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When Yao Xing took Gao Lanqing over, he was a little worried.

President Chu had always been mean and it was impossible to guarantee that she would step down.

Zhang Jianian happened to be away.

Chu Chu was sitting in the office looking at the documents.

When she heard a knock on the door, she responded, “Please come in.”

She saw Yao Xing open the door and enter with a person behind him.

Yao Xing came forward and said, “President Chu, this is Gao Lanqing, the producer of Miracle Pictures.

She has done many film projects before and wants to talk to you.”

Chu Chu looked at the woman in front of her and said, “Hello.”

The two parties greeted each other and Gao Lanqing said straightforwardly, “President Chu, I hope you will think about it again.

It’s a pity to stop the project now.”

Yao Xing stood aside and waited quietly for President Chu to refute.

She had once made a vicious evaluation of the project and criticized it.

The next moment, President Chu nodded in agreement, “It’s really a pity.”

Yao Xing: “”

Yao Xing had planned to speak words of comfort to Gao Lanqing after President Chu scolded her.

The boss did not follow his thoughts.

Gao Lanqing was also confused and hesitated, “Then why did you stop the project What do you think is not good enough”

Gao Lanqing even had self-doubt.

Could it be that President Chu meant to stop the project because it was not good

Chu Chu sincerely said, “You are doing very well, but our past management is not good enough.”

“The initial strategic plan of the management was wrong and that pushed everyone to where they are today.” Chu Chu vowed, “I apologize to you on behalf of Director Chu and Mr.


I’m really sorry.”

Yao Xing, who was watching, did not expect that he would suddenly become the one to be blamed.

He was stunned at Chu Chu’s act of shunning the blame completely.

Was that what a leader should do!

Yao Xing wanted to argue, “President Chu, I…”

Chu Chu waved her hand and comforted, “It’s okay, Mr.

Yao, don’t feel guilty.

Let’s start again now.

We will get there in time.”

Yao Xing: “…”

Chu Chu wouldn’t rush to carry the pot, (take blame) of course he had to pick it.

She only arrived a few days ago.

Miracle Pictures developed this way because of the previous managers and not her.

Gao Lanqing clearly saw that President Chu’s attitude was so sincere, far from the rumored arrogance and domineering person which made her somewhat dazed.

She remembered her purpose and tried to find room for negotiation, “President Chu, do you have to stop our project”

A hint of helplessness appeared on Chu Chu’s face and she replied, “This is not something I can control.

The company’s operating conditions determined that the projects must be stopped.

If funds come abundant one day, these projects can of course be re-run.

You also know Miracle Pictures has not been doing well these two years.”

Yao Xing listened to President Chu’s serious nonsense.

She was simply a natural leader with lies, who used both coaxing and coercion.

Although the performance of Miracle Pictures was extremely poor, it was not as if it was impossible to keep running as she said.

Although Gao Lanqing had persistence and resolutely found the boss, she couldn’t open her mouth when facing President Chu.

The big boss directly said that the company couldn’t live anymore.

How could she have the confidence to ask for money again Should she wait for a while

Chu Chu saw that Gao Lanqing was a little bit disappointed.

She was silent for a moment and then said, “Miracle Pictures’s sole proprietorship project is not very possible, but I have a joint venture project in my hand.

If you are interested, do you want to hear about it”

Gao Lanqing asked, “What kind of project”

Chu Chu said frankly, “We should rely on Blasting Superman, Forest Rain Traveler and other genres, with a strong fantasy theme.

I won’t force you to take care of the domestic market, just overseas markets.”

Gao Lanqing heard the words and only felt that a huge pie hit her head.

God knew how tired she and the team were to rack their brains to please both sides. 

The differences between Chinese and Western cultures were reflected in the movie and it was difficult for the production team to take care of them all.

But as an overseas springboard for Qisheng Films, Miracle Pictures must shoulder this responsibility.

There were many foreigners in Gao Lanqing’s team and many of them really failed to make a place in the Eastern countries.

The consequences of making movies indiscriminately were nondescript.

President Chu had actually changed her strategy and returned to the style that Miracle Pictures was good at before.

Gao Lanqing was sensible and she seriously said, “President Chu, the company has actually done a sequel to ‘Forest Rain Traveler’ before, but the response was average… If the old IP is still used, the audience may not buy it.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not a sequel, but it’s also an IP.” Chu Chu added, “Of course, I will also interview other producers, not finalize the team immediately, do you understand”

“I understand.” Gao Lanqing could understand that if President Chu proceeded with the project, she would be uneasy about the company’s prospects.

Gao Lanqing thought for a long time, but she didn’t know what joint venture project was mentioned by President Chu.

When she received the notice to go to Light World Entertainment, she guessed the IP project to be adapted.

Chu Chu’s thoughts were very straightforward.

She wanted to push Miracle Pictures upward and she could only rely on Light World Entertainment to take the road of adapting games to movies.

“Win the War” had recently been successfully launched overseas, with considerable downloads, showing an upward trend.

If Miracle Pictures released the adapted film in time, it could help the game expand its influence overseas.

Also with overseas special effects technology, the game world would be displayed perfectly.

Chu Chu had the idea of ​​adapting games to movies a long time ago.

But the domestic production companies obviously had no experience in similar projects.

Although the stories of Miracle Pictures’ previous movies were not great, the special effects were real and exquisite.

With similar classics ahead of them, it became the best choice.

Of course, there was another reason that Light World Entertainment was now very rich.

Since sooner or later, it would spend money on adapting games to movies, Chu Chu naturally promoted the cooperation between the two companies in an attitude of not letting outsiders take it over.

The news that Miracle Pictures would produce “Win the War” movie had just been released and immediately sparked heated discussions on the Internet.


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