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The ups and downs of the female partner’s life trajectory were very clear in the book: Fail to manage Chenxing (the female lead loses face)-return to Yinda to plan again- fail to manage Yinda (face female lead loses)- return to Qisheng to plan again- fail to manage it( female lead defeated face slaps)-disfigured.

Although there were many external causes for Qisheng’s fall in the book, similar to the stalking of the male lead and male partner, it was more of internal corruption.

A healthy business empire would not be so vulnerable.

At present, there were still two or three years before Qisheng fell in the book.

Chu Yanyin now wanted to transfer back Zhang Jianian which proved that the problem had arisen.

Chu Chu would not wait for Qisheng to collapse before acting.

She would simply kick the door open to see what the huge group was doing.

A few days later, in Yinda Investment, Chu Chu sat at her desk and finally waited for Chu Yanyin’s notice.

She looked at the various terms and frowned, “Isn’t he cunning”

Zhang Jianian euphemistically said, “Director Chu is also afraid that you have to work too hard…”

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows and said with dissatisfaction, “Obviously taking over Qisheng and taking over part of Qi Sheng’s industry are two different things, right He’s really good at playing with words.”

As soon as Chu Yanyin’s anger and impulse at the scene passed, he began scheming at every step.

He put aside important work for the next three months, leaving only the part of Qisheng Film to be taken over by Chu Chu and at the same time listed harsh conditions.

Every provision of the clause restricted Chu Chu’s behavior, restricted her major decisions that lead to losses that would require financial compensation and couldn’t sell assets rashly, lest she do what she did with Shiye shares.

Qisheng Film could contribute one-third of the group’s revenue each year, which could be regarded as a pillar, but it was still far from the entire Qisheng.

The most annoying thing was that Chu Yanyin deliberately put the affairs of Miracle Pictures on the agenda.

He obviously intended to let Chu Chu handle it.

After Chu Chu read the financial report of Miracle Pictures, the first sentence she blurted out was, “What kind of sh*t is this”

She had never seen such a bad account.

After all, the companies she had handled, whether it was Yinda, Chenxing, Laughter culture and Light World, were all profitable.

The net profit obtained by Light World Entertainment from “Win the War” had surpassed many listed companies and the upward trend was rapid.

Miracle Pictures last year’s net profit was 12.3 billion yuan and last year’s net loss was -21.7 billion yuan.

Before it was acquired by Qisheng, it had been losing money for two consecutive years, so there was no need to wait for Chu Chu to make it collapse.

It would have lost 4 years in a row.

Chu Chu felt cheated.

Chu Yanyin confiscated her pocket money in disguise and asked her to pay for it

Zhang Jianian explained it with a good temper, “President Chu, the company generally acquires a company that is not doing well and turning it back into profit is also a common investment method.”

Although Miracle Pictures was a well-known film production company at home and abroad, it had created many classic IPs in the past.

Under the impact of the decline of the overseas economic situation, its business conditions had gotten poor.

It was impossible for a healthy company to agree to an acquisition by a large group, such as the thriving Light World Entertainment, for fear of being trapped by others.

Chu Chu’s eyelids jumped, “How much did Qi Sheng spend to acquire it”

Zhang Jianian: “23 billions.”

Chu Chu felt incredible, “It almost lost the purchase price last year”

Zhang Jianian added, “The purchase price was 23 billions and the loss last year was RMB 21.7 billion.”

Chu Chu made a mental calculation, collapsed on her chair and muttered, “This broken company is not even worth a ten billion goal”

Zhang Jianian added objectively, “With the current exchange rate, to be precise, it is worth 15 billion.”

Chu Chu:””

Chu Chu angrily said, “Why didn’t he give me 15 billion”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Chu Chu had a sense of untimely life.

If she met such a person in reality with a lot of stupid money, she would have cash out and run away, with hundreds of millions of fortunes!

She would ask for 23 billion, she would just take the 23 billion RMB!


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