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“How do you know that I don’t understand the entertainment industry” Hu Daqing asked.

Liu Xian pursed his lips when he heard the words.

He blushed at the words and wanted to explain, “Director Hu, you don’t know anything.

Although our company is called Weiye Technology, what we do is actually entertainment…”

“Oh, what did you do” Hu Daqing stretched out his hand to stop his explanation and asked simply and directly.

Under everyone’s gaze, Liu Xian sweated and said in a weak voice, “The project is still under development.”

Hu Daqing snorted lightly and the disdain in his expression was fully revealed.

There were often people from small companies on such occasions.

Within two years, such companies had changed a lot.

He had seen too much and naturally he didn’t pay attention to Liu Xian.

None of the people present were the rookie chickens.

The people on the stage were the leaders of well known companies and the listeners below were also power figures of major companies.

Liu Xian really couldn’t be put on the stage.

Liu Xian was prevented from speaking due to Hu Daqing’s words.

He stood there a little embarrassed, not knowing where to sit.

Hu Daqing didn’t answer Liu Xian’s question at all.

He was still ashamed to sit down.

Chu Chu simply picked up the microphone and said straightforwardly, “I don’t like what Director Hu said.

What’s wrong with being a young person Do you really need to educate people like this”

When Hu Daqing saw that Chu Chu, who had not been fighting, utter such words, he sneered, “I’m just a senior, giving some pointers to other entrepreneurs, is Xiao Chu frustrated”

Chu Chu smiled and said, “Director Hu, you can’t even treat people equally.

You really lack the tolerance of a senior and I am afraid you are not qualified to give pointers.”

Chu Chu just couldn’t understand Hu Daqing’s arrogant attitude.

He also specifically asked who Liu Xian was.

Didn’t he just want to determine what position the other party had Successful superiors point to the unsuccessful.

Even if that was the cruel norm in society, she was uncomfortable.

Chu Chu didn’t know Liu Xian, but this person had indeed suffered from an unwarranted disaster and became a prop for Hu Daqing to criticize Qisheng.

She wanted to paddle through the meeting, but she didn’t expect Hu Daqing to be like a mad dog.

It was no wonder that Old Chu was very upset with him before.

Hu Daqing sneered, “It seems that Xiao Chu has the same quality.

I am the same generation as Director Chu, maybe your wording is not appropriate”

“What’s inappropriate”

Chu Chu raised her chin slightly and said logically, “You look down on the unsuccessful young man.

I look down on everyone.

Don’t I treat others more equally than you”

Hu Daqing: “…”

Chu Chu was repeatedly provoked by Hu Daqing and finally showed the true thoughts on whatever she didn’t agree with.

The people in the audience didn’t expect that she would pierce the truth so directly.

They laughed and scrupulously took a look at Hu Daqing’s expression.

Standing in the audience, Liu Xian did not expect that President Chu would come forward to relieve the siege.

But it aggravated the conflict between her and Director Hu.

Hu Daqing saw Chu Chu tear his face apart and he mocked, “President Chu is too young and frivolous.

I think you were silent all the time and you were quite generous as President Chu.

I didn’t expect you to reveal your true face.”

When Hu Daqing spoke and pulled Qisheng, Chu Chu had no response, but when he just satirized Liu Xian, she stood up against him.

Chu Chu smiled generously, “You are taking yourself too seriously.

I was too lazy to delay everyone’s time to eat, but now it seems that justice for young people is more important than eating.”

Originally, she waited for the lunch eagerly and didn’t want the meeting to be prolonged.

So she didn’t get entangled with Hu Daqing, but the person was reluctant, criticized and dragged other people into the water.

Hu Daqing retorted, “Xiao Chu, do you think I was wrong Did you hear about Weiye Technology before”

Chu Chu said honestly, “No.”

Basically no one in the audience knew about Weiye Technology and Chu Chu was no exception.

Liu Xian was a little ashamed and couldn’t help lowering his head slightly.

“With my decades of business experience, it’s not an exaggeration to give some advice to an obscure small company, right” Hu Daqing sneered, “Am I not qualified to say something to a person like him”

Hu Daqing did not believe that Chu Chu had met Liu Xian, but she said this time, “You really are not qualified to mention him.”

Hu Daqing glanced at Liu Xian in the audience and asked, “Do you know him What can he do”

Chu Chu’s face was determined and she nodded solemnly.

Others were very confused and looked back at Liu Xian frequently.

How did he and President Chu meet and what were his origins Liu Xian was also at a loss.

He was under the same roof with President Chu for the first time.

They had absolutely no contact before.

Chu Chu said solemnly, “Liu Xian, grandson of Emperor Liu Che of the Han Dynasty, was named Anding Hou (stable marquis), Isn’t this still a good result As expected, Director Hu reads very little history books.

The bookshelves in the office are all for display, right”

Hu Daqing: “…”

Hu Daqing: Can modern Liu Xian and ancient Liu Xian be compared Can I change my name to Hu Shi to start the New Culture Movement 

(Changed orthodox views)


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