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Chu Chu blinked, “Old Chu has too many friends.

I will help him create freshness in life.”

Director Nan: “…”

Director Nan thought about it carefully and felt that Chu Yanyin’s friends were indeed scary.

In that way, Hu Daqing was still a rare breed and should be protected.

After Director Nan talked to Chu Chu, he went to talk with his secretary and assistant.

Seeing no one was around, Zhang Jianian reminded her in a low voice, “Hu Daqing will definitely target you again.”

“Because I wiped my hands with wet tissue” Chu Chu raised an eyebrow, “Is he so stingy”

“That’s not entirely the reason.

Director Hu and Director Chu had some grievances in their early years and they have not been resolved.” Zhang Jianian said slowly, “Recently, Hu Daqing has also cooperated with Diqi and Zhuyan to launch ‘Three Masters of Entertainment Project’ to challenge Qisheng…”

Qisheng Group began to invest in cultural, entertainment and theater very early, with a large number of resources and even an implicit monopoly.

The three families got together naturally and launched an encirclement to suppress Qisheng, wanting to tear it apart.

“The business community still engages in small group isolation” Chu Chu briefly summarized the enemy’s behavior.

She said indifferently, “Even a junior high school girl wouldn’t do that.

Do these bosses still love to go to the bathroom together”

Zhang Jianian didn’t react for a while, “What”

Chu Chu sighed, “Oh, you don’t understand young girls’ fun.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian: Sorry, I don’t want to understand.

His prediction was indeed correct.

Hu Daqing’s hatred for Chu Chu was written on his face without any disguise.

The first speaker at the annual financial conference was Diqi’s vice president.

He was considered to be present on behalf of the chairman and belonged to the lowest power among the four speakers.

When the vice president delivered a long speech, Hu Daqing didn’t say a word, but just listened silently.

However, when Chu Chu just went on stage, she was interrupted frequently by Hu Daqing before she said a few words.

Hu Daqing’s behavior was really not a violation as the audience were allowed to raise questions.

He held the microphone and asked directly, “I just heard President Chu say that the Qisheng will invest more money in the entire entertainment industry.

Do you think monopoly behavior is good for the market”

Zhang Jianian raised his eyebrows slightly.

He simply looked at Wang Qing beside him and confirmed in a low voice, “Did President Chu wear the earpiece”

Wang Qing hurriedly said, “She wore it.

I checked it before she went on stage.”

Zhang Jianian breathed a sigh of relief.

He thought in his heart that if Chu Chu was forced to answer the question, she could still have a support communication.

Chu Chu smiled and said without hesitation, “The domestic market is very large.

I think Director Hu’s monopoly theory is a bit too heavy.

If you think Qisheng violates ‘Monopoly Law’, you can contact relevant departments to make a judgment.”

Hu Daqing hid the knife in his smile, “Director Chu and Xiao Chu are both extremely smart and familiar with the Anti-Monopoly Law.

How can we find faults in it”

Hu Daqing was somewhat restrained in front of everyone, but his words still were enraging.

The people in the audience were not fools.

When the two families confronted each other, their sleepiness was wiped out and they were refreshed to watch the fun.

“Isn’t it because you made a three-person entertainment plan on behalf of ‘Three Masters of Entertainment’ to fight injustice for everyone,” Chu Chu was quite gracious and was not discouraged by him.

Everyone in the audience laughed.

Hu Daqing laughed too instead of getting angry and asked, “There are always people who think that our three-person entertainment plan is aimed at Qisheng, does Xiao Chu think so too”

When everyone heard Hu Daqing’s question, they cast their sights on Chu Chu, waiting for the answer.

This question was a bit subtle.

If President Chu nodded her head, she would appear to be narrow minded and would not allow the three to fight against her; if she shook her head, it would be too hypocritical.

Everyone could see the opponents of the alliance.

Chu Chuyun smiled and said politely, “Of course not.”

Everyone in the audience watched her answer thoroughly.

Although they had expected it, they were still disappointed.

“Everyone knows that Duqing, Diqi and Zhuyan have recently joined forces for the three major cultural and entertainment projects.

We take the first letter of each directly and the combination of “Fight Landlord” is easier to remember.” Chu Chu talked freely, with a relaxed and humorous tone, “I’m stupid, I can only use this to remember it.”

Everyone was taken aback for a moment, then burst into laughter.

“Du”, “Di” and “Zhu” were really homophonic “Fight Landlord”.

What was she thinking

Hu Daqing’s complexion turned blue and white.

He had a compelling name in the high-end society, so how could he roll on mud

Chu Chu looked at everyone in the audience and said with deep meaning, “We should have all played Doudizhu.

(card game also called defeat the landlord) This game is very interesting.

Because even if the landlord is defeated, the remaining people will not be rich.

At most, they would have to start over another round.”

“Therefore, the combination of the three alliances is certainly not aimed at Qisheng.” Chu Chu smiled, “Because even if there is no Qisheng, there will be other groups or enterprises.

The landlords will never end the fight and if one Qisheng falls…”

Someone in the audience followed her words, “…There will be thousands of Qisheng standing up!”

Chu Chu had a serious face, “No.”

Everyone: “”

Chu Chu rightfully corrected, “There will be tens of thousands of Yinda standing up.”

Everyone: It is really fresh and free from vulgarity, without any pretense.


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