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It was the first time everyone had met President Chu.

They used to only deal with Mr.

Zhang and President Liang.

Some people were cautious.

Of course, some people were in a more relaxed state than in the past, such as the Ranger Panlong.

As everyone knew, President Chu’s game level was average, basically a rookie level.

Liang Chan asked Chu Chu’s opinion, “What do you think of the game just now”

Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian were watching the whole process outside and Liang Chan asked them their opinions.

Chu Chu bluntly said, “It was okay.”

Panlong raised his eyebrows and made a shallow hum, seeming to be noncommittal about President Chu’s evaluation.

In his opinion, the awareness and cooperation in the game was very good.

It was a rare and good game.

He didn’t know whether she said that on purpose, or didn’t understand it at all.

Chu Chu noticed Panlong’s small movements and looked at him, “You don’t seem to agree”

Panlong was still young and was a little bit arrogant.

His joy and anger were clearly expressed on his face.

Although Liang Chan knew about his minor problems, he didn’t have the time to pull him.

He unexpectedly argued with President Chu.

Panlong raised his chin and asked, “Can you tell me what was wrong with the game just now”

Chu Chu: “There is nothing bad, but it can be better.”

Panlong was quite sure of himself as he said, “No one can surpass the operation just now.”

When Chu Chu saw his attitude, she acted like a child showing off in the kindergarten and said arrogantly, “My fiance can.”

Panlong: “” This is not your game level, why are you even more awkward than the party involved 

He at first looked arrogant and complacent, but under Chu Chu’s domineering attitude, his momentum got instantly slower.

When other people heard President Chu’s simple and rude answer, they excitedly shouted, “Ooooh-“

The people around started to instigate them, fearing that it would not be chaotic.

“Don’t persuade Panlong, fight one-on-one!”

“Maybe you will kill God!”

VIR was well-known and every professional player knew him.

Zhang Jianian was an ancient God and everyone had never seen his current level.

Liang Chan looked at the excited children and joked, “Mr.

Zhang, will you play the game”

Chu Chu was like a fox.

Whirling around Zhang Jianian, she said, “You must beat him!”

Zhang Jianian didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

He was inexplicably pushed to the computer by everyone.

He looked at Panlong who was hesitant and said in a gentle tone, “If you want, we can try it”

For Panlong, it was hard to ride a tiger as he was unable to get off (difficult to carry on a task).

Unexpectedly, President Chu didn’t follow the routine and asked questions, but actually made a move.

Panlong thought for a long time, thinking that the VIR myth had been ten years old.

Zhang Jianian was definitely at the age of retirement now, maybe his level was not as good as before and gritted his teeth, “Okay, then try.”

E-sport players generally started to retire around the age of 25.

Older players were rare.

After all, the golden age of human response ability was only a few years.

Zhang Jianian not only got older, but also lacked professional game training.

It shouldn’t be easy to keep up with recent professional players.

Zhang Jianian and Panlong finally chose the 1v1 mode.

Both of them were rangers and they were considered to have the strongest level of duel.

Before the game started, Zhang Jianian asked, “How good is your psychology”

Panlong was a little at a loss, “Quite normal”

Zhang Jianian nodded and said relaxedly, “That’s good, since the boss spoke, I can’t let you off easily.”

After all, Panlong was the main ranger of the team.

Although Chu Chu’s request was to show off, Zhang Jianian obviously couldn’t really beat him badly as he couldn’t leave a psychological shadow on the team’s ranger.

When other people heard this slightly indulgent wording, they didn’t feel much in their hearts.

The single dogs secretly looked at President Chu and sighed with emotion.

Someone shouted, “Panlong, if you don’t want to steam the buns, you must win this game!”

Single dogs: Never let couple dogs have the opportunity to show their superiority, we must kill them all!

Panlong heard Zhang Jianian’s calm tone and started a fierce attack.

He wanted to hit Zhang Jianian with his flexible positioning, but he was beaten by the other party.

He was constantly losing his blood, making him a little impetuous.

In a game like this, the most important thing was a steady state of mind.

Once the state of mind collapsed, the game would go out of control. 

Chu Chu watched Zhang Jianian move the mouse with ease.

He was fully absorbed in the game.

His concentration was not like the attitude he used to work in the past.

It was a feeling of immersion and enjoyment, like the most exquisite artist doing his work as he pleased.


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