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Chu Chu was played by Old Chu.

She only had three months to finish and she could not even finish a complete movie project, let alone make a profit.

As an overseas production company, Miracle Pictures naturally undertook more Sino-foreign cooperation projects and the production and distribution cycle was longer.

She wanted to make money from it, but she could only use other means.

Chu Chu estimated that Chenxing Film and Television focused mainly on TV series and Laughter Culture specializes in talk shows and the only thing left for her was Light World Entertainment.

In Qisheng Film, Yao Xing felt that he was at a disadvantage.

Since the acquisition of Miracle Pictures, the projects produced by them had received mediocre response and did not meet expectations.

It made him suffer.

Director Chu suddenly announced that President Chu had taken over management of Qisheng Film and Miracle Films-related affairs on his behalf and Director Chu himself would not bother with it temporarily.

When Yao Xing learned the news, his heart was broken.

He would just become a governess.

Of course, he would not say these words and wait until the princess arrived.

No matter what he thought, he must work under her.

“President Chu, these are the recent projects of Qi Sheng Film.

‘Moon Autumn’ has a good box office response.”

In the company, Yao Xing followed and introduced the project to Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian.

Yao Xing was 61 years old, about the same age as Chu Yanyin.

He was a rigid businessman, not as serious as Director Chu, but looked shrewd and polite.

Yao Xing was a veteran of the Qisheng Group.

Although he had some criticisms about Director Chu’s decision to let President Chu handle it, he showed no rude attitude.

Not only did he personally greet her, he also specially prepared fruit desserts and sent her to the pre-arranged office.

Chu Chu did not see mistakes in his work, not to mention the quality of the movies produced by Qisheng Film, at least the revenue was normal.

She opened the door and said, “I want to know about the situation of Miracle Pictures.

Who is in charge now”

Yao Xing looked distressed, “The former CEO has just left and there are no new candidates yet.”

Miracle Pictures had suffered a disastrous box office failure in the past two years.

The company had not seen any improvement and the senior leadership naturally changed frequently.

The original foreign production team left after the agreement expired, which made the situation worse.

Yao Xing discussed with Director Chu whether to stop losses in time and sell Miracle Pictures, but it could definitely not be sold for a high price.

The executive who proposed the merger of Miracle Pictures had left and Yao Xing was also very upset in the face of the mess.

“If you are interested, I can accompany you to Miracle Pictures in a few days to give an on-site understanding,” Yao Xing said officially.

In fact, it was Director Chu who was going to lead Qisheng Film to have a meeting with Miracle Pictures.

President Chu suddenly came to learn, so the plan would have to be postponed and the negotiation became a field visit.

Chu Chu blinked and said, “Okay.”

“Then I won’t bother you for the time being,” Yao Xing said then left.

After the office door was closed, only Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian remained in the office.

She looked at the dessert fruit on the table and touched her chin, “I think he treats me like a kid.”

Yao Xing behaved well and was polite throughout, but he thought that Chu Chu came to joke around.

He didn’t give her any work, but sent a bunch of snacks.

The table was covered with pink and shiny sweets and toys.

Yao Xing not only treated her as a child, but a three or four-year-old child.

If she was a parachuted person who wanted to do a lot, she would probably feel faintly insulted.

Zhang Jianian actually felt the same way.

Yao Xing obviously didn’t regard President Chu as the leader, but just Director Chu’s daughter, who was completely playful.

He was afraid that Chu Chu would be angry, so he said, “Mr.

Yao just doesn’t know you well enough.

When you actually work, he will definitely change…”

Halfway through Zhang Jianian’s words, he saw President Chu run to the table.

She ate snacks enthusiastically and fiddled with toys, while being immersed in it.

Chu Chu swallowed a piece of pudding.

When she heard him talking, she turned her head blankly and asked, “What”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian swallowed the second half of his sentence.

Maybe Yao Xing knew her objectively!

Zhang Jianian: She is really like a three-year- old kid.

Miracle Pictures’s headquarter was in Country A.

Chu Chu, Zhang Jianian and Yao Xing needed to travel by plane.

In the cabin, although Yao Xing had the psychological expectation of babysitting a child, he really had to witness the princess and her companion play the game with his own eyes.

His mood was subtle.

Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian had a game console and they were playing together in a team.

The two were communicating quietly, as if they didn’t feel anything wrong.

It was a private jet and no one would interfere.

Yao Xing shook his head.

Zhang Jianian was also a very promising seed player, but now he was being led by the princess.

The old man sighed in his heart, ignored the two people next to him in the dark, closed his eyes and took a nap.

“Are you going to continue playing” Zhang Jianian watched Chu Chu still staring at the screen, “Why don’t you take a break”

Chu Chu bought countless game CDs and began to study.

She didn’t clear every game, but just understood the screen and gameplay a little bit, then threw it aside and changed to another CD.

Zhang Jianian found that the games she bought were all IP collaborations of Miracle Pictures, similar to “Blasting Superman” and “Rain Forest Traveller”.

These films had won a brilliant box office which created the current status of Miracle Pictures.

However, the company’s continuous release of a series of films was obviously not a long-term solution.

When Chu Chu heard him tell her to rest, she felt that her eyes were dry.

She stretched out her hand and rubbed it, but felt that something was wrong.

She rubbed her eyes more and more so much that she couldn’t open her eyes because of tears.

She half bent down, stretched out her hand to cover her eyes in discomfort.

Zhang Jianian asked with concern, “What’s wrong”


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