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“Something got in my eyes…” Chu Chu tried to blink but failed.

She wanted to rub it again, but was stopped by Zhang Jianian.

“Don’t rub it.” He led Chu Chu to sit up straight and said patiently, “Let me see.”

Chu Chu’s right eye was so painful that she couldn’t open it.

She didn’t know whether it was an eyelash or dust, tears couldn’t stop flowing out.

Chu Chu could only act as a one-eyed dragon and let Zhang Jianian look at the other eye obediently.

He took out the tissue and gently wiped away her tears.

He pressed her right eye up and down with warm finger pads and suggested, “Try to open your eyes, I will blow a little bit.”

The eyelids of Chu Chu’s right eye trembled and she couldn’t open it for a long time, as if she was still repelling the foreign body in her eye.

Zhang Jianian’s tone was calm and he persuaded, “Look to the side first and relax.”

Chu Chu restrained her urge to close her eyes and muttered, “Where should I look”

Zhang Jianian: “Anywhere will do.”

Chu Chu lowered her eyes.

She used her left eye to look around at will and inadvertently glanced at Mr.

Zhang’s smooth neck above the shirt collar and the slightly moving Adam’s apple.

His eyes were focused and he was blowing lightly into her eyes.

He didn’t notice her random gaze.

Chu Chu felt awkward.

She subconsciously tilted her head to one side to dodge.

Zhang Jianian held her face, his eyebrows condensed slightly and said softly, “You can bear it, it will be fine soon.”

Chu Chu’s tone was dull, “I can’t bear it.”

It was fine if she didn’t blush on the spot, but she actually had to bear it

Zhang Jianian mistakenly thought that she was in severe pain and moved more carefully.

But he still held her face as if insisting on fixing it for her.

He was serious and careful and tried to make her open her eyes intently.

Chu Chu’s expression was tense.

She felt that his breath was itchy on her face, which only made her body soft.

She smelled his scent.

She didn’t know where to look for a while and then looked at him, just in time to see his jade earlobe and slightly raised chin.

She pursed her mouth tightly with a guilty conscience.

Zhang Jianian’s “Passerby A Halo” was venomous.

He was usually inconspicuous, but if looked closer, he could achieve the effect of a high face value star.

She actually had some evil thoughts toward her kind, polite, considerate and capable child.

She was simply a sinner and deserved the blame!

“Okay” Zhang Jianian wiped Chuchu’s face with a tissue and saw that she opened her right eye smoothly.

Her eyes and her face were red.

He checked again and asked, “Does it still hurt”

Chu Chu saw his clear and caring eyes, which made her feel ashamed.

She numbly replied, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

She was not a human being and she actually coveted Mr.

Zhang’s beauty, which was a serious disqualification.

Zhang Jianian didn’t understand Chu Chu’s complicated thoughts.

He just assumed that she hadn’t been relieved, so she was stiff.

The seats were next to each other.

Chu Chu felt nothing when he took the seat.

The two of them entered and exited at the same time every day and did not feel anything unusual.

But now, she was so contemptuous and was deeply spurned by herself.

She felt that she was wrapped in his aura and was at a loss for what to do.

Chu Chu said politely, “Can you sit there”

The seats next to them were vacant, but separated from their current position.

“Yes.” Zhang Jianian asked without realizing her change, “Do you want to rest for a while”

He thought she wanted to take two seats to rest and didn’t think much about her unpredictable tone.

Chu Chu shook her head.

Seeing his defenseless appearance, she tensed and said, “I’m afraid if you sit here, I will do something to you.”

He looked like a fresh cake, or a soft cat, which made people want to take a bite, or want to pet him.

The best way to improve self-control was to isolate the source and not be attracted.

Zhang Jianian: “”


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