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Chu Chu: “Oh, then I can’t make him pleased.”

Yao Xing: “…”

Yao Xing: Are you, father and daughter, enemies

Zhang Jianian came out to reconcile.

He pushed the contract in front of Yao Xing and gently hinted, “Mr.

Yao, sometimes it is a matter of both sides taking a step back.”

Yao Xing didn’t expect the two to cooperate.

He hesitated and wanted to start delaying tactics, “President Chu, if Miracle Pictures isn’t managed well, it’s useless for you to get those copyright authorizations…”

Chu Chu didn’t believe his nonsense and said lightly, “Even if the company goes bankrupt, the IP authorization is valid.”

Yao Xing saw that she could not be deceived and he was curious, “But if you get the copyright, can you make money”

Miracle Pictures hadn’t done IP authorization.

Wasn’t the company still half-dead

Chu Chu cunningly said, “Uncle Yao, give me two to three months first, we won’t know unless we try, right”

Yao Xing: “…”

Yao Xing: If they give you authorization, there will be no reason to fail!

Chu Chu watched him hesitate and suggested, “If I really fail, I won’t ask about Qisheng Film in the remaining days in three months.

How about going through this period of time smoothly without disturbing each other”

Yao Xing was a little moved.

It took a lot of effort to babysit.

It might be a good thing to do what she suggested.

“Well, I can get it for you.” Yao Xing added, “But if you make a mistake in your decision, I will report to Director Chu as appropriate.”

“No problem.” Chu Chu readily agreed and said, “But if I succeed, I will trouble Uncle Yao to listen to me, a child’s opinions in the remaining three months.”

Yao Xing nodded, “If you succeed, it will prove that there is no problem with your business ideas.

I will naturally not say much.”

The negotiation between the two parties was successful.

Chu Chu successfully took away the authorization of “Blasting Superman” and “Forest Rain Traveler” on this trip and the results were satisfactory to her.

Yao Xing thought she wanted to make an IP cooperative game, but after careful consideration, he felt that three months was not enough.

Even the planning stage would not be finished.

Movies and games preparation took a year or more, no matter how fast the work was, it was impossible to do it in three months.

Chu Chu was short on time and task, she wanted to make money in the shortest time.

Naturally, she couldn’t wait to do the project, but Light World Entertainment had the popular game “Win the War”, which just provided her with a channel for monetization.

Chu Chu had no time to play games, but she could sell game designs!

The current character designs of “Win the War” continued the old version of the end game and there was no novelty, which was actually a bit crude.

It didn’t take long for the official blog of “Win the War” to bloom up the ranger’s new outfit and launch the “Forest Rain Traveler” art.

Light World Entertainment claimed to have cooperated with Miracle Pictures and would successively release the classic movie style as the art of major professions.

The first profession was the ranger.

Hong Hong: Oh my God, it’s so beautiful.

Why is the ranger’s design so good Is it because the boss plays the ranger

988: Actually, I don’t understand why you are obsessed with the character design, it’s useless…

Cherry: I think I will be a ranger in the future.

After I change my skin, I will only look at his face.

Yuhe: I don’t feel like it would sell much.

The skin won’t affect the combat power.

A bunch of gourds: Naive, there are so few methods to gain gold coins in the game and a lot of rich people will rush to buy it.

Players used to buy the rough skin before, so they will buy the upgraded version.

Spirit Wolf: Feast for the eyes! It just blew up the original style! I will buy it even if I don’t play!

Pearl Milk Tea: Why don’t we have any new clothes!

The Sound of Raindrops: Forest Rain Traveller Is this forcing me to download the game stamp collection I have never played a mobile game.

As the users of “Win the War” continued to grow, it was no longer an ordinary little game and its reputation was growing.

It had entered the national level and even had plans to go overseas.

Netizens had different opinions on the official announcement of the “Forest Rain Traveler” design.

Some people appreciated it, while others didn’t like it.

The final result would be out after seeing the sales after the shelves.

Chu Chu was very relaxed.

She was in Old Chu’s position and basically did not spend money on authorization.

Chu Chu: Old Chu has too many things.

I just helped him share the burden.

Although many people clamored that the skin was useless, the sales of the “Forest Rain Traveler” skin was a perfect interpretation of the law of beauty.

It reached 150 million on the first day it was launched.

Upon hearing the news, Yao Xing was stunned at the huge profits of the game industry and at the same time had a better understanding of President Chu’s shamelessness.

There was no other reason.

Most of the money that Light World Entertainment made directly fell into her pocket and had nothing to do with Qisheng film!


Skin refers to the alternate appearance of a character in a game.


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