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Chu Chu stocked a lot of novel IPs at the beginning.

Because she started her work earlier and purchased a huge quantity, the package price was not expensive.

The evaluation department of Chenxing Film and Television only categorized and evaluated the purchased IP, which consumed a lot of manpower and now it had a relatively complete system.

Although many IPs were famous, they were not easy to adapt to be honest.

Chu Chu held them in her hands, just waiting for the right time to sell them at a high price and earn the profit.

Xia Xiaoxiao was a little dazed and hesitated, “Then should I contact them now”

Since the third party came to ask for the price, President Chu didn’t mind selling it to them.

Chu Chu shook her head and said, “No.”

She watched Xia Xiaoxiao blinking blankly, like a dumb rabbit, hated iron for not being steel and educated her, “If you want to sell something, should you shout first before you can sell it at a high price”

“Yeah” Xia Xiaoxiao was even more confused when she heard the words.

Chu Chuyu emphasized and persuaded, “We must pay attention to methods in selling.

Sometimes popular slogans get even more famous than the goods sold.”

Xia Xiaoxiao seemed to understand but didn’t understand.

President Chu was quite reasonable, so she asked humbly, “Can you give me an example”

“For example, have you ever heard a slogan that has turned back and forth…” Chu Chu sacrificed a mysterious recording that spread across the whole river, imitating vividly, “Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Jiangnan leather factories closed down.

The boss ate and gambled, owed 350 million yuan and ran away with his sister-in-law.”

Xia Xiaoxiao: “…”

Xia Xiaoxiao’s mind popped out of the scene of President Chu absconding with Mr.

Zhang’s paper money.

She shook her head hard to clear out the strange image and curb her cranky thoughts.

Xia Xiaoxiao said weakly, “Well, this is not good…you haven’t run away”

She secretly thought that President Chu’s heart was big enough to curse herself to get bankrupt.

“I’m making an analogy.

If we analyze this phrase, you will find that it is well written.” Chu Chu explained patiently, “Not only did I repeatedly emphasize important information such as ‘Zhejiang, Wenzhou’, but also used the original price of more than 300 yuan for all, write down the actual price of the product and the reason for the price reduction, only this will convince the customer!”

“If you contact them directly for quotations, they will neither trust your price nor the quality of the goods.”

Xia Xiaoxiao felt that President Chu’s explanation was like a high school Chinese teacher analyzing reading questions.

It sounded like she had said a lot and it seemed that she had said nothing.

She touched her head and hesitated, “But should we learn from the leather factories”

Chu Chu calmly said, “Of course the form couldn’t be so grounded, but the truth is all the same.”

She thought for a moment, touched her chin, looked at Xia Xiaoxiao and asked, “Have you ever written a slogan in college” 

“Written,” Xia Xiaoxiao said honestly.

“Okay, I’ll give you an outline now and you can go back and write it.” Chu Chu casually pulled the white paper on the table and wrote down a dozen lines of key points and handed it to Xia Xiaoxiao, “This should be enough for you to write.”

Xia Xiaoxiao took the blank paper curiously and she understood earnestly.

She understood the meaning of every word on the paper, but she didn’t understand at all when connected.

On the other hand, the three union’s major entertainment projects were in full swing.

Hu Daqing recruited enthusiastically and decided to break into the entertainment industry in two ways.

On one hand, he would compete with Qisheng Film and on the other hand, he would compete with Chenxing Film and Television.

Qisheng Film and Chenxing Film and Television were the pillar enterprises of the Chu family in the film and television industry and they were also the main targets of encirclement and suppression of the three major entertainment companies.

In terms of Qisheng film, Hu Daqing was mainly competing for the theater market and box office revenue, which was fairly reasonable.

However, he was a little bit unable to compete with the content creation of Chenxing Film and Television, after all, artistic creation was really hard to say.

Hu Daqing was dumbfounded.

He didn’t understand this aspect.

He simply recruited talents, expanded his team frantically and studied the frontier development of the film and television market.

“Director Hu, the future IP reform is definitely a new blue ocean of content.

The recent popularity of ‘Rouge’ is a typical example and Chenxing has made a lot of money.

The novel IP has its own reader fan group, which will definitely help TV series… “

“IP reform is the new blue ocean” Hu Daqing became interested when he heard the words.

He had heard of this concept for the first time and proposed, “You can talk about it in detail.”

At the meeting, in order to show their worth in front of Hu Daqing, the people naturally boasted about the novel IP.

Everyone had just joined the new team, so they wanted to show their professionalism and strive to create a top-tier hit.

They were bound to bid for the hottest drama “Rouge”.

“If we want to purchase this type of IP, what is the budget” Hu Daqing asked.

The employees at the meeting were all embarrassed. 

Someone whispered, “Director Hu, we may still have a little trouble purchasing.

It belongs to the market and is priceless…”

Director Hu was puzzled.

Another said, “Chenxing Film and Television used to stockpile a large number of IPs and has close relations with many copyright channels.

We have little advantage in this regard.”

They found Chenxing Film and Television last time and they wanted to ask for the IP but hit a wall.

Obviously President Chu still had her dispute with the three major unions.

“It’s just a matter of money.

If the price is in place, I believe that no company will refuse business.” Hu Daqing said calmly, “If Chenxing is unwilling to sell, then ask the channel again, no big deal if we have to pay more price.”

The capitalist Mr.

Hu Daqing firmly believed that money could make things.

Although Chenxing Film and Television had an earlier layout, no one would be unable to keep up against high prices.


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