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IP itself was a new concept and the consequence of the crazy end of capital bubbled up the film and television industry.

Of course Hu Daqing knew that the price of IP purchased through this method would be slightly higher, but his business thinking was fundamentally different from that of Chu Chu.

Chu Chu had the dual identity of boss and producer, but Hu Daqing, as a film and television layman, ultimately seeked to compete for the market, expand revenue and make Three Major Entertainment go public.

He didn’t plan to make the content well.

He was rushing to make money.

IP film reform could shorten the production cycle and let him make quick money.

It was especially suitable for major entertainment companies that started late when they lacked content.

Chu Chu was well versed in Hu Daqing’s capitalist thinking, so she specially set him up to pay the bill.

Without the capital end of the entertainment industry, the existing film and television companies and investors would have difficulty digesting such a large number of IPs.

This was why Zhang Jianian tried his best to oppose crazy purchases.

Now Hu Daqing was catching up with the high-level ordering, which just helped Chenxing’s IP to go to inventory.

Hu Daqing was busy in his business and it was impossible to just look after the entertainment branch.

After he had made the decision to purchase IP, the next person naturally followed it.

In the next period of time, Chu Chu felt the wealth and self-willedness of the entertainment majors.

She released the IP tentatively, but she found that the other party followed the principle of “I would rather kill three thousand by mistake than let go of one innocence” and bought everything!

Chu Chu successfully recovered the funds invested in the IP at the beginning and there were still a large number of high-quality IPs that had not been sold in her hands.

Rounding up was equivalent to picking up a batch of resources.

As Chenxing deployed its IP very early, there was a lot of famous content in its hands.

The three major companies’ union was simply targeting Chenxing, buying all the IP they released and also officially announced the launch of several major IP TV dramas.

Many established film and television companies dared not launch so many projects at the same time and Three Major Entertainment attracted the attention of the industry. 

“Why are they so rich” Chu Chu slumped in a swivel chair incredulously.

Zhang Jianian patiently explained, “There are many companies listed under Duqing, Diqi and Zhuyan.

Three Major Entertainment has entered the film and television industry and declared that they have invested 5 billion in joint investment, which is indeed not a small sum.”

Chu Yanyin initially set up a business for Chu Chu with an initial scale of a billion RMB .

Later, he gave another 500 million for the blind date.

The starting point of the two sides was different, no wonder Chu Chu felt the other party was wealthy.

She covered her chest, like she had eaten lemons and sighed, “The big group are really different.

To them, money doesn’t feel like money.”

Hu Daqing deserved to be a figure of the same level as Chu Yanyin, with so many assets that made people jealous.

Her tens billion goal was really nothing in front of the big guys.

Her ten billion target was in RMB and the big guys’ ten billion target was all US dollars.

When Zhang Jianian saw her lying on the table and sighing, he laughed and said, “If Light World or Chenxing goes public, you can also control so much money.”

Zhang Jianian did not lie.

At present, Light World Entertainment had jumped into the top three game companies in China, but it had not yet had any IPO intentions.

If Light World Entertainment was listed, Chu Chu would be able to instantly rise in value just by relying on it and immediately complete the ten billion goal.

Even if there was no intention to go public in the short term, its net profit for Yinda could reach ten billion in three years.

As long as Chu Chu didn’t spend money indiscriminately, it would be no problem to complete the original ten billion bet.

Chu Chu didn’t want to go public for the time being, because she wanted to wait for more games to be released by Light World, while taking into account the issue of decision-making power.

“I’m going to leave early this afternoon.

If you have anything, you can arrange it with Wang Qing.” 

After he informed her, Zhang Jianian reported his recent work.

Chu Chu was signing the document and immediately raised her head upon hearing that.

She remembered that Zhang Jianian had mentioned leaving early a few days ago and wondered, “What are you going to do”

Zhang Jianian had always been in the business, sticking to his post.

He had a family but did not return much.

He habitually worked overtime even on weekends.

Occasionally, Chu Chu would want to be lazy and skip work, but Mr.

Zhang would never..

Zhang Jianian explained, “My high school classmates have a party in the evening…”

In fact, Zhang Jianian did not have a strong desire to attend the party, but this time everyone in the class had gathered and the teacher who he once respected would also be there.

Chu Chu got excited when she heard that and looked at him with expectant eyes, like two shining gems.

Zhang Jianian’s eyebrows twitched and he faintly guessed her intentions, he reminded, “You must handle the business accumulated by Miracle Pictures at night.


Yao mentioned it last time.”

Chu Chu curled her lips in dissatisfaction like a student being pressed by the tutor to do homework. 

She waved her hand to drive the person away, “Go, go!”

As expected, Zhang Jianian left work early.

As soon as he left with his front foot, Chu Chu lifted her bag and left the office.

Secretary Wang Qing glanced at President Chu’s figure and said, “President Chu, what can I do for you”

“Did Mr.

Zhang leave in the company’s car” Chu Chu asked.

The company always had special cars and drivers for the senior executives, but Zhang Jianian often worked overtime until late at night.

He didn’t want to trouble the drivers in the middle of the night, so he didn’t use it frequently.

“Yes,” Wang Qing replied.

“Tell me the address.” Chu Chu glanced at the time and said again, “Everyone can get off work early today.

It’s been too hard to work overtime recently.”

Wang Qing was asking for the driver’s address, but when she heard that, she looked up.

Although she didn’t think it was right, she still couldn’t stop the temptation to leave work early.

After all, Mr.

Zhang was rarely absent.

Wang Qing responded quickly, “Okay, thank you, President Chu.”

When the secretaries in the President’s office heard the good news, they were happy.

If it weren’t for the money, who would work overtime every day They knew that President Chu also took advantage of Mr.

Zhang’s absence and finally took some time off, so they were tight-lipped and would not tell Mr.

Zhang about the matter.

Zhang Jianian was sitting in the car, looking at the scenery outside the window.

He didn’t know that his whereabouts had been told to Chu Chu.

He hadn’t seen his high school classmates for a long time. 


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