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Zhang Jianian answered without hesitation.

Chu Chu froze in place when she ran into his clear and sincere eyes and looked away with some guilty conscience.

She had dug a hole by herself, then fell into it and couldn’t climb out.


Zhang usually ignored all her nonsense and had always been silent.

This time, he actually responded.

He sincerely said, “Although I can’t guarantee that I can provide you with your current lifestyle, I can let you eat boiled fish every day.”

“You can go for tea during the day, barbecue at night and occasionally watch the square dance, whatever you want.”

“Even if you lose everything you have, life can continue.”

Zhang Jianian didn’t know the origin of her sudden hidden worries, but he thought that even if Qisheng disappeared, things wouldn’t be so bad.

Chu Chu lowered her head and muttered a little bit unconvinced, “You said it well, how easy it is, you will definitely be in debt by then…”

“Then we can pay it back together slowly, right” Zhang Jianian smiled lightly, “I think I have much more experience in paying off debts than you.”

Facing his tolerant attitude, Chu Chu got dumb.

Even if she had always been heartless, she couldn’t feel ignorant when she heard these words.

Zhang Jianian was a man of few words.

He had always used his words carefully.

He was making a serious promise.

She didn’t dare to think any more and said with a smile, “Mr.

Zhang is really loyal.”

Zhang Jianian just smiled and they stopped talking about bankruptcy.

The two chatted about a few other things and Zhang Jianian left.

After he left, Chu Chu quietly leaned on the chair, thinking alone for a long time.

The release of “Rouge” was finally finalized according to Chu Chu’s intention.

After the TV series was finalized, it entered the publicity stage in an all-round way.

The crew held a press conference to answer the media’s questions. 

Chu Chu had participated, she appeared for the first time and immediately attracted the audience’s attention.

Although she was not considered as the main creator of the crew in the standard sense, she was definitely the subject of hot discussion among major accounts and her limelight even surpassed the leading actors.

On the stage, Chu Chu stood beside Director Peng, quietly listening to the host’s speech.

When the media asked questions, the scene became lively.

“I want to ask President Chu, what do you think of ‘Wanderer’ that is also going to be released” A reporter asked

The background staff heard the question clearly and shouted, “Don’t ask such questions…”

Many media would save face and would not deliberately raise sharp questions.

Who would have thought that the first reporter was reckless

Chu Chu held the microphone and smiled, “Actually, I can only talk about ‘Rouge’ now.

This kind of official rhetoric goes back and forth to you, it gets quite boring.”

The reporter saw that she was not angry and smiled as well, “Then, what do you think of the male lead in “Wanderer””

“Yes.” Chu Chu blinked calmly, “Wanderer is good, but the male lead is not good.”

The reporters in the audience roared with laughter and felt the hard-core attitude familiar to President Chu.

“I’ve already said the standard answer you want.” Chu Chu watched everyone laugh and teased leisurely, “I will wait to see the press releases from reporters when I go back and see what you will write today.”

The reporter wondered, “Won’t you get angry if you read such a thing”

Many people regarded sharply questioning reporters as a thorn in their eyes.

It was rare to see President Chu as a public figure with such a demeanor.

“No anger, everyone just needs to eat food to survive.” Chu Chu smiled, “I will say a few words, you can make big news when you go back with just a little effort, why won’t you not do it”

“But you can step on me, so don’t step on the drama.” Chu Chu clasped her fists in wuxia style and said boldly, “Remember to write at the end of the draft, ‘Rouge’ is the most awesome, my brother, thank you!”

President Chu was so open-minded.

She did not deliberately make things difficult.

The next questions were friendly and polite and the atmosphere got lively.

“President Chu, I would like to ask you, do you have any special goals you want to achieve recently”

Chu Chu thought for a moment and said sincerely, “Recently…I really want to go bankrupt.”



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