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Zhang Jianian was adjusting his emotions and managing expressions in the pantry.

He replied, “Wash my hands.”

Chu Chu was dissatisfied when she heard that, “I am not dirty, why did you wash your hands”

Zhang Jianian did not expect that the reasons given by him hurriedly could be turned around by her.

He reluctantly explained, “You misunderstood, I didn’t mean that…”

Chu Chu: “Then prove it.”

Zhang Jianian: “How can I prove it”

Chu Chu: “Touch me with your hand to prove that washing hands has nothing to do with me.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry at her childish demands, so he stretched out his hand and poked her forehead, “Is this all right”

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows and said, “You have harassed me like I did once.

So now we both are even.” 

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian remembered the deed a while ago and simply poked her on the forehead to relieve the anger in his heart. 

Chu Chu covered her forehead and shouted, “Don’t disturb me, now you owe me once again!” 

Zhang Jianian didn’t say a word and kept poking her. 


He continued to poke.

“Three times.”

When Zhang Jianian heard the words, he used his index finger to finish a series of attacks and then a smile appeared on his face, “If you can count, then remember it.”

He didn’t poke her forehead hard, but the speed was so fast.

It was strange that she could keep the count.

Chu Chu was poked several times by him and she really couldn’t count the number of times.

But she was not someone who was easy to deal with and calmly said, “Since counting is not easy, I will estimate a number for you and round it up to 100 million times.”

Zhang Jianian was willing to bow down to her robber logic: It’s good to round up, but why that much

After Yao Xing reported to Chu Yanyin, Chu Chu took Miracle Pictires’s CEO position.

The first thing she did was not to get the authorization of other works, but to stop some projects.

Miracle Pictures was a film production company with a huge investment in a single project, mostly in the hundreds of millions.

Except for joint venture projects, the wholly-owned films that were not good enough got temporarily shelved, some scripts were given to be polished and some were not expected to see the sun again.

This was quite a bold move and naturally it attracted a lot of criticism within the company.

Some projects had already got investment in the early stage.

When they were stopped rashly, the team was unhappy in their hearts.

When Yao Xing learned of President Chu’s decision, he also sweated and asked cautiously, “Do you have to stop them”

“If the project doesn’t pass the standards, it’s best to stop the loss in time.” Chu Chu resolutely said, “In fact, the company’s movies’ box office failed miserably in the past two years because some projects should have never been made.”

Chu Chu knew that her reforms would inevitably arouse dissatisfaction with the old team and the road ahead could be described as difficult.

She decided to stop other people’s projects.

The client would definitely feel uncomfortable.

But at present, Miracle Pictures, which had been losing money for years, had to face rejection.

The process of the film project went down, sometimes even for several years and Miracle Pictures couldn’t afford it.

In fact, Yao Xing and others had also tried to make changes to save the decline of losses.

For example, the number of projects decreased year by year, but they were all treating the symptoms rather than the root cause.

Yao Xing could not persuade her.

Director Chu and him had something to say.

But they couldn’t interfere in Miracle Pictures’ affairs.

They couldn’t immediately break their promise.

If Yao Xing didn’t care, it didn’t mean that other people would not make trouble.

Soon someone came to complain to Yao Xing, “Mr.

Yao, I think you should let President Chu think twice.

Our project has been in preparation for nearly a year and now we just stopped.

Do we have to give in”

Gao Lanqing learned that the project was about to be stopped and made a special trip to Qisheng Film to meet with Qisheng’s CEO, Yao Xing.

Gao Lanqing was a returnee from overseas.

She had a Hollywood background and a bright resume.

She had also participated in a Sino-foreign joint venture project of Miracle Pictures.

She naturally had the confidence to come to Yao Xing.

Yao Xing said, “I have discussed with Chief Chu, this is a decision we made after comprehensive consideration.”

Gao Lanqing naturally didn’t believe it.

Yao Xing didn’t say anything before, but as soon as President Chu came to Miracle Pictures, the project was stopped immediately.

Who wouldn’t think it was done by President Chu

There were rumors in the company that President Chu was likely to take over as the CEO of Miracle Pictures.

She was obviously a new official.

Gao Lanqing knew that President Chu had a special status and that not everyone could offend her.

So she found Yao Xing and hoped that he would mediate.

She argued with reason, “Mr.

Yao, movies are different from TV dramas.

Although President Chu has produced TV drama projects before, it was a domestic team and the two cannot be compared.”

Yao Xing also had a headache.

Recently, many people like Gao Lanqing came to visit.

He simply said, “It just so happens that President Chu is in the company today.

Why don’t I take you over to talk to her directly


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