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The sales of “Forest Rain Traveler” skin were great on the first day.

There would be a steady stream of income in the follow-up, but Yao Xing could only stare at it.

He thought that Chu would always generate revenue for Miracle Pictures, but she just took the money away.

“Win the War” was a game owned by Light World Entertainment.

Miracle Pictures at most provided character modeling authorization and naturally it did not get paid much.

In the quiet room, Chu Yanyin was lying on the bed, holding a book in his hand, feeling empty for the first time.

Chu Yanyin had always been running around.

It was the first time he was relieved of the burden and had nothing to do, which made him feel uncomfortable.

He glanced at the date and found that he hadn’t gone to the company for a long time.

Chu Yanyin thought: Why didn’t Yao Xing report

Yao Xing seemed to have heard Director Chu’s inner call and the next second he contacted the chairman and the two talked.

Chu Yanyin had a bad hunch.

His tone was a little complacent, “Huh, what did she do wrong”

“Director Chu, President Chu didn’t make a mistake, but there is a problem with the details…” Yao Xing looked embarrassed.

He briefly explained Chu Chu’s handling and then added, “Of course, President Chu is well known for her sharp insight!” 

Chu Yanyin was also shocked when he learned about the process of shedding her wool.

He was annoyed, “She ran away after earning money Didn’t she say anything”

In fact, Yao Xing carefully reminded President Chu to show a slight filial piety.

However, how could the money fall into Chu Chu’s pocket again!

Yao Xing said, “President Chu said that she is a parachuted soldier and will not interfere with the company’s core management.

If Miracle Pictures is willing to switch to games, she can introduce high-quality teams.”

The subtext was that if anyone was jealous of the income of the game designs, they could start making explosive games by themself.

Chu Yanyin: “…”

Chu Yanyin said angrily, “You escort her to deal with company affairs! She makes money and wants to run How could it be so easy”

Chu Yanyin never expected that Chu Chu could still get so rich in his small treasury.

After three months, even if Miracle Pictures lost money, she would earn more privately.

It was too much!

Chu Yanyin firmly would not allow that to happen and must let her shine in her post.

In Qisheng Film, Chu Chu had recently clearly felt Yao Xing’s change.

His attitude is impeccable and polite but he always rushed her to the office and piled countless important documents on the table for her to look through.

The sweets that she used to get were removed, replaced by thick files.

Chu Chu occasionally left the office for a moment and Yao Xing came forward and asked about the work progress.

Chu Chu faced the huge amount of work accumulated on the table, had a headache for the first time and muttered, “I hope he treats me as a child and can pull me from drowning for three months…” 

She wanted to be a jerk who fooled around, but why did she suddenly become the main force of the army for damage control

Zhang Jianian was typing on the computer, remotely dealing with Yinda investment.

He was amused when he heard her complaining tone, “Isn’t that something you are good at I am studying finance and Mr.

Yao is studying engineering mechanics.

We don’t have the knowledge about your major.”

Stacked on the table were all movie projects, all of which were the projects that Qisheng Film was working on.

In judging the content of movies, Chu Chu clearly had a much better vision.

Yao Xing was originally a technical expert and gradually transformed into a management.

He used to be mainly responsible for national theater layout and hardware updates.

Chu Chu narrowed her eyes and said, “I’m not professional!”

Zhang Jianian faintly guessed that she was a member of the film and television industry, but still asked, “Then what is your undergraduate major”

Chu Chu lied confidently, “Marxist theory, can’t it be”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian: That’s a lie.

As long as Chu Chu finished dealing with the current affairs on the table, Yao Xing would immediately send new ones.

After the cycle went back and forth, she learned the best and started to fish in a straightforward manner.

Chu Chu walked left and turned right in the office and finally stared at Zhang Jianian boredly.

She observed his “passerby halo”.

During the difficult working hours, she began to think scientifically.

Why did the main world assign Zhang Jianian a “passerby halo” She hadn’t seen the same halo on other people’s heads.

Zhang Jianian was working intensively.

He had perceived her gaze and turned his head, “What are you looking at”

Chu Chu: “You.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Chu Chu leaned forward and urged, “Take a short rest.

Let’s talk for a while.”

Zhang Jianian said with a good temper, “What do you want to talk about”

Chu Chu said, “Let’s talk about some topics related to professional research.

You can cooperate with me to accumulate some information.”

Zhang Jianian didn’t expect her to be so serious and asked tentatively, “For example”

Chu Chu took out a pen and paper, as if she wanted to record it formally.

She blinked and asked righteously, “Do you know that you look good”

Zhang Jianian looked into her shining eyes, “What are you studying”

“I’m studying human psychology.

This is a sample question.” Chu Chu said frankly, “You haven’t answered me yet.”

Zhang Jianian was skeptical of her wording and replied in a dull tone, “I don’t know.”

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows and drew a random sketch on the paper, “Now you know.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Chu Chu continued, “Does your good looks ever affect your normal life”

Zhang Jianian felt that his bottom line of shame had been challenged.

He bit the bullet and said, “President Chu, let’s talk about another topic.”

Chu Chu nodded and immediately changed the question, “Do you know that you are very attractive”

Zhang Jianian: “…Do you have anything else you can talk about”

Chu Chu: “Are you in love”


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