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President Chu sighed from the bottom of her heart.

Everyone’s faces were bewildered for a while.

Not only the reporters but also the creators on the stage cast surprised eyes on her.

“President Chu, today’s news is quite big, in fact, you don’t have to try so hard…” The reporter scratched his head embarrassedly and persuaded, “Yes, not necessary so…”

The reporter next to him responded, “Take a moment.

Take a moment and answer.”

The reporters were all embarrassed.

As an ACE in the entertainment industry, must President Chu try so hard to feed the entertainment news She could make big news by talking about going bankrupt

The host smiled dryly and eased the atmosphere, “Hahaha, President Chu has a good sense of humor…”

Chu Chu blinked and said sincerely, “I’m not joking.”

She wanted to go bankrupt recently and that wish even exceeded the tens of billions goal.

Director Peng didn’t know if he should laugh or cry when he heard that.

He hadn’t seen any TV show bosses who were looking forward to bankruptcy. 

He joked, “President Chu, have you considered our feelings when hoping for bankruptcy at the new TV show announcement meeting”

Yin Yan did not attend this press conference and the people who had the most say in the audience were Mr.

Peng and Mei Qin.

Chen Yifan didn’t dare to tease the boss in public, but as a star artist, he had the most complicated mood.

Chen Yifan: I feel that I and the company are in jeopardy.

“If you think you have too much money, you can donate it to me.” Mei Qin agreed with a smile, “I can help you carry the heavy burden.”

The host could not help suggesting, “I have a way to let President Chu experience the life of her dreams.

In fact, you can participate in “X-Change”.”

Everyone present laughed and the atmosphere got quite lively.

The host also guided everyone to say some official words about star popularity, the big hits and the announcement meeting ended smoothly.

The reporters kept their promise.

Not only did they hold out a big news, they also wrote that “Rouge” was awesome at the end, which was quite loyal        .

After reading the end of the draft, the netizens were all confused.

The rainbow fart of the navy was so unwilling.

It didn’t even need to step out.

Superman Fries: Your account was brainwashed by “Rouge” Why did you just brag it as awesome without even bothering to go into details [doge]

Xingxing: People’s worlds are really different.

Li Taihe ponders every day how to crush President Chu and she thinks about how to go bankrupt every day.


Xiaochacha: I think she has more style than Li Tuahe.

Alas, when Li Taihe was asked a question at the press conference, he just had a long face.

Is President Chu going bankrupt today: Regrets for giving birth to a precious daughter.

Hula la la: Please don’t bring the name of other dramas, whoever is touched by garbage with ulterior motives will have a long face.


Chuan Chuan: Trash drama will only be trash.

Even the TV stations don’t want it.

Gift: Let your idol first spend 700 million yuan for charity and then come barking in front of President Chu.


Reading Qianfan: Since Li Taihe terminated his contract, his Weibo fans have not increased.

Chu Chu is just the opposite.

Yinda is now valued at more than 10 billion yuan.

The company has jumped several levels in the past six months.

You still can’t see who the father is

Osmanthus: Tell them what is the use of company valuation.

They only follow stars and don’t understand anything else.

[doge] However, even if Princess Chu goes bankrupt and becomes an internet celebrity, she will probably be better than Li Taihe.

Not surprisingly, Chu Chu’s bankruptcy remarks aroused heated discussions and there were even special problems.

Question: How can we help Chu Chu go bankrupt and what preparations are needed

PETE: Thanks for the invitation, sorry, I dare not answer, Director Chu is watching us.

Heiqiu: It is impossible to go bankrupt You think that the rich are just rich.

In fact, what makes people rich is their thinking.

Anonymous user: It is actually very difficult to answer.

Unless Yinda makes a major internal decision error and “Win the War” is directly obscured.

At the current level, it’s difficult to slow down the growth rate.

Money can really make more money.

Maybe if President Chu is either cheated by someone to take out money, or the chain of funds for frantic expansion got broken, she would not go bankrupt even if she lay at home and didn’t work.

Of course, if Yinda is finished, Qisheng will still be around.

The possibility is even lower.

Kraft paper: Qisheng is more likely to go bankrupt than Yinda, after all, old companies have more non-performing assets.

Aisin: As expected of everyone, common people help the rich second generation worry about bankruptcy Could the anonymous person who asked be Qisheng’s competitor

Milk Tea: President Chu made me feel that the tens of billion goal was too easy to achieve.

So she is determined to reverse the score Does she think that bankruptcy is more challenging

Anonymous user: President Nan, I know that you want to destroy President Chu.

Give me money, I will immediately make suggestions.

No answer for free.

In Yinda, while Zhang Jianian was working, he received a call from Chu Yanyin.

He was quite surprised and greeted him, “Director Chu, how are you recuperating recently”

“Jianian, has anything unusual happened to Yinda” Chu Yanyin had a headache.

He had a feeling of nostalgia when he heard the most distressing news in his easy life.

“Nothing abnormal.” Zhang Jianian didn’t know what Director Chu meant and added, “If you are not at ease, I will send the financial report to your mailbox later.”

Although Chu Yanyin was resting, he was still dealing with some of Qisheng’s affairs.

Chu Yanyin asked suspiciously, “Are you sure Then did she say anything strange to you”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian: She talks too many strange things every day, I really don’t know which one you are asking about.

He didn’t see the news, so naturally he was confused and asked in confusion, “Did you hear any news”

Chu Yanyin said frankly, “Has she ever told you about bankruptcy”

Zhang Jianian was taken aback and said, “President Chu mentioned it a few days ago, she asked what if she goes bankrupt…” But it should be a joke, right

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Chu Yanyin.

“Check what she did in private recently!” Chu Yanyin verified his guess and said, “Did she take part in something behind your back, or why would she think of bankruptcy”

Chu Yanyin seriously suspected that Chu Chu had caused major incidents outside and even concealed it from him and Zhang Jianian in order to achieve her ulterior motive.

He dispatched Zhang Jianian to investigate the case to prevent them from being unprepared and unable to clean up the mess.

Zhang Jianian’s eyebrows were slightly frowned, with a worried expression on his face and said, “You mean, President Chu personally said that she is about to go bankrupt”

Chu Yanyin: “She said recently that she wanted to go bankrupt.

What does she mean by that”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian felt that he had solved the case.

As the original words were “want” instead of “got”, he understood her brain circuit, after all, her dream was to be a salted fish.

It was not easy to tell Director Chu about President Chu’s path of ignorance, so he had to say with difficulty, “President Chu should be joking.”


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