Huali Pay come from

The strongest dad: If the students in the class are all fooling around, how can you bring them in this class

They originally hoped that more third-party platforms would see Shenghua’s advantages, support the policy and then gradually accept their own supervision.

If things hadn’t paid off yet, how could it be possible to make Huali Pay’s face sullen They didn’t have any knowledge or impression of Huali before and now they immediately launched an investigation and searched for all the information about Huali!

Huang Naifei was clever but was mistaken by cleverness.

She didn’t understand the truth of being a big tree.

If she showed off the limelight and attracted people, she would hardly end well.

It didn’t take long for Huali Payment to be revoked by the regulatory authorities on the grounds that the proportion of foreign holdings was too high, which violated the requirements of relevant authorities.

#Chu Chu overturns Huali Payment# rushed to the hot search overnight and countless netizens lamented President Chu’s evil forces.

Those who opposed her had no good end.

It was too cruel!

Huali Pay publicly clamored not long ago and now it was broken and defeated, which was simply outrageous!

The brutal business demon saw the news clearly and she was at a loss: “”

Under the conscience of the universe, she and Yuan Benchu ​​hadn’t figured out a way to deal with Huali’s overseas competition.

Why did their opponents suddenly go down

She read the exaggerated comments made by netizens of herself.

They described her as someone who could cover the sky with only one hand and control the current situation.

She was even more aggrieved.

Chu Chu: I don’t, I am not, don’t talk nonsense.

She absolutely didn’t play with Huali.

It was obvious that the other party did not comply with the requirements of the regulatory authorities.

How could the netizens blame her

In Yan Han, Chu Chu looked at Zhang Jianian and said with emotion, “I never expected that I would have to actually carry the burden for the country in my lifetime…”

Zhang Jianian, who hadn’t watched the news yet: “”

Chu Chu: “If you think about it, the communist party emblem on you seems to be more shiny.” 

Zhang Jianian: “…”


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