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In fact, when she was outside the office, she found the faint desire and envy in his eyes.

He longed to reach the top again.

He envied the better conditions and environment of the professional players.

Even though he was calm, it was somehow a dream he buried in his heart.

The pace of this 1v1 game was very fast and it didn’t take long for the winner to be determined.

The other players looked at the amazing play VIR on the big screen.

They were either shocked or shouting “Effin”.

Panlong was undoubtedly irritated.

He let go of the mouse in a daze and unexpectedly doubted himself for the first time.

Was he really suitable for being a ranger

Zhang Jianian’s overall game could only be described as “excellent and extraordinary”, to fully demonstrate the advantages of the profession.

Panlong recalled the battle between the two, but he was so sad that he couldn’t help crying.

He laid on the table fragilely, wiping his tears and choking, “Oh, I can’t beat this level in my life…”

President Chu was right.

He thought that no one could do it.

In fact, he was just sitting in a well and he could never achieve better results.

Everyone: “” Little brother, who are you Quickly bring back our arrogant Second Ranger teammate! Why are you suddenly crying like a puppy

Zhang Jianian was a little flustered when he saw Panlong out of control.

He was considered a veteran player of “Win the War”, he had played 1v1 a lot of times, but this was the first time he saw people cry…

Zhang Jianian: Didn’t he say that his psychology is normal Was it because of his young age

The crowd gathered around Panlong to comfort, but little effect was achieved.

Zhang Jianian blamed himself even more.

The initiator Chu Chu said with relief, “Oh, you can’t fight in this life.

If you want to and start practicing a little bit early, you can’t compete with me for the post of the water dispenser manager.” 

Everyone: Are you sure this is her trying to comfort the loser Isn’t it another backhand

Chu Chu cited her own example and said earnestly, “Is there anything to cry about, you see my level of playing games is messed up, but I can still invest in e-sport teams and point the game at will You just lost a game, did the world end”

Zhang Jianian: …Wait, the more you persuade, the stranger it becomes.

When Panlong heard Chu Chu’s words, he unexpectedly stopped sobbing and said in a huff, “Then what should I do”

Chu Chu patted him on the shoulder and encouraged, “First make money from e-sport, save enough money to start a company and start a business.

After success, you can become the most expensive water dispenser manager.

Maybe you can still hire VIR, the great God as the vice president! Isn’t this very inspirational I believe you can do it!”

Liang Chan couldn’t stand it a little bit and said, “President Chu, this is a bit outrageous…” After all, Panlong did not have the lucky value of the “Infinite Gold Coin” skill when he got reincarnated like president Chu, and he did not have the investment acumen of Zhang Jianian.

Was she joking

Panlong looked at Chu Chu thoughtfully and said, “You make sense!”

Liang Chan: “”

Although everyone felt that President Chu’s persuasion was so far-fetched, Panlong was actually persuaded!

They couldn’t blame him.

If he did not accept President Chu’s solution, he must accept the cruel reality that he couldn’t reach VIR’s level for life.

Since he was deeply aware of the gap, of course he could only make up for the shortcomings by other means.

Many years later, Panlong really had started his own e-sport company.

He was honored to become a water dispenser manager and was grateful to President Chu for the idea.

Of course, these were all things in the future, so they wouldn’t be mentioned for now.

After Zhang Jianian and Panlong’s 1v1 lively atmosphere, there came a bigger problem, what would be the name of the e-sport team

Liang Chan invited the two to come over just to discuss the matter.

Now the team didn’t even have a name, so it was really difficult to organize and manage.

Chu Chu could not train the team by hand, but at least she had to decide on the name.

She looked around the team names drafted by Liang Chan, but didn’t find it suitable. 

Chu Chu thought for a moment and asked Zhang Jianian seriously, “If the team’s name is VIR, can you accept it”

Chu Chu understood very well that now letting Zhang Jianian become a professional player would be tantamount to a dream.

The mood at each stage of life was different.

Once someone missed it, no matter how they remedy it in the future, it felt like it had changed.

“What if you didn’t fulfill your dream They will do it for you.”

But she hoped that his dream could be obtained in another form and be remembered in other ways.

Zhang Jianian was taken aback for a moment.

Her eyes were clear, as if peeking through the secrets of his own heart and finally made up for his young dreams.

He didn’t hesitate much and responded with a smile, “Okay.”

The two smiled tacitly and they reached a certain agreement silently, showing a relieved and relaxed expression.

Liang Chan, who was stricken by the sour smell of the couple, looked at the two of them, completely unable to say anything.

Liang Chan: I should not be at the table, I should be under the table


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