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Huali Pay, which was just launched, collapsed so sharply.

After Chu Chu watched the news, she sighed for a long time and then heard Zhang Jianian’s reminder, “We should start.”

“Okay, let’s go directly to Light World Entertainment,” Chu Chu took her coat casually and followed Zhang Jianian out.

Not long ago, they had an appointment with Liang Chan to visit the company to investigate a new business.

Zhang Jianian reached out and gently pulled her collar tucked in the neckline and then replied, “Yes, Liang Chan informed the players to come to the company today, but we need to arrange a training base in the future.”

Light World Entertainment would soon be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and had entered the final stage of the process.

Liang Chan and Zhang Jianian were also talking about new business privately, which was the establishment of an e-sport team.

With the expansion of the overseas influence of “Win the War”, the end-game version of the game had been relaunched and many e-sport teams had sprung up like mushrooms.

The mobile game version of “Win the War” opened up the game’s nationality, while the end game version allowed everyone to see the potential of the e-sport industry.

Of course, it was obviously not suitable for Light World Entertainment to both play off the court and be the referee.

The e-sport team of the Yinda system would definitely stand on its own and would not directly hang under Light World.

But the first selection of players was temporarily set in Light World Entertainment venue.

Chu Chu knew that Zhang Jianian and others were recruiting players, but didn’t pay much attention.

The reason was very simple.

She was bad even at the mobile game version, not to mention the more complex mobile game version, which was completely watched by outsiders.

Zhang Jianian was in charge of driving and Chu Chu was sitting in the passenger seat.

She humbly asked for advice, “But I don’t know much about games, what happened in previous rounds”

It was the first time that she would officially meet with the first group of contestants.

She didn’t show up at all in the previous recruiting stage and didn’t even know the names of the candidates.

Zhang Jianian remembered Chu Chu’s free play at the Qisheng annual meeting and joked, “How to strengthen the communist party style and clean government of the e-sport teams” Chu Chu relaxed, “If you talk about this, I won’t be sleepy.”

When Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian arrived at Light World Entertainment, the first team of players were training.

Liang Chan temporarily opened up a new area for the gaming team, where professional equipment and gaming chairs could be seen through the glass wall.

The players were staring at the dazzling screen intently while practicing.

They were not too old and individual members were still underage, with immature and young faces.

Chu Chu saw Zhang Jianian standing outside the room.

He was looking at the big screen real-time through the glass, which made her suddenly think of something.

Zhang Jianian seemed to be aware of her gaze and turned his head, “Is it a bit boring to wait After they finish this game, we will go in.”

Zhang Jianian mistakenly thought that Chu Chu was not very interested in the players’ cooperative practice and was bored.

Chu Chu shook her head and suddenly said, “Did you want to play e-sport before”

She had watched VIR’s video that she got from Director Qin.

Zhang Jianian’s style was quite vigorous, which made the opponents lose.

His username in the game was remembered by many netizens, far more than his real name.

Zhang Jianian was taken aback for a moment and then smiled bitterly, “That’s all my crazy thoughts when I was in college.”

Chu Chu curiously asked, “Why didn’t you want to Because of the situation at home”

If Zhang Jianian learned that Zhang Yafang was not so poor, maybe his life plan would change.

Zhang Jianian calmly analyzed and confessed, “There are indeed reasons for this, but at the time I actually felt adventurous.

The professional e-sport environment in the past was very poor and ‘Win the War’ began to decline.

I was not sure about how far I could go with this path, so I didn’t continue.”

Zhang Jianian belonged to a typical rational person.

He had to analyze the future and trend of everything he did.

Unlike Chu Chu, who often said “how bold people are and how productive they are”, he occasionally asked himself whether he regretted it, but in fact, his childhood fantasies were like candy in his childhood.

When he was a teenager, he thought it was precious and extremely delicious.

When he tasted it as an adult, it would only leave the aftertaste of nostalgia and the surprise in the fuzzy memory.

Zhang Jianian looked at Chu Chu and said with a smile, “You lose something, you gain something.

If I had gone to play e-sport, maybe we would not have known each other.”

If Zhang Jianian had been an e-sport player, he would not have entered Qisheng and Yinda at all, then the story of the latter two would naturally disappear.

Chu Chu calmly said, “It doesn’t matter, I could be the water dispenser manager of the team, we will definitely know each other better.” (the person who gives water to players in sports)

Zhang Jianian: “…” Then you are great, guarding the water dispenser with a net worth of tens of billions

After the players practiced, Liang Chan invited Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian into the office and introduced everyone, “This is Xiaocha,  the main bomber, this is Panlong in the position of the ranger…” 


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