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Zhang Jianian finally lost in front of the naughty child.

He chose to go to the pantry to calm down for a while.

He dared not look at her and opened the door without saying a word and without even looking back.

Chu Chu stared blankly at him who hurriedly left.

She didn’t know how she provoked Mr.


Chu Chu: Maybe he has those days every month.

During lunch, Yao Xing informed President Chu to eat as usual.

After he entered the room, he found that only President Chu was there and he didn’t see Zhang Jianian.

He wondered, “Is Jianian not here”

President Chu and Zhang Jianian were almost inseparable.

It was rare to see him out of the office.

“He’ll be back soon,” Chu Chu said frankly without the slightest guilt of being the culprit.

“Let’s wait for him then,” Yao Xing nodded.

He had no idea what Mr.

Zhang had just suffered.

Chu Chu recently worked at Qisheng Film and Yao Xing would basically accompany her at lunch.

The two waited for Zhang Jianian to return and simply talked about work.

Yao Xing came with Chu Yanyin’s entrustment and asked tentatively, “President Chu, you seemed to have some objections on the future development of Miracle Pictures last time.”

Chu Chu pretended to be stupid and said, “Is is I don’t remember clearly.”

Yao Xing’s eyebrows twitched.

She had degraded Miracle Pictures to nothing.

When he turned his head, she started to pretend to have amnesia

Yao Xing patiently reminded her, “Didn’t you say that the projects in preparation are not good”

Chu Chu’s face was upright, “Don’t talk nonsense.

How can Miracle Pictures under the leadership of the great leader Director Chu be bad Your thoughts are not right!”

Yao Xing: “…”

His admiration for Director Chu and Zhang Jianian spontaneously arose.

How do they persevere in normal times

Of course, Chu Chu could guess Yao Xing’s idea.

He must have been ordered to urge her to do her work, simply playing Tai Chi with the old man.

The water inside the Qisheng Group was too deep and she may be overturned by Old Chu if she rushed in, especially the film and television production part.

She only had three months.

Even if she gave a good idea now, when she leaves, if there came a problem in actual operation, it would directly bring down the good project. 

Many high-investment large projects had broken the capital chain in the middle and the finished product lost money and didn’t get audience acceptance

In order to prevent Old Chu from blaming her, Chu Chu simply relied on Light Realm Entertainment to fill the small vault without entering the muddy water.

Real money was the most real.

Of course Yao Xing knew what she was thinking and he persuaded her in a persuasive manner, “President Chu, I want to say something.

Qisheng will also be taken over by you in the future.

If you get involved in Miracle Pictures first, you will save a lot of time.”

Chu Chu blinked and said bluntly, “With Old Chu’s work, it’s a miracle that it’s not sold yet.

If not, I would not need to spend much time now after taking over.” 

Old Chu was obviously a person who couldn’t take time off.

He would still be known when he retired.

How could it be so easy for him to leave

Yao Xing felt that President Chu’s mentality was quite magical.

Seeing her expression, he guessed she was looking forward to a miracle of bankruptcy, so she could make a face at Director Chu.

He had no choice but to offer, “Director Chu said that if you really want to manage Miracle Pictures, you can take over as CEO first and even if you return to work at Yinda, you can still directly participate in the projects.”

President Chu was quite speechless and vomited, “It’s not enough that I have a film and television company to manage and Miracle Pictures is about to collapse.

He still wants me to take the CEO position”

Yao Xingyu said with enthusiasm,”A lean camel is bigger than a horse.

No matter how bad the benefit of Miracle Pictures is, the scale is still far greater than that of Chenxing Film and Television.

You will not suffer a lot!”

“In fact, Miracle Pictures can be used as a springboard for you to go overseas.

I believe that your dream will never stop at succeeding only in China.” Yao Xing continued, “Although it looks bad at the moment, as long as it is put on the right track, it can definitely become a sharp knife to the overseas market.”

Chu Chu fell into thought.

She naturally knew these things.

The most valuable thing about Miracle Pictures was its past resources, especially the overseas one.

Chu Yanyin was definitely not hot-headed.

He saw the value behind Miracle Pictures and bought it.

The problem was that the risk was too high and no one could guarantee that a company that had lost four years in a row could be driven uphill.

Chu Chu was silent for a moment and asked, “If I take over, you won’t interfere in the decision-making, right”

Yao Xing nodded, “Of course not.

We fully respect your opinion.

If any income is generated, it will also belong to you.”

When Chu Chu heard that the money belonged to her, she said happily, “Okay, I agree.”

Yao Xing was relieved and asked, “Since this is the case, what are your plans for the next step”

Yao Xing persuaded President Chu to succeed and only waited for her to show off and do a good job in Miracle Pictures.

Chu Chu: “I am now the CEO of Miracle Pictures, so can I get copyright authorization without spending any money”

Yao Xing: “…”

Did she want to make money from selling game designs forever

After Yao Xing negotiated with Chu Chu, he walked out of the office and reported the situation to Director Chu.

Zhang Jianian came into the office to learn the ins and outs.

He just went to the pantry.

After returning, she became the CEO of Miracle Pictures.

There were only two people left in the office. 

Zhang Jianian said, “Did you get the company within ten minutes”

Her hands moved so fast, that even if he left for ten minutes, big things happened.

Seeing him return, Chu Chu stopped the rotating chair and curiously asked, “What did you do”

She just pretended to bite him and he fled like a ghost was chasing him.

He left her scratching her head.


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